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    Theocratic Ingsoc is a totalitarian ideology inhabiting the off-compass space just above center-AuthLeft. Theocratic Ingsoc emphasizes the values of God, loyalty, and community. Theocratic Ingsoc advocates for the establishment of a totalitarian state that controls all aspects of life. Religion would be forced upon its subjects and the populace would be required to faithfully submit to the state's decrees. Theocratic Ingsoc holds the belief that, without a strong authority, humanity will tend towards sin and turn away from the true fulfillment of God's presence.

    Political Views


    • Citizens are required to attend religious services at least once a week
    • Citizens must pay a tithe of 50% of their earnings towards their local parish
    • Citizens must treat their neighbors with love and respect
    • Atheism is punishable by rehabilitation
    • The internet is banned
    • Prostitution is banned
    • Pornography is banned
    • Lying is banned
    • Adultery is banned
    • Sinful thought is punished
    • Trolling is tolerated with a license


    • Similar to Ingsoc, the Party rules the nation
    • Citizens must pass religious exams in order to attain Party membership
    • Religion is mandated by the state and taught extensively in state schools.
    • The only television allowed is propaganda and informative religious content
    • The dictator is well versed in theology and elected like a pope
    • Priests hold local political power
    • All Individuals take an aptitude test at age 16 and are placed into jobs and careers that fit their abilities
    • Cameras are everywhere
    • Propaganda is everywhere
    • Churches are everywhere


    • Government controls most industry
    • Citizens may own their own houses in the suburbs of cities
    • All citizens are guaranteed healthcare, food, clothing, and basic housing
    • Those deemed too greedy are sent to rehabilitation camps


    • Though it is possible for a Theocratic Ingsoc government to control the globe, individual zones within the state would be kept homogenous in culture and ethnicity in order to avoid tension and to increase nationalism
    • No immigration or emigration
    • Unlike traditional Ingsoc, war is only waged when necessary, and perpetual war is not seen as a positive


    • The main goal of Theocratic Ingsoc is to uphold the laws of God on Earth and create an environment to prioritize salvation after death.


    Totalitarian Ingsoc believes that the idea of the individual is harmful. Pride is one of the most overlooked sins, as it's difficult to discern rightfully deserved pride for achievements and pride in the form of rebellious sin. In Totalitarian Ingsoc, individual pride does not exist. Instead, any achievement made by an individual is attributed to God, and, to a lesser extent, the Party itself for creating the world that allowed the individual to follow God. In Heaven, what every Christian should hold up to be as the ideal system, there would be little to no individuality. It wouldn't matter what you had achieved, or who you were, as being in the presence of God, the supreme being, would trump any desire to indulge in sin. Totalitarian Ingsoc believes that we should try to replicate this system on Earth, with the focus of the individuals being replaced by an immense and overriding focus on God.


    Theocratic Ingsoc is extremely devout and can often be fanatical with his beliefs. His focus is not on this Earth or this life, but the one after. He is likely on several medications, and is likely to be perceived as mentally unstable to the outside world. He can often be seen praying, reading, or shouting at the TV screen in a frenzy of jingoistic mania.

    How to Draw

    1. Make a circle as with an outline as black as the universe was before God created light.
    2. Draw a thick V and color it in with whatever red dye is readily available in your Party-allotted paint software at the time.
    3. Draw an ovular eye horizontally over the V.
    4. Draw a black circle in the middle for the pupil.
    5. Color the outside inside of the ball with white.
    6. Pray that it's done right.
    7. You're done



    Outer Party

    Thought Criminals

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