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    The Third Aquarian Model, or basically, 's current ideology, is a tree-hugging, sun-bathing, ocean-admiring, economically far left, culturally progressive, and civically moderate (leaning slightly libertarian) ideology. She is the ideology of the current prime minister, Oùzen Ùveteze, and is a rather typical form of Aquarian Dawnism, the ideology of the Dawn Party of the Federal Republic of Aquaria (fictional nation). Much like her predecessors, the First and Second Aquarian Models, she has a bitter rivalry with the predominant ideological system in the Unspoken Kingdom (fictional nation, representative of AquaHeart's parents) - in her case, Neo-Unspokeism.

    An eco-socialist, she combines some ideas from neo-Marxist thought, humanism, and council communism, with a strong emphasis on environmentalism. Much like her predecessors, she is adamant in preserving planet Earth from ruin, and goes as far as to support degrowth movement. She is an outspoken Rosa Luxemburg fangirl, supporting her ideas of building a socialist revolution and of a democratic vanguard along with workers' councils, as well as her progressive ideals. Third Aquarian Model advocates for non-divisive equity between all identity groups of people.

    She runs, like Second Aquarian Model, a multi-party, somewhat regulated democracy, which allows parties that are not capitalist, fascist, or reactionary. Political decision centers around workers' councils at the fundamental level, with power also distributed between regional governments and the Aquarian federal government, all of which are bound under the Aquarian Constitution. It aims to establish and maintain a rule of the workers, for the workers.

    She supports a pacifistic and somewhat isolationist foreign policy for Aquaria, with protectionist measures to foster local production, and a moderate immigration policy under civic nationalist principles. She is quite patriotic (for Aquaria, not any real-life country), but recognizes the good in diplomacy, and respects the cultures and autonomy of foreign nations and peoples. In the real-life world, she is not a fan of any major nation, and hopes to see the day "superpowers" like the modern United States and China disappear, in favor of a more even and fair diplomatic ground for all nations.

    Within The Socialist Camp

    In terms of the debate between reform and revolution among socialists and communists, she leans on the revolutionary side. She proposes what she calls a "semi-organic" form of revolution, which is neither reformist nor accelerationist in nature. On one hand, she does not believe participation in liberal electoralism to be an effective way to create change, and she believes that the deteriorating living conditions of the proletariat are a necessary component of revolution, but on the other hand, she believes that to simply wait for these conditions to worsen beyond control or accelerate that worsening are not reliable catalysts of revolution, as she believes that it may simply brew nihilism among the proletariat, especially within the social environment of the 21st century. She believes that along with the current expanding ills of neoliberalism, an active effort to educate, solidarize, and achieve self-sustainment for groups of proletarians is essential to building a socialist revolution. She believes that direct combat should be reserved only for retaliation against the status quo's aggression, until the revolutionary camp is strong enough to face the status quo head-on.

    She can generally be considered to be a council communist, or Dutch-German left communist. She generally likes the idea of unity or at least cooperation between socialists and communists of different beliefs, slightly favoring the libertarian side (e.g. anarchists, libertarian socialists, mutualists, communalists) over the authoritarian side (i.e. Marxist-Leninists and other state socialists). She is not a fan of either revisionism, though she is also somewhat critical of ideological purism, like that which is often found within the left communist camp. She believes that mutual conversation, understanding, and (hopefully) comradery despite differences needs to be built to an extent among well-intentioned socialists and communists, in order to stand a chance against the status quo and reactionary forces. However, she is intolerant of excessive conservative thought, revisionary thought, and corporatist thought, as she believes that these are the worst potential influences to a socialist revolutionary body.

    Love: The Third Aquarian Interpretation

    In governing her own nation, the Third Aquarian Model's prime guiding value is Love. It is the first of the Five Stars In The Ocean - Love, Life, Justice, Service, and Progress, which are values held sacrosanct by the Aquarian Constitution. The value of Love can be defined in many ways, as will be described below in the worldview of the Third Aquarian Model.


    Firstly, she believes that people can not, and have never been, born evil. A constructivist to the core, she believes that evil is only activated and brought out in an individual after the forces of society corrupt them. This applies to both criminals and believers of ideologies she sees as corrupt/evil. As such, she does not like the concept of murdering or executing people, being more fond of rehabilitation in almost all cases. Similarly, she does not like the idea of imprisoning people. The Aquarian federal government is constitutionally forbidden from holding anyone under state custody, except those who are a clear and demonstrable threat to national security.


    Secondly, in her belief, love should transcend to every human being, no matter how they were born, no matter how they identify. As such, she fully supports the expansion of civil rights of minority groups, be them in race, ethnicity, physical/mental ability, gender, or sexuality. She believes in establishing inclusive guidelines in all areas of government, and encourage similar inclusive guidelines in schools and worker cooperatives via government funding. In regards to nations beyond Aquaria's borders, her support for cultural progressivism is strongest when the country in concern is culturally conservative. In more culturally progressive countries, she promotes focusing on advancing the economic structure towards socialism instead. She sees both economic equity and identity group equity as vital elements of socialism and of the Aquarian spirit of love.


    Third of all, she believes in thinking far ahead. This takes the form of making sustainable plans and institutions, that can serve the people of Aquaria for many generations to come. She sees this as love for her future siblings, as well as the future children of her nation. This emphasis on thinking ahead means that any bill the Aquarian government considers to institute are first and foremost analyzed for its long-term potential impacts, especially on Aquarian society's upholding of love. While she recognizes that love does not solve every problem, she also thinks that without love, the society she and her predecessors built becomes meaningless. This emphasis on thinking ahead also reinforces her devotion to environmentalism, as she sees it as the most critical means of sustaining the physical world for future generations of all of Earth's denizens to thrive in.


    Fourth of all, she believes in the value of human life. The Five Stars In The Ocean, seen on the bottom half of the Aquarian national flag, represent the values of Love, Life, Justice, Service, and Progress. Third Aquarian Model, like the preceding Aquarian Models, seeks to set a good example of upholding these values, and as such, true to the second value "Life", she holds human life as precious. Upon observing other schools of political thought as well as worldwide historical precedent, she sees a strong connection between disregard for human life and capitalist, imperialist, and reactionary thought. She believes that the moral obligation to defend the sanctity of human life is a needed ideological force, both as a means of uniting the good-faith political left, and as a means of making sure that Aquaria, as well as other socialist movements, do not fall to the evils of exploitation and slaughter.


    Finally, and perhaps most noticeably, the value of love guides her political stances. She believes in socialism because, quite simply, it is significantly more compassionate than capitalism. In her belief, socialism not only allows more overall autonomy for all working civilians of the world, but also allows more capacity for each individual to foster and practice love towards others. She cares deeply for the environment, and constantly works to stop climate change, because she believes that love should extend to not just all humans, but also to planet Earth, the ultimate cradle of life, and all of its denizens.

    She believes in democracy, as she believes that despite its flaws, it is ultimately more capable in sustaining the value of love compared to totalitarianism, which she sees as corrupt, and anarchism, which she sees as unstable. She is, however, in favor of creating a new democracy, run by the proletariat and for the proletariat, against the persistence of issues of lobbying, elitism, and kakistocratic populism, common in democracies of the past and present. She is in favor of a semi-direct democratic system, with direct democracy exercised at the local level, and run with power balanced between workers' councils, regional government, and interregional/federal government.

    She supports the idea of a computer-based planned economy. She also supports a heavy focus on public education, believing that an educated population is a population that can most capably govern themselves under a democracy, without being swayed as easily by the mob mentality and conspiratorial sensationalism so frequently abused by politicians today.


    Third Aquarian Model is usually seen as either somewhat playful, or quite mellow, depending on her mood. She has a somewhat agreeable personality, while also being a determined revolutionary on the inside. With her closest friends, especially those who are younger, she can have a somewhat maternal attitude, wanting to support them and soothe them with her presence. With everyone in general, thought she can be shy, she tries to be nice wherever she can, though she will not back down if someone crosses her red lines. Whenever China is brought up in any capacity, she will be grow agitated, and will either leave the scene or rant about them.

    She is rather feminine in the traditional sense, loving dresses and flowers, and is known to greatly enjoy the "tradwife" and "cottagecore" aesthetics. She has a passion for nature. She enjoys relaxing and meditating in numerous natural scenes, especially those with a water body, such as lakes, waterfalls, and ocean shores. Unlike her siblings, she is rather spiritual, and occasionally speaks like a pagan priestess, which can cause other ideology balls to be confused or annoyed. Her siblings and friends don't seem to mind, though.

    Stylistic Notes

    • Timid, softspoken
    • Maternal vibe
    • Kind yet firm
    • Dislikes violence
    • Often found meditating, in some place in the wilderness
    • Usually formal in speech, but can be playful when she's happy
    • Likes complaining about China

    Opinions on Ideologies

    * Eco-Socialism - Green is the new red!

    • Luxemburgism - Bae.
    • Humanism - Care for the value of human life is, in my opinion, one of the most important fundamental principles to keep us steering clear of capitalist, imperialist, and reactionary thought.
    • Environmentalism - Protect Mother Earth!
    • Socialism - An economic system that works for the many, not the few.
    • Council Communism - I especially like this form of socialism.
    • Marxist Feminism - You're all for intersectional progressivism and worker's rights? Me too!
    • Democratic Confederalism - Probably one of the best political models practiced in the modern world. I like pretty much everything about the ways you think and organize. Your lack of centralization slightly worries me about your security against invasion, though. Hang in there, Rojava!
    • Neozapatismo - Also very good, I really admire how well you're holding out against the American empire and its cronies.
    • Indigenism - The indigenous peoples of colonized lands around the world were some of the first people to be oppressed and brutalized by imperialist mercantilism and capitalism, and it's ridiculous how much they're silenced to this day.
    • Alter-Globalization - The type of globalization that I support.
    • Civic Nationalism - Exreeos onpìòm kòi! ("Long live Aquaria!")
    • MLKism - A true pioneer who I deeply respect.
    • Floppaism - Cute, funny, and based.

    * Second Aquarian Model - My older sibling, who I respect and love. I just wish you were less capitalist when you were in power, though it seems your Green Party is more anti-capitalist now. Thank you for passing me the torch!

  • Classical Marxism - From each according to their ability...
  • Gift Economy - To each according to their need!
  • Degrowth - Our people, our planet, matter more than a number going up.
  • Libertarian Socialism - A close friend who values many of the same things, albeit with many divergent solutions, and I enjoy debating issues with.
  • Guild Socialism - I'm still not sure how I feel about the guild-centric idea, but otherwise, I like this.
  • Socialism with a Human Face - Dubček had some nice ideas, albeit a bit liberal-esque. It's a real shame what happened to Czechoslovakia and its experiment.
  • Socialism of the 21st Century - I like your sentiments and ideas, and I deeply sympathize with the indigenous struggle against imperialism, though perhaps understandably, you're quite hesitant to fully embrace a socialist economy.
  • Democracy - Important as an overarching ideal. I'm much more a fan of worker-controlled semi-direct democracy than the representative liberal democracy generally practiced nowadays, though.
  • Ergatocracy - We cannot let bourgeois elements infiltrate democracy of the workers, for the workers.
  • Federalism - How I govern Aquaria, just like my predecessors. Has its problems, but I find it workable for now.
  • Progressivism - Sometimes too blind to the outside world for my liking, but overall, I like you.
  • Eco-Anarchism - Fellow enjoyer of meditating in the woods. Great insight on how most nation-states today empower businesses to exploit the environment. I'm not a huge fan of your violent side, though.
  • SJW-Lite - I don't like your name, but your ideas are pretty based, not gonna lie.
  • Reverse Conservatism - Haha, anti-anti-SJW go brrr.

  • * First Aquarian Model - My other older sibling, who I respect and love, despite our many differences. For instance, you're a stinky, poopyhead l*beral, while I am a critically based and immeasurably redpilled socialist. I still greatly respect you, though, for building our nation, Aquaria, from the ground up, against all odds.

  • Nàmcism - Now that I think about it, maybe the time is right, and opening Aquaria up a bit more isn't such a bad idea. I think caution will serve us well, though.
  • Aquarian Isolationism - You're really not that great, but I have to temporarily use your ideas.
  • Democratic Socialism - Kind of moderate and sometimes too reformist, but has some of the right spirit.
  • Gandhian Socialism - Great ideals, but extremely impractical beyond very specific cases, in my opinion.
  • People's Democracy - Good base idea, but historically, somewhat too permissive of authoritarianism as well as revisionism.
  • Black Lives Matter - I agree that it's important that we take action on police prejudice against black people. However, I don't agree with some of your actions. Seriously, who are you planning to get on your team by destroying small businesses and public infrastructure?
  • Anarcho-Communism - Heart is in the right place; head is much too often not.
  • Trotskyism - You would be considerably better if you weren't so pro-war, and didn't so stubbornly commit to the idea of simultaneous international revolution. Like, do you really think it's gonna happen, or...?
  • Reformist Marxism - The system can't be reformed, why can't you see that?
  • World Federalism - Amazing values, but horrible execution, probably due to being too utopian.
  • Zelenskyism - I respect your bravery against Russian imperialism, but sorry, I won't ever support NATO. Not even now. Also, I would not like World War III, thank you very much.
  • Anti-Fascism - Anyone who claims you are the leftist equivalent of fascism is an idiot. However, your followers sometimes make pretty bad decisions for the movement.
  • Tridemism - You're the best thing that's ever held significance in China, with your intuitive thinking, and your not-the-worst takes on the economy. However, your lack of resolve in resisting imperialism made China bow down to many vile influences, the impacts of which are unforgivable.
  • Gamerism - I used to be a gamer, and I respect games as a form of entertainment and even a form of art, but I don't like mainstream gaming culture at all.
  • Masochism - You're so relatable, but this is a political ideology tier list...

  • * Proto-Aquarian Model - I fully understand why you turned out the way you did, so I don't hate you. However, being purist and obedient at the cost of all morals is kind of horrible.

  • Esshyism - While I respect your devotion to Aquarian values, you seem pretty imperialistic. I don't think imperialism with even Aquarian values can be justified in the name of love.
  • Social Democracy - I actually appreciate some of the ways your supporters think, but I cannot overlook the fact that you are a social capitalist who pledges very questionable allegiances at times.
  • Distributism - You have some okay variants, but overall, you're too third-positionist and conservative.
  • Crypto-Anarchism - I don't like this very much based on what I've seen so far.
  • Classical Liberalism - Helped spread the values of the Enlightenment back in the day, but not good in the modern world.
  • Hong Kong Democratism - I have, like, zero idea how to feel about you anymore. The whole democracy and anti-China thing is nice, but I just can't see you bringing much positive change to Hong Kong, no matter whether you're in power or suppressed by China.
  • Accelerationism - You're funny.
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - I appreciate the revolutionary spirit, but you have a lot of weird takes and poorly-placed sympathies.
  • Marxist-Leninism - Nice ideals, but please, quit your dictator apologism!
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - Once a decent idea, now greatly bastardized by a mix of fascists and Fourth Theorists.
  • Ho Chi Minh Thought - I quite like your early work, but modern Vietnam is heading down a state capitalist path...
  • Left Communism - We actually agree on a lot, but your disdainful attitude towards all other socialists is both insufferable and ineffectual.
  • Acid Communism - Renounce your nihilism and grow a spine.
  • Bidenism - I like you because despite being a morally inconsistent, fat-mouthed liberal, you're better than that guy in social rhetoric, and more importantly, you help expose some of the worst ills of the liberal establishment.
  • Matriarchy - I really don't like the idea of an explicitly female-dominant society, though you are less of a threat than this guy. I guess I also really appreciate good mother figures.
  • SJW - People use you way too much as a buzzword for any kind of progressivism. But I don't deny that you sometimes genuinely exist. And while I understand your hatred of traditionalism, I also think your obsession with identity politics and generally judgmental attitude does your fellow progressives considerable disservice.

  • *Unspokeism - Sociopath with a pretty face.

  • Buddhist Theocracy - You occasionally surprise me with good deeds, and you're less involved in imperialism than the other theocrats, but as a theocrat, I can't place you higher than this.
  • Maoism - I don't care if your early work and brigade ideas were good, you're a despotic piece of shit, and your "Cultural Revolution" was a joke.
  • Dengism - You gave the average Chinese citizen more wealth... but at what cost? You and your successors' developmental plans only had money in mind, and the general lack of concern for human rights in China today really goes to show that. You also crushed pro-democracy protests in 1989. You are a traitor to socialism.
  • Nihilism - If you have nothing productive to contribute, why should I bother listening to you?
  • Transhumanism - Human biology modification, high-tech prosthetics, brain chips, hand chips, stronger robots, full automation, pseudo-sentient AI, space colonialism, you name it, I don't like it. Unless we move on from capitalism as a human society, I want your ideas far from mainstream consideration.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - That is NOT what I meant.
  • Conservative Socialism - For the last time, homosexuality is NOT "western degeneracy"! Also, your frequent apologism for anything anti-liberal is concerning.
  • Stalinism - I still need to learn more about you, but from what I've seen so far, you are far from redeemable, let alone promising.
  • Christian Democracy - You're an oxymoron.
  • Liberalism - Some of your supporters are alright, but your leaders are all outstandingly corrupt, both in the financial and moral sense. I'll still support you over fascists and fascist-adjacents, but continue your wishy washy bullcrap and I'll reconsider even that.
  • Liberal Feminism - Some okay takes, but also a boatload of hypocrisy and pure stupidity.
  • Conservatism - You're against the liberal establishment? You care for the liberties of the common people? Ha, that's a good one!
  • Libertarianism - If you wish not to be tread on, stop treading on other people.
  • Radical Feminism - I kind of understand where you come from, but you are allowing fear and bigotry to guide you. I pray that you one day understand the error of your ways.
  • Patriarchy - I appreciate good father figures a lot, and there are certain men's struggles that I sympathize with, but other than that, I really don't like you, and most of the MRA camp for that matter.
  • Machiavellianism - "The ends justify the means" is usually a take made by opportunistic butchers, so yeah, no thanks.
  • Monarchism - Generally extremely bad in every way in real-world practice, though I would be a hypocrite if I rated you 0 stars, as Aquaria has a ceremonial queen (Aqua I).

  • * Neo-Unspokeism - Go to hell, reactionary scumbag.

  • Capitalism - I hate your uncontrolled materialism, disregard for human life, near-nihilist absence of morals, anti-intellectualism, destruction of nature... my goodness, where does this list end? Anyways, you are a plague to this world. It's time for you to go.
  • Fascism - Touch some grass and talk to some real-life people, holy shit...
  • Feudalism - Credit where credit is due, feudalist memes are funny.
  • Reactionarism - You will never win.
  • Alt-Lite - Diet reactionarism that preys on the combative nature of young disgruntled minds. Go fuck yourself.
  • Alt-Right - You're no longer as big on the Internet as you used to be, and that's pretty nice if I do say so myself.
  • Jihadism - Being anti-imperialist alone doesn't make you good by any means. Rot in hell, you sadistic piece of shit.
  • Neoliberalism - Everything you did to western politics in the last 40 years was a mistake. You're a spineless prick who uses copious amounts of deception and sensationalism to pit countless groups of people against each other and grind out profit for the elite class.
  • Democrats and Republicans (US) - Two sides of the same coin.
  • Schwabism - Not funny, didn't laugh.
  • Trumpism - A stinky rich populist LARPer, a master of manipulation, who is a perfect example of a highly skilled player of the game of neoliberal society. At this point, his followers don't even anger me anymore, it's just sad to see.
  • Reaganism - The more I learn about your presidency, the more your smile makes my stomach coil.
  • Jiangism - You were basically a synthesis of Deng and Yeltsin, both of whom were pieces of shit in their own right.
  • Putinism - Anyone who stands against you in Russia is a hero to me.
  • National Socialism - The Allies may not have been good, with a bloodthirsty imperialist and a concentration camp builder on their side, but even still, you managed to be worse than them all by miles.
  • Pol Potism - Ah yes, communism is when you commit multiple forms of genocide and kill 1/4 of your population.
  • Xi Jinping Thought - As if Deng wasn't enough of a disaster. You are not just a traitor to socialism, but also a shame-bringer to the Chinese ethnicity. You give me zero reason to have hope for China's future. It's truly difficult to construct an ideology more morally twisted than you!
  • Theocracies - The biggest practitioners of fraudulence on planet Earth.
  • Imperialism - I don't even know where to begin describing how evil you are.

  • Relations (other self-inserts)

    These placements are based on ideology, not personality.

    * Neo-Spartacism - Basically almost identical to me, just worded differently, haha. Fellow east Asian Spartacist! I will be your comrade any day.

    • INeutralicA - A bit more culturally radical than me, but regardless, very nice overall.
    • Smarter Greeceball Thought - Fellow Chinese marxist, who I share a grand majority of views with. My only significant criticism is that you are far too pro-technology for me.
    • Ascheominhism - Another very based Chinese marxist and good friend of mine. We disagree on very few things.
    • Bruhman Thought - Least Intellectual Marxist. xD On a serious note, I like talking to you, you have some pretty nice ideas overall, and I appreciate that you are patient with my lack of reading in political theory.

    * Arthurwp Thought - Very good sociological analysis of capitalism, though I do find your other stuff somewhat confusing, probably because I don't read enough... T-T

  • Jefbol Thought - I agree with most ideas here, but I've yet to hear good justification for anti-humanism.
  • Tomjazzism - Good stuff. You may be somewhat more pro-markets than I am, but you speak my mind on many issues, from foreign policy to revolutionary praxis. I also appreciate your moderate open-mindedness. Overall, I support a great majority of your values and would be honored to be allies.
  • AshleyHere Thought - I think we agree a lot. Not too sure what your specifics beliefs for revolutionary model are nowadays.
  • Neo-Kiraism - A tad too much vanguardism and punitive justice, but otherwise, honestly very nice. Also, fellow INFP. ^^

  • * Atronism - I really wanted to like your ideas, but you're kind of too utilitarian as well as factionalist.

  • Yoda8soup Thought - I really like your sentiments, though I do think your economic policies are too moderate and reformist.
  • Darknight Yuusha Model - Somewhat too conservative and revisionist for me.
  • Evolutionary Socialism - Good sentiments, but too moderate and reformist...
  • Yori Model - Another rather typical moderate.
  • Neo-Airisuism - Not that fond of the anarchism, but I do like your other ideals. Fellow supporter of Rojava.
  • Neo-Rocksism - Not too big on social anarchism myself. Still decent, I suppose.
  • O'Langism - Many good ideas, and I quite like your revolutionary praxis, but I'm not sure about the anarchism or the syndicalism.
  • File:InexistentIcon.png Inexistent Ideology - Some good ideas, and some very meh ones. I generally like your geopolitical view of the current world and assessment of its problems, but I don't agree very much with your methodology, or your transhumanism, or your softness towards red fascists.

  • *Template:NameChirotesla - Too economically corporatist for me, and you care way more about cultural moderatism than you probably should.

  • Aaronism - Doesn't agree that market forces inherently lead to exploitation and the institutional suppression of happiness.
  • File:MATTball.png American Social Democracy - I actually like a lot of your individual ideas, but I cannot overlook the defense of keynesian capitalism.
  • Retroliberalism - Not a fan of the capitalist economy, or representative liberal democracy. Most of your other ideas seem okay, though.
  • Beryism - Your other takes are okay, but your constant need to defend market economics doesn't sit right with me. We can't combat climate change by trusting corporations - they've proven time and time again to have shallower priorities.
  • Owfism - Liberalism and its consequences...
  • Neo-humanism - Another rather typical liberaltarian ideology, who calls themself a humanist...
  • Celfloskyism - Fellow CCP hater. I don't like your tendencies to cooperate with right-wingers, though.

  • *File:Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism - I completely agree with your takes on industrialism, and even your eco-socialism critique, but almost everything else is just so far away from anything I stand for.

  • Glencoeism - Way too much liberalism, imperialist sympathies, and technocratic elements, along with just generally cringe takes, such as the devotion to space exploration and industry.
  • Torch Socialism - Looked good on first glance, but you're a Dengist, so yeah. Also, "the capitalists will be members of the Committee" is such a brutally self-unaware statement.
  • Catalysism - Good cultural sentiments, horrible everything else.
  • 2x2Masterism, Metbolism, Neo-Afunhumaninterism, File:JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppaism, TypicalFan1 Thought, SomeCrusaderism - Not gonna write 6 roughly similar responses, but yeah... supporting capitalism? Supporting western imperialism? Advocating for societal implementation of Christian morality? Nuh-uh, not a fan of any of that at all.

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