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    Polcompball Anarchy Wiki

    Here they are

    These are the official rules of the Polcompball Anarchy Wiki

    1. Do not do things which are obviously illegal in the UK
    2. Don't use slurs on the wiki
    3. Don't put up false information up about the wiki's management or rules
    4. Don't be a prick to staff or other users
    5. No Vandalism
    6. (under rule 5) Do not edit people's self-inserts without their expressed permission
    7. (under rule 5) Do not edit a page if a user has it marked as their work with a {{WIP}} template.
    8. We are hosted as a platform by Miraheze, who are very cool and nice. They also have some general rules for you (that you should definitely read) laid out here.

    Editing Guidelines

    While Anarchy Wiki offers a lot of freedom to authors, there are still some exceptions made of pages. If you follow these guidelines, your page will probably be pretty great and you don't have to worry about it getting binned.

    Subject Matter

    Before you even consider writing an article you must understand that some things are not allowed on the wiki. This is due to Miraheze's content policy. So while by no means could this be a complete list, it is a pretty good place to start if you were planning on trying some edgy or "lol random" or whatever for shock value.

    • No references to pedophilia, underage nudity, sex with children, or child pornography. Making or restoring pages with this content is an instant and permanent ban regardless of the page's seriousness or tone. NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, don't even think about sexualizing minors.
    • No direct calls to violence (including terrorism in real life or in minecraft) in general or against an identifiable group of people. (for example an article about Nazis saying "We should definitely kill all jews" is unacceptable but an article which states that "The nazis want to kill the jews" in context of the ideology is.)
    • No explicit endorsements of specific illegal activities. (Illegal in the UK.)
    • No direct statements about superiority of one group over another (see Nazi example)
    • No pages which directly insult, target, or harass other users or other wikis.
    • No pages advertising commercial activities or directing attempting to sell a product or service.

    For more information, keep up with the laws in the UK or something and read this

    Article Guidelines

    1. Make sure the main text body is composed of at least two paragraphs long, each composed of 3 - 5 complete sentences.
    2. Have an icon and image for the ideology
    3. Make sure your information is split into organized and topical sections. here are some good examples.
    4. Use and fill out the {{Ideology}} (documentation) infobox, have an icon and title, image, caption, alignments, influences, and likes and dislikes filled out. Other fields are optional.
    5. If your ideology is incomplete and you are too busy to finish in a timely fashion, mark it with a {{WIP|<username>}} template. As long as your ideology isn't sitting for more than 3 months. Then it should be fine.
    6. Fill out a relationship section
    7. If when you create a page and there is a red box telling you it's been deleted before, don't worry about it. As long as you follow the guidelines your version of the page won't get deleted.
    8. The titles of articles cannot contain emojis. The text bodies of articles must be composed primarily of alphanumerical and punctuation symbols and cannot contain emojis as a majority component.
    9. Make sure your links to other Polcompball Anarchy Wiki articles are in the following format: [[article name]]. If they link to the main Polcompball wiki, make sure they are in the following format: {{PCB|article name}}. Make sure your links do not look like this.

    Specific Guidelines for Self-Inserts

    • If you are making self-insert fusions whoms contents will likely not exceed a few sentences or a paragraph, please combine any such pages into one page using a tabber. If this is not done by you, it will eventually be done for you. This will also entail the phasing out of self-insert Navboxes, as we will have the original, and then a variants page. If a page gets so large that the wiki has trouble loading it, simply create and link a subpage titled as '<x> Variants/n+1' and continue the process there.


    If you don't want to immediately make your page out in the open. You can make a sandbox page as a subpage of your userpage. In order to do this make the name of the page User:<your name>/Sandbox . Be sure to bookmark this page or link it on your user page so you can easily navigate to it. Sandboxes and User Pages don't count toward the page count, and cannot be navigated to through the random page button. We also won't touch your sandbox unless there's stuff in it which violates the Miraheze Terms of Services.

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