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    Link to the OG timelime: https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/What_if_the_1949_economic_boom_never_happened%3F_(Alt-histroy_scenario_detailing_alternate_history_of_world_and_etc)#explaining_this_scenario_and_other_stuff


    Did you know that every universe has an antithesis universe? Well, this is what this universe is. Specifically, it is an antithesis universe to the Bright Red Sun, where the Red Sun of communism shines brightly this is a universe where the Cold moon of capitalism hangs in the sky. This is the Cold Blue Moon.


    The Cold Blue Moon 2022 Map.png World Map 2022


    Hyperinflate.png The Great Boom

    In 1949 what would be known as the Great Boom began as the US economy in the aftermath of WW2 would skyrocket to levels never before seen in Human History. This resulted in the local communist movement being unable to gain steam and, they faded into obscurity.

    The Marshall Plan

    As a result of the Great Boom, the Marshall Plan would be 5x larger than in our timeline resulting in Europe recovering a lot faster.


    Cball-North Korea.png Korea(1950-1951) Ilminism.png

    The Korean War would still happen, however, it would end much differently. While the North Koreans were able to take Seoul, they would soon be stooped by a massive task force led by the US, and they would be destroyed by late 1951 via a lighting quick counterattack.

    Imp.png Africa(1951-1962)

    With the European powers being much stronger in this timeline, they were able to hold on to their colonies, while some others were released as puppet states, and by 1962, all decolonization had stopped.

    Cball-US.png United States(1950s)

    The United States would continue to see economic prosperity throughout the 50s, however, all was not perfect in the land of the free as the Alaskan Independence Front would begin to wage a guerrilla war in Alaska, and the Civil Rights Movement would begin protesting Brown vs Board of Education was ruled in favor of the Board of Education resulting in widespread riots from the Black Community.

    Khrusch.png Soviet Union(1953-1963) Beria.png

    In the Soviet Union, Stalin would die in 1953, and the resulting power struggle would rip the Union apart. While Beria initially took power, Krushev would launch a coup, but Beria would escape to Leningrad, and the Soviet Union would collapse into a brutal Civil War with numerous factions. While the Krushevites would win by 1963, the Union had been left a shell losing most of its territory to separatist movements. The Soviet Unions' collapse would end the First Cold War before it really began, as the Global Communist Movement was greatly weakened.

    Eastern Europe(1950s)

    With the Collapse of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe would begin to overthrow their Communist Governments with Revolutions and Upheaval taking place across Eastern Europe.

    Cball-Japan.png Japan(1950s)

    Due to the End of the Cold War, Japan remained mostly disarmed, only having about a division's worth of troops.

    Cball-Germany.png Germany(1955-1956) Honecker.png

    With the Soviet Union collapsing into Civil War and seeing the Prosperity of West Germany in 1955, the Germans in the East would revolt and overthrow the Government and, in 1956, join West Germany.

    Cball-SRRomania.png Romania(1956)

    Unlike the Rest of Eastern Europe, the Romanian government was able to hold on and would retake Moldova.

    Tito.png Yugoslavia(1954-1959)

    With the Soviet Union's collapse, Yugoslavia and Tito would take advantage of this and invade Albania and Bulgaria in 1954 despite the two countries' best efforts, Albania would surrender by 1955, and Bulgaria was overrun in 1958 and the Balkan Federation Was formed.

    Absoc.png The Suez Crisis(1956-1958)Zio.png Imp.png

    In 1956 the British, French, and Israel would invade Egypt to regain control of the Suez Canal. While they were able to regain the Canal, the Invasion was opposed by the US, who stopped them from overthrowing Nasser and was able to pressure them to give Egypt the canal back by 1958. This event would prove important in the long run as it proved to be the First Wedge in American-British/French relations, as well as Egypt becoming part of the American Sphere of Influence which resulted in the Arab Ba'ath movement becoming more Pro-American as a result.

    Cball-US.pngBatista.png Cuba(1955-1956) Castro.png

    In Cuba, Castro and the M-26-7 movement would attempt a revolt, however, the Americans did not take kindly to this, and the revolt was crushed.

    Soviet Civil War(1953-1963)

    The Moscow Government

    The Leningrad Government


    The Caucuses Commune

    Central Asian Alliance

    Siberian Republic



    In Ukraine, the alliance broke down, and the newly independent country descend into a civil war with Anarchists clashing with Fascists for over two years until the Anarchists were crushed in Dinepro.

    After this Banderist fascists would take over and would begin to commit genocide on minorities. In NATO, this caused a split. America advocating to intervene to stop the genocide with the UK and France advocating to leave Ukraine alone. As a result of this inaction by the end of the decade, all minorities in Ukraine had either been killed or deported


    In Iran, American Oil Companies began competing with British Oil Companies. This Made British Oil Companies upset, and so they began to attack the American Oil Companies with Mercenaries. This resulted in a Corporate war in Iran, with the government Helpless to stop it. Ultimately the American oil companies left by 1965, and Euro-American Relations continued to fall apart.

    New Zealand(1966)

    With London asserting more and more control over its dominions, people in New Zealand from across the Political Spectrum would come together a launch a Republican Revolution. With the military and Police Joining them, they would take control of the capital and declare the Republic of New Zealand.

    Euro-American Split(1966)

    Angered by this revolution, the UK would demand that the West Put sanctions on the New Republic. While France Complied, the USA, led by JFK, would refuse with JFK stating, "We refuse to punish those who believe that they are fighting for their Liberty." This angered the UK and would be the final straw in Euro-American Relations as both sides would recall their ambassadors in what was known as the Euro-American Split, and with that, a new Cold War began.

    Vietnam War(1962-1972)

    United States(1960s)

    Arab-Israel War(1967-1970)

    Space Race(1965-1972)


    In 1965 the Hyper-Conservative Monday Club would take over the Government. They would expand the military to hold on to their colonies, began suppressing those who oppose them de facto ending, the UK's constitutional monarchy, and began to impose their Hyper-Conservatism on society.

    Shanghai Pact Formed(1969)

    Central Asian Federation(1969)


    Germany(early 1970s)

    While Germany was aligned with America at first the UK started funding Far-Right Groups in Germany in an attempt to get Germany on its side. Ultimately this paid off as the German military backed by the UK overthrew the Democratic German Government and established a Military dictatorship aligned with the UK and France known as the German National Republic.

    After the coup, the New Miltary Government would back Far-Right groups in Overthrowing the Government in Austria and then annex it. Then they would attempt to size the Sudetenland but this was halted when the US threaten war.


    In 1973 after a series of leftist reforms, the Chilean military led by Pinchot would overthrow the Allende Government in a coup killing him. The United States initially intervened on behalf of Allende out of fear that Pinchot would side with the European Community but withdrew after Pinchot assured them that they would stay in the American Bloc.

    The Laotian Revolution(1975)

    Ogden War(1977-1978)

    Iranian Revolution(1979)



    United States(1970s)

    Portugueses Civil War(1974-1976)

    Recession of 76

    Greco-Turkish War



    The Japanese Civil War(1981-1987)

    The Iran War(1982-1989)

    Falklands War(1982-1983)


    The Spanish War(1981)



    The Wompatuck Incident(1991)

    In 1991 a mysterious pathogen infected several camp goers at the Wompatuck State Park making many of the campers incredibly ill. The infected became incredibly violent and irrational attacking anything that moved. Several were infected and many civilians and wildlife were just killed, the entire event was covered up by the US government and many still don't know what happened on July the 27th 1991. In the aftermath of this, Wompatuck State Park was shut down permanently officially due to Budget reasons, and a Research Center was built on the site.

    The Atlanta Accords(1992)

    Bahamian War of Independence


    The Blue Death Pandemic(2018-2021)




    End of the Second Cold War

    Collapse of the British Empire

    European Spring



    Tokyo Treaty Organization

    United States of America


    Military Units
    • 11th Airborne Division “Arctic Angles”
    • 82nd Airborne Division
    • 101st Air Assault Division “Screaming Eagles”
    • 1st Armored Division “Old Ironsides”
    • 2nd Armored Division “Hell on Wheels”
    • 3rd Armored Division “Spearhead”
    • 4th Armored Division
    • 27th Armored Division
    • 30th Armored Division
    • 48th Armored Division
    • 49th Armored Division “Lone Star”
    • 50th Armored Division
    • 1st Cavalry Division “First Team”
    • 1st Combined Arms Division “Big Red One”
    • 2nd Infantry Division “Indianhead”
    • 3rd Combined Arms Division “Rock of the Marne”
    • 4th Mechanized Infantry Division
    • 5th Mechanized Infantry Division “Red Diamonds”
    • 6th Light Infantry Division “Red Star”
    • 7th Mechanized Infantry Division
    • 8th Infantry Division “Pathfinder”
    • 9th Infantry Division “Old Reliables”
    • 10th Light Infantry Division
    • 23rd Infantry Division
    • 24th Mechanized Infantry Division
    • 25th Light Infantry Division “Tropic Lightning”
    • 26th Light Infantry Division “Yankee”
    • 28th Light Infantry Division “Keystone”
    • 29th Infantry Division “Blue and Grey”
    • 30th Infantry Division “Old Hickory”
    • 31st Infantry Division “Dixie”
    • 32nd Infantry Division
    • 33rd Infantry Division
    • 34th Infantry Division
    • 35th Infantry Division
    • 36th Infantry Division “Arrowhead”
    • 37th Infantry Division
    • 38th Infantry Division
    • 39th Infantry Division “Delta Division”
    • 40th Mechanized Infantry Division “Sunburst”
    • 41st Infantry Division
    • 42nd Infantry Division “Rainbow”
    • 45th Infantry Division
    • 46th Infantry Division
    • 47th Infantry Division
    • 49th Infantry Division
    • 70th Infantry Division “Trailblazers”
    • 75th Infantry Division
    • 76th Infantry Division
    • 78th Infantry Division “Lighting”
    • 80th Infantry Division
    • 84th Infantry Division “Railsplitters”
    • 85th Infantry Division “Cluster Division”
    • 87th Infantry Division “Golden Acorn”
    • 89th Infantry Division
    • 91st Infantry Division “Wild West Division”
    • 98th Infantry Division “Iroquois”
    • 95th Infantry Division
    • 100th Infantry Division
    • 104th Infantry Division
    • 108th Infantry Division

    Autonomous Terroitys

    constitutional Republic of Alaska


    • 297th Infantry Division “Alaska Scouts”
    • 138th Infantry Division
    constitutional Republic of Hawaii


    • 129th Mechanized Infantry Division
    • 103rd Infantry Division
    • 229th Calvary Division “Koa Division”
    constitutional Republic of California


    • 79th Mechanized Infantry Division
    • 160th Infantry Division “Los Angeles Own”
    • 184th Infantry Division “Second California”
    • 18th Cavalry Division
    • 143rd Artillery Division
    • 185th Infantry Division “Sixth California”
    constitutional Republic of Cascadia


    • 96th Infantry Division
    • 81st Mechanized Infantry Division “Raven”
    • 161st Light Infantry Division
    • 146th Artillery Division
    • 303rd Infantry Division
    constitutional Union of the Southwest
    • 285th Infantry Division
    • 158th Infantry Division “Bushmasters”
    • 93rd Infantry Division
    • 200th Anti-Air Division


    constitutional Republic of Sequoya


    • 90th Infantry Division
    • 45th Mechanized Infantry Division “Thunderbirds”
    • 180th Cavalry Division
    • 179th Infantry Division “Tomahawks”
    • 279th Light Infantry Division
    • 160th Artillery Division
    constitutional Republic of Desert


    • 221st Cavalry Division
    • 97th Infantry Division
    • 65th Artillery Division
    • 145th Artillery Division
    • 222nd Artillery Division
    constitutional Republic of Texas


    • 136th Infantry Division
    • 143rd Infantry Division
    • 141st Infantry Division
    • 142nd Infantry Division
    • 144th Infantry Division
    • 112th Cavalry Division
    • 124th Cavalry Division
    • 131st Artillery division
    constitutional Republic of New Afrika


    • 155th Mechanized Infantry Division
    • 98th Cavalry Division
    • 155th Infantry Division “African Rifles”
    • 198th Armored Division
    • 114th Artillery Division
    • 167th Infantry Division “4th African”
    • 148th Mechanized Infantry Division “Macron Volunteers”
    • 108th Cavalry Division
    • 121st Infantry Division
    constitutional Republic of New England


    • 102nd Infantry Division
    • 86th Mechanized Infantry Division “Vermont Division”
    • 103rd Artillery Division
    • 101st Artillery Division
    • 182nd Infantry Division
    • 197th Artillery Division “Concord Volunteers”
    • 172nd Infantry Division
    constitutional Republic of Puerto Rico


    • 65th Infantry Division “The Borinqueneers”
    • 296th Infantry Division

    European Community & Global Partners

    Shanghai Pact

    Islamic Allied States

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