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    Flag of Third Ascension

    Third Ascension is a Cynicist Theology based off of the views of ImperiousViktus.


    Third Ascension believes that the Christian God is infact a wrathful God intent on destroying earth, and that the only duty of a Christian is to await the Tribulation. It is also suggested to not induct anyone into Christianity, as the Tribulation should only allow a few hundred people to ascend, as noone else, in the eyes of Third Ascensionism, deserves to be spared.

    Third Ascension, aside from its Nihilistic Doomsday ideology, believes the only place of Ascension would be in the Temple of Solomon, and Israel, with a prodominantly Judaist population, has no authority over the Temple, accrediting this to the persecution and crucifixion of Christ.

    Moreover, Third Ascensionism is prodominantly Isolationist, understanding that modern civilization is heretical, and that Isolating yourself from this civilization would be much better than attempting to live in the modern world.


    Atheism is supported in Third Ascension, because Third Ascension believes it should narrow the amount of peoploe allowed in to heaven by a significant amount; therefore, atheist programs are supported, but under a state, would be masacared.


    While Third Ascension has no objection to athiesm, and even some forms of Satanism, Third Ascension does not believe in the 'good of the world,' and will take the opportunity to terrorize, demoralize and in some cases psychologically torture Satanists, morally because they take the moniker of true evil, in retrospect we do it because we enjoy making athiests beg for the mercy of a God.


    Third Ascension does not see human life as something of foremost value, and believes most people are destined for hell anyway, therefore why bother with convincing them of a religion, in the eyes of the Third Ascension, its better to have less saved than less damned. Furthermore, Third Ascensionism does not have an opinion on the political compass entirely; however, it is believed that both corporatists and communists are not worth saving, but religiously cannot make a stance on a matter such as Communism vs Capitalism.

    Economically, there is no official stance, however it is heavily implied economic systems with emphasis on traditional trade practices is preferred.


    Third Ascension implies that the modern world is unfavorable, and a return to environmentally friendly traditional technology is best. However, Third Ascensionism frowns upon leftist environmentalism, as it is seen as a worship of nature, and not of God; and Leftist Environmentalists are annoying anyway.


    To Third Ascension, the World, and the governments that enhabit it, is the fundimental definition of the biblical antichrist, and the experiments done are attempts at controling the world population into forming the (Infernal) Army of Satan, or the Army of the Antichrist. Thus, people should not be given the chance to repent for their sins, and should be damned to the earth until the Tribulation period.

    Equiovically, it is spoken of that a one world government will emerge, its leader would be the spawn of Satan, again, due to this, Third Ascensionism is against any form of globalism, and implies staunch Isolationism from its religious neighbors.

    Violence & War

    Third Ascension has no issue with the use of violence, as people are valueless to it; however, this goes for both parties. Third Ascension believes it would be better to die in battle than of natural causes, furthermore, suicide is seen as a disrespectful and weak act, and that noone who does it recieves any kind of empathy nor respect for such an action.

    War is a special thing, pacifism is one of the ideas Third Ascension looks down upon the most. Third Ascension, being influenced by social darwinism, believes if they cannot fight they are a dead weight, therefore Third Ascension is enheriently militaristic.



    • Christy.png Christian Theocracy - Though you were one of the main influences of my idea, I more looked at Nihilism and saw you as a combination of my religious ideals and my belief in Nihilistic philosophy; overall you arnt a terrible ideology singularly, however your protestant followers are idiots.
    • Nihil.png Nihilism - I came to you because I realized none of this matters, this entire section of the page will never be read thus has little use and I am just wasting my time.
    • Anti-Humanism.png Anti-Humanism - I can relate to your idea, especially with modern generations, I dont think any of these people can do anything worth giving a damn, me included; the worst disaster to nature is our existence and what we have built off of nature, so it would be better for the environment if we stopped caring or died off.


    • Darwinist.png Social Darwinism - I like you a lot, so much so I have developed you into my vocab for any action I see is stupid, I also think that you happen naturally to thin out the weaker population, but targeting people, especially schools, is stupid of you.
    • TechEsoFash.png Techno-Esoteric Fascism - Very nice creator, taught me a lot, good ideology except though our ideologies once were countrparts to one another, our ideologies are close enough now to support one anothers intrests.
    • Necrocracy.png Necrocracy - Praise Jesus but your ideology seems similar to that one "How to Grave Rob" video I found on youtube once.


    • Puritan.png Puritanism - You sound like me except dumber and optimistic, you have too many rules YHWH doesnt care about you that much.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - I dont hate you, I dont like you, I just dont care about you.


    • Positive Christianity.png Positive Christianity - If I get you one more time on a religious test I swear to god, I didnt know there were glowies who could sit through a church sermon.


    • Soul.png Soulism - Your like a shitty /x/ regular.
    • Acidcomf.png Acid Communism - I never thought id praise cartels for mixing fentanyl into drugs, I guess I learn something new everyday.
    • Paspac.png Pastel Pacifism - I bet your a nice person, but I came back to PCBA after reading your page just to make my page just to put your ideology here so I can complain about it, but I dont feel like it, maybe ill do it later.

    Warn.png All opinions are irrelevent to the ideology and merely are the opinions of ImperiousViktus.

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