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    Not to be confused with Third Way nor Third Positionism.

    The "Third Camp" is one of the traditional three main camps of Austrian politics. The other two are the social democratic camp represented by the SPÖ and the catholic (historically monarchist and austro-fascist) camp represented by the ÖVP.


    It has their roots in the national liberal 1848 revolution, over the years adopted an anti-semitic and völkisch line. The dissident liberals formed the "democratic" parties which were mostly unsuccessful.

    After WWI the parties of the third camp where involved in coalitions with the CSP while austrian nazis opposed the Austro-Fascist government and even tried to topple the government in the July Putsch.

    After the defeat of the nazis the third camp was mostly marginalized and only their heir FPÖ only reached 5% between the 1950s and the 1980s. During that time the FPÖ tried to become more moderate like supporting a SPÖ minority government in the 70s or joining a coalition with them. After further defeats in regional elections the rightist wing led by Jörg Haider gained leadership and led to line of victories in elections. Liberals first formed the FDP Austria which was pretty unsuccessful but then they formed the Liberal Forum which became a new bigger party.

    After they formed a coalition with ÖVP which soon broke, FPÖ collapsed in 2002 and leading to their split. Their former leader Haider formed a new party called BZÖ, after that many new often highly personalized right-wing short-lived parties where formed like Team HC, Team Stronach, FLÖ or REKOS. FPÖ regained most of their strength until they lost a big chunk again in aftermath of the Ibiza Scandal.






    Inter-War Period

    South Tyrol

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