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    The Bright Red Sun: World Revoultion

    Spinoff to the Bright Red sun taking place about 10 years in the future Made by Glencoe.png Glencoe and Leninisbased LeninisBasedsmall.png


    Gulf of Alaska Incident

    In February 2024 United states naval ships and Canadian National people's army ships had a brief stand off in the gulf of Alaska as they fired warning shots at each other and some even firing directly upon each other causing the death of 77 sailors. While War was narrowly averted, due to it being an election year it greatly hurt Pete Buttigiegs chances of winning the 2024 election and as a result his lost to Jeb Bush.

    Democratic Alliance Invasion of Haiti

    Later in 2024, due to the ongoing crisis in Haiti, the Democratic Alliance launched Operation Enduring Democracy, intending to stabilize the region, while it was mostly a success, with the crisis being stopped. The USR, Amfed, and France took the opportunity to establish several bases there, causing the communist bloc to accuse them of imperialism.

    2024 Brazilian Coup deate

    In Late 2024, the Military would overthrow Lula on the grounds of corruption and incompetence, and a Miltary Junta would be re-established. The Communist Bloc would allege that the Democratic Alliance helped the Milatry Stage the Coup, but they denied any involvement.

    Thai-Myanmar War

    After years of ethnic violence in between Thai and Myanmarese people Myanmar invaded Thailand accusing them of genocide. The war last 2 years and caused the death of 500000 people and all for it to end in a stalemate. This lead to unrest in both countries especially in Thailand and the country was practically thrown into civil war as there were coups every other day.

    The Spanish War

    In early 2026 the long waited Spanish invasion of Portugal began as Spanish tanks crossed the border at approximately 5:00 AM. However, the Portuguese were ready, and the invasion was stopped almost instantly, a massive counterattack began led by a grand coalition comprising the Democratic Alliance, Communist Bloc, and Numeours non-aligned nations such as Turkey, Mexico, and Yugoslavia. The Spanish forces were smashed, and Madrid fell in a little under two weeks. In the aftermath, it was agreed to keep Spain a neutral Republic. Despite the close collaboration coming from this, tensions would continue to rise between the Democratic Alliance and Communist Bloc.

    Battle of Black Creek

    In late 2026 Arizona National Guard Units and Columbian Army Forces would skirmish in the Battle of Black Creek(despite the Actual Battle taking place about 1 mile south of said creek) The battle ended in a draw and the Columbian Army had to withdraw but the war was narrowly averted when the premier of the PCC said the officer who launched the battle went rouge and apologized to the Arizonan government, and the Officer was dismissed.

    Battle of Tortuga Channel

    The battle of Tortuga channel would be the flashpoint that started the war. After Operation Enduring Democracy, Amfed and France established a Joint Base known as JTB Proto Santo on an island in the Channel. Starting in January 2027, Cuban ships began harassing the base this, eventually escalated into a full-fledged battle on February 4th, resulting in 101 casualties and one frigate sunk on the Cuban side, and 78 casualties on the French-Amfed side. After this, on February 6th, the American Federation declared war on Cuba, with France quickly following suit and, with that, the Third World War had Begun.


    North American Front


    WW3 had yet to substantially begin in north America but suspicions were raised that 100000 CPR troops marched into Dawnland and began bringing heavy military equipment into the region. Not believing the preemptive strike would work the federation began ramping up its defenses.


    Rumor had gone around about a Soviet fleet making it's way for Alaska this was mostly shared on social media and was ignored by the USR government.

    The First Battles:Canadian-Federation Front


    On valentine's day it was not such a happy and loving day for the federation. Expecting the attack to be weeks before then they were caught widely off guard leading to what was called the valentine's day bombing. With the federation's defenses destroyed this allowed 100s of thousands of CPR troops to quickly flood into Michigan and New York state.


    A major battle happened on this day called the Battle of Rochester as the 6th Armored Division assisted by activated Peace Guard forces engaged the 9th Infantry Division and 8th Mechanized Infantry Division. The battle began at 4:00 PM and ended at 11:00 PM with the Withdrawal of 6th Division ending in a Canadian victory.


    Despite there, their best efforts Federation forces would continue to lose ground. While by 21/2, with help of USR forces, they had stabilized the line to the west, they had still lost all of Michigan, and they were still losing ground on the New York front, losing Syracuse on 20/2 and Albany on 24/2.


    In the middle of fighting the CPR sent a free ships of soldiers the capture Greenland. They landed in the Capitol city of nuuk and faced 0 resistance.Though were unable to take Havalsund Air Base a major Amfed Air Base

    The Battle for New York


    With Canadian forces approaching New York City at a rapid pace the Federation set up defenses in White Plains and Yonkers, preparing for a battle. At 4:00 AM, Canadian Forces engaged the Federation Defenders. despite the Federation's best efforts at 9:00 PM the next day, they were forced to withdraw, and the Battle of New York City was about to begin.


    The battle of New York City began with a Canadian Artillery barrage to weaken the Federation's defense, and then they sent 350,000 Troops in. Despite being outnumbered the Federation had several missile cruisers and two Battlecruisers which used their 500mm railguns to rain fury on the Canadians. Despite Canada's best efforts, they were unable to take Ft. Bradley, but 5 Federation Missile cruisers had been sunk.


    On the Second Day, the Canadian National people's army again tried to take Ft. Bradley, but the entrenched defenders, assisted by 300 Tanks were able to repel them. Later in the day, Canada would attempt to air strike the remaining ships with Mig-29s but they were destroyed by Federation FF-23s.


    On the 3rd day, with the Canadian attack blunted, the Federation would launch their counterattack known, as Operation Lone Guardian. The Federation launched 2,000+ Cruise missiles at Canadian Forces before the Federation Marines launched an assault on the main Canadian supply base in the Bronx. After taking the base, the federation launched a tank blitz against the Canadian National people's army, assisted by FF-32s. After Several Hours of Intense Combat at 6:45 PM, the Canadians completely withdrew from the New York City Engagement Zone and the Federation had won their first major Victory.

    Cascadian Offensive


    While Cascadia was still neutral, the Federation Knew it wouldn't remain that way for long, as a result, the Federation began prepping for a preemptive assault.


    On 3/10/27 would begin their assault on Cascadia with a massive air bombardment before beginning to push up the Sacramento Valley. The Cascadian forces fought a rear guard action to delay the federation's advance.


    After taking Reading on the 13th the federation would then lose the battle of lassen, stopping their advance for now.

    The Boston bloodbath


    Starting during The Battle for New York, at the time known as the battle of Boston, soldiers on both sides were not expecting what was going to happen next.


    Both sides were getting most of there water from the local water supply, but to some something was just off about something in the water. Both sides had to call temporary truces as many soldiers were getting sick and for the first time there seemed to be almost a calm breeze but only for a little while. Scientists from both sides were allowed to grab samples of the water to figure out what was wrong.


    After 19 days which was the longest time of no fighting throughout the entire war, it suddenly stopped when fighting started back up. The sick suddenly rose up from there ill feelings and began thrashing and yelling and running out their basecamps.


    These sick began attacking the other side without their guns or any equipment, they would attack anybody including their own side by just charging at them. Whenever they'd attack someone they'd try to bite their victim as if they had become infected by rabies. Many civilians and soldiers were infected and began attacking anything living irrationally.


    Scientists from both sides had found some kind of mysterious contagion in the water that was thought to be planted in the water supply. Both sides agreed to quarantine the whole of Boston. They had to make sure this didn't spread. They later agreed to bomb parts of the city with large gatherings of infected. Now Boston sits empty with only these strange infected thought to be only a few thousand hiding in the city.

    Operation Battle Ax


    After the Battle of New York and Boston Bloodbath, the front was now a stalemate however, it would not remain that way for long as the Federation was preparing for a counterattack known as Operation Battle Ax.


    Operation Battle Ax would start with a massive bombing campaign called Operation Choker One. The operation was divided into several sub-operations Operation Cannibal would be a strategic bomber campaign against major Canadian cities. Operation Harvest would target air bases, Operation Early Bird would target fuel storage sites, and Operation Rough Seas would target Naval Bases. The campaign would last a week with varied results, Cannibal would mostly be a failure with the expectation of a 5/26/27 raid on Montreal, Harvest was able to damage many air bases, but overall Canadian air defenses were not weakened in any major way, Early Bird was the most successful with 36 fuel storage sites, and 15 oil refines destroyed, Rough Seas while they were able to do quite a bit of damage including damaging an Aircraft Carrier and sinking 1/3 of Canadas Submarine fleet, the units assigned to it suffered heavy casualties.


    Following the air campaign, the Federation was ready to launch its counterattack on the ground. The offensive would begin with Operation Eagle Dawn on 5/29/27 when the 15th mechanized brigade(better known as the Crazy 15th) took back the Air Force Academy in Syracuse.


    However, the main offensive would begin on 5/30/27 when the Federation Launched Operations Last Chance & Varisty. Operation Last Chance was a naval invasion across Lake Michigan, it would be very successful as the Canadian National people's army was caught off guard, not because they weren't expecting an assault, they just didn't know it was coming from the lake. The Federation was able to push almost entry out of Michigan, but Canada rallied, and the offensive was stooped after the Federation lost the Battle of Flint on 6/2/27, falling just short of Detroit. Operation Varsity would be a massive armor offensive assisted by Missile cruisers on the Hudson River. They were able to push fast, taking back Albany on 6/2/27 and Glens Falls a day later but they had to stop after taking Rutland due to the Adirondack mountains.

    The Michigan Campaign


    After 4 long months of an unmoving front the National People's army was going to plan something very bold. Pulling reservists and enlisting hundreds of thousands of new recruits.


    Launching thousands of tonnes of bomb on the already little defenses in Wisconsin 500000 troops would march across the cratered wasteland and begin an encirclement.


    The battle of Milwaukee was a turning confrontation breaking the amfed's winning streak causing a morale dip in the already tiring amfed population. The new young recruits of the National people's army were able to out pace the amfed army presenting a threat that would prove this war was far from over.


    The surprised amfed forces were pushed back and the encirclement was successful. Against all odds the encircled forces would live on for months. This would amaze people around the world even gaining respect from the ones blasting them with shells.

    The Minneapolis Massacre


    Filled with ignorance the National people's Army went for Minneapolis and began bombing the city of Minneapolis.


    The attack falls apart quick but the civilian casualties jumped to the 10s of thousands leading to the highest civilian casualties of the war in north America. This lead to horror and sadness on both sides.

    The First Battles:PCC Front


    Just like Amfed, the USR also prepared their defenses for an assault, and on Valentine's day, the day came. Despite their preparations, they were overwhelmed by the sheer number of attackers and had to retreat. One major battle that happened was the battle of the Tennesse valley, where the USR 12th infantry regiment fought a rear guard action against advancing PCC forces. while they were able to inflict significant casualties on PCC by blowing up an ammunition factory in the area, the 12th regiment was almost completely destroyed.

    Similar to the USR, Arizona was overwhelmed by the sheer number of troops and was quickly pushed to Tuscon-Flagstaff Defense Line in a few days, but here is where the PCC advance would stop as they were unable to penetrate further due to the heavy defenses.

    At this time, an Arizonan pilot called, Timothy Brown became known as the Ghost for shooting down 9 PCC aircraft in 54 hours, as a result, he became a poster boy for the combined Democratic Alliance air forces.


    The USR would continue to lose ground to the Joint PCC-New Afrika Advance. Mobile would fall on 1/3/27 after a week of fighting, Dothan fell 3 days later on the 4th, with Columbus falling the Next Day. Albany would fall on 10/3/27. Despite this, the Tennessee front would fall into a stalemate after the Columbian army got bogged down in the Battle of Chattanooga.


    In the town not to far north of new Orleans laid a military PCC base. The military base was used for ballistic missile launching and on the 11th of march PCC el azote tactical ballistic missiles were fired and hit Atlanta.

    Atlanta-el-azote-bombings.png Image from a far as smoke rises in Atlanta

    Fall of Atlanta


    The Fall of Atlanta began on 3/13/27 when the Joint New Afrika-PCC forces engaged the 1st armor division in the battle of Macron, despite the division's best efforts, the small city had fallen by the end of the day, and the road to Atlanta lay wide open.


    On 3/15/27, the Columbian and New Afrika armies began their assault on Atlanta USR forces put up heavy resistance but were slowly pushed back losing the Airport on the Second Day After four days of fighting, they had to retreat to the Piedmont Defense Line to the North and Pensacola-Tallahassee line to the south.


    Finally, the PCC offensive came to stop a with a Joint USR-Amfed victory at the battle of Tallahassee, and the PCC would be unable to breach the Defensive Lines. Elsewhere along the PCC front, the Arkansas Frontline would grind into a stalemate along the Arkansas River, with neither side ready to budge. In Tennessee, the battle of Chattooga was still raging with no end in sight, and the front overall remained at a stalemate following the failure of the Nashville Offensive. In Arizona, it was a similar case of a stalemate, though the Ghost was continuing to rack up kills, with his amount of kills now at 49 only about 2 months in. Overall it was a stalemate across the front for the next few months.

    Dual Christmas Offensives:Operations Constantine and Bunker Shot


    The first Christmas after the war began would not be good for the CPR or PCC as the Amfed and, the USR launched Offensives. For Amfed, it would be Operation Bunker Shot with its goal to relieve the Forces trapped in Milwaukee while the USR launched operation Constantine to take back Atlanta. Operation Constantine would begin with two attacks at the same time. One of the attacks was the Battle of Gainesville as the 101st Airborne Division attacked the town and caught it off guard, they took the town with little resistance, The other assault was the Battle of Route of 78 an armored fist of over 800 tanks and 120,000 men assisted by heavy air support overran the defenders in a few short hours, and after these victories, the road to Atlanta was wide open.


    The Liberation of Atlanta would be fast, despite being caught off guard the PCC put up heavy resistance but had to retreat on the 27th due to losing air support over the city. Up north, Operation Bunker Shot would be a success, with Canadian forces retreating on the 28th and the forces trapped being saved.

    The Arizona front


    At the beginning of the war making it's way to the west coast, the PCC cut off all supply routes from the main east coast amfed to California. This left Arizona and California all alone, but California was a very large a industrial area purposefully made to sustain itself so it would not be a walk in the park.


    On the 5th, PCC forces would break through and take the capital and push Amfed forces to the Colorado River before being stopped after losing the Battle of Yuma on the 11th.

    However, elsewhere the 1st,8th, and 12th Infantry Brigades of the Arizonan National Guard as well as the 4th Artillery Regiment were trapped in Tuscon, and despite the PCC's best efforts, they could not defeat the forces there who were supplied by air. The PCC's inability to take the city earned it the nickname Fortress Tuscon.

    The Land O' Lakes Opening


    At a camp not to far from the little town of Land O' Lakes the Camp of 700 soldiers thinking they were safe rested for the night, when suddenly gun shots ring out. The tired soldiers now startled and filled with adrenaline panicked. Trap set up by special ops team of the national people's army had placed mines around their camp. Using the gun fire to startle soldiers into mines they used this to create and opening in the front allowing the National people's army to encircle the amfed forces on the front. Now gaining a new advantage, this new year was going to be worse.

    Arkansas Offensive


    The PCC would launch a massive Offensive in Arkansas. Successfully Breached USR defenses and took Little Rock on the first day.


    The Columbian Army would continue to advance swiftly, reaching the Mississippi River and cutting off 100k USR troops in Arkansas.


    The USR would launch an Evac mission by air known as Operation White Out, however, before they could do this, they would have to gain air superiority in the region, which they would do after an 8-day air battle where Timothy Brown would get 4 more kills adding to his impressive tally.


    With Air Superiority gained, the Evac would begin while ten thousand troops would be left behind to delay the PCC the rest of the 90k were able to be evacuated along with tons of equipment.


    Soviet troops in the hundreds of thousands make their way for the shores of New Colombia, Canada as they were going to help the CPR.

    Mexico Joins the War


    On the 9th of February, the Federation Ambassador would meet with the Mexican president, and while what was said was unknown, it caused rumors to swirl.


    5 days later, Mexico would declare war on the PCC and pushed into their puppet state known as the Rio Grande successfully taking their capital in a few days however PCC reinforcements stopped them half way through there Invasion.


    The largest Air Battle of war was the Bering Straight Furball involving 1,000+ aircraft. It began when USR fighters intercepted Soviet Troop Transports being sent to help Canada, but the interception was intercepted. The battle lasted nine hours and resulted in numerous legends being formed, such as Timothy Brown, already a poster boy for the Air Force setting the record for most kills in a single engagement at 21 kills and Soviet pilot Mig-29 pilot having lost both of his wings shooting down 3 Amfed fighters before crashing into the sea. The result was a draw, while the Democratic Alliance suffered heavy casualties, all the troop transports were destroyed.

    10/16/29 - 10/25/29

    Believing the USR's air capabilities now to be weak the national people's army airforce began operation thunder bird, bombing airfields across Alaska destroying federation and United states aircraft.

    With the air capabilities In Alaska destroyed, Soviet ships were able to bomb Anchorage and national people's army troops cross through into Alaska.

    After the fall of Anchorage all took was small clearing of the area to get rid of remaining USR forces.

    Battle of Miami


    Using Cuba as a Launch Pad, the soviets would plan to launch an invasion of Florida however, little did they know that Federation Command had an early warning.


    On the first day of November, the Soviets would begin their Invasion, however, the Federation was ready and launched operation hunting Hawk destroying the Soviet Transports and Bombers heading to Miami mid-flight and leaving the troops landing without air support where they were destroyed by the end of the day.

    Operation Ravage


    While the front was a Stalemate across the board, with the Soviet troops arriving in mass, something had to be done, so Amfed began crafting a massive offensive in the west.


    Amfed was able to use the GPR's debt with it to get them to join the war and use their nation as a staging ground for a massive offensive into the Canadian Heartland.


    On Christmas Day, Operation Ravage would begin as 1.1 Million Men 800k Federation 300K GPR slammed into the weak western Canadian defenses coinciding with a Massive Air Assault.


    In the following days, the Joint Forces would push rapidly. They would take Winnipeg on the 26th and Regina on the 29th, with Calgary falling on New Year's Eve. They were numerous cases of Soviet and Canadian troops being captured while still on Trains heading to the front.


    As the New Year rolled around, the advance in Canada would slow down, but Red Deer would still fall on the 7th, with Saskatoon being captured on the 12th. The Federation would attempt to attack Cascadia from the west but would fail due to the mountains.


    The Offensive would finally come to an end after losing the Battle of Edmonton. While the offensive was a major success, it left the Federation and GPR forces overextended and vulnerable to counterattack.


    After majorly overextending their forces the amfed had left itself vulnerable to counter attacks. This happen exactly one week after the battle of Edmonton with massive amounts of reservists from the Canada and the USSR being deployed, this started the 2nd battle of Edmonton with a CPR victory. This led to a series of defeats that pushed back the joint GPR-amfed forces far. The national people's army went so far as to return to denver which they hadn't done since 1986. After 2 more months the amfed forces were even pushed out of Wisconsin and north Michigan culminating at the battle of Chicago. The battle of Chicago was a decisive battle in this war and it was nearly won by the amfed but local revolutionary groups sabotaged troop convoys and trains heading to the city resulting in an amfed loss.


    11 months later the Federation Army would capture the city of guelph. This would be one of the deadliest battles of WW3 in North America with the Amfed suffering 220000 deaths. The defeat at the hands of the amfed led the National people's army to bomb the city after they had lost hit leading to another 70000 dead.

    European Front


    Responding as quickly as possible, the Soviet union and the entire Warsaw pact declared war on all european members of the democratic alliance and declaring war on all other members the following day. The Soviet union and the warsaw pact quickly began mobilizing their forces in preparation to attack. There first target the benelux region.


    The first major battle of the war happened on this day as Belgian and Luxembourg units clashed with the German Armor Battalions in the Battle of Upper Sure. While they were able to beat the Germans at first the Luxembourg forces had to retreat when motorized reinforcements arrived.


    Other sections of Europe were not spared from the fighting. In Greece, Bulgarian Troops attempted to invade it, but they were bogged down due to the mountainous terrain, Greece in turn invaded Albania due to heavy defense, and they were stopped soon after taking girokaster. Soviet forces attempted to destroy an Amfed air base on the island of Mon in Denmark however, they were stopped before they could get too far. In the Nordic Countries, the harsh winter made fighting nearly impossible, and thus the front was a stalemate.


    Despite their best efforts, the Benelux-French forces would continue to be slowly pushed back. Luxembourg and Strasbourg fell on 8/1/27, and Mullhouse would fall a day later. Then Liege would fall 13/1/27 with Metz following on the 16/1/27.


    Finally, the French-Benlux forces won their first victory at the battle of Bastogne on 1/17.27. While the victory was temporary, and they had to withdraw on the 28th due to being on the verge of being trapped, it bought some much-needed time for them to regroup.


    The Warsaw Pact advance in the South of France had been stooped due to them hitting the Vosges Wall, a massive defensive line in the Vosges Mountains.


    Italy, led by the brothers of Italy, was eager for a fight, and on February 2nd, it officially declared war and marched its troops into Austria. Austria was caught off guard, and thus Italian troops faced little first-day resistance, successfully taking the town of Villach.


    The federation began using their long-range FB-70 bombers to bomb Soviet cities. While these didn't do much damage, the soviets couldn't shoot them down due to how high and fast they were.


    As Austrian and German Troops scrambled to stop the Italian advance, the offensive would slow down, and after taking Innsbruck, it would stop completely.


    French and Benelux Forced would be slowly forced back despite their efforts however, the heavy defenses they had set up pre-war had slowed down the Warsaw Pact advance by quite a bit.


    On 3/19/27, following a major soviet breakthrough, the Battle of Antwerp would begin, despite the best efforts of the Troops fighting there, the city would fall on 3/21/27, and the Dutch had been cut off.


    After being cut off, the Dutch would retreat to Amsterdam Citadel, and continue to fight however, it was obvious that it was going to fall soon as a result Democratic Alliance HQ, which was based in Amsterdam Beagn evacuated along with the French, Belgian, and Federation Units. On 4/1/27 the last units were evacuated, and 34 hours later the Amsterdam Citadel was breached.


    After about 4 months of fighting dutch forces surrendered after the battle of the Hague. The surrender was signed by the dutch king and seen over by Soviet minister of war ivilish shoigu.


    On the 20th of September, the Bulgarian army would finally break through the Greek defensive lines and take the city of Kavala, forcing the Greeks back to the Struma river by October 2nd.


    One New Year's Eve, the Italian Army would launch a Naval Invasion of Albania taking Vlore and Durres.


    After the Naval Invasion, Italian Forces would move rapidly, taking Tirana in 3 days as defenses in the South Crumbled, and by the end of the first week of the year all Major Cities were under occupation, and the remaining forces were forced to wage a guerrilla war in the Northern Mountains. This would be good for Greece as it would be able to send forces for the upcoming battle of Thessaloniki.


    On the 11th day of the new year, the Bulgarian army would assault the Major City of Thessaloniki, and for a time, it looked like they were going to take the city, but then reinforcements coming from the Albanian Front would arrive and push them back.

    3/1/28 - 4/5/28

    Realizing the danger that this successful Italian attack presented the Soviet union stationed soldiers and prepared them to to attack the invading Italians. The sudden suprise of 2 million Soviet soldiers coming to assist the struggling Albanians completely compromised them and their positions leading to them taking back tirana in 3 weeks.

    The now regrouped warsaw pact forces next plans was to head for Athens. Greece was a good ally in the Mediterranean for the democratic Alliance, seeing this they would send both land and sea forces from two sides.

    When turkey had reservations on letting the Soviet navy through Istanbul they threatened that they would sink the city if they did not let them trough.

    After another month of fighting the Warsaw pact made it to Athens, destroying the ancient city and "burying the old ways of the past."


    With tensions between the Uk and the Soviet Union running high, it was only a matter of time before the British joined the war. After a soviet submarine sunk a British cruise ship mistaking it for a Federation Cargo Ship, it gave the UK the justification it needed to declare war.

    the Italian front


    Soviet forces were rerouted to assist the Austrians in the stalemate with Italy. The large Soviet force easily pushed the Italians back into italy.


    Running with their successes the Soviet army leads into the laps. The Italians forces seeing this planned to use the alps as cover but were startled when explosions were going off that weren't planted bu them. From these explosions began avalanches preventing reinforcements to come by land and thus making it harder for them to help the main Italian army.


    After months of hard fighting the Warsaw pact forces make it to bologna. The large communist movement in the area had actually kicked out the Italian army and prepared to welcome the Warsaw pact with open arms


    After 2 years and one month the Soviet army Captured Rome. But even with this victory the Italians would keep fighting for some years.


    After Almost another 2 years after the capture of Rome, the Warsaw pact would attack Naples. This would have been the decisive battle to determine what would happen to Italy but 2 days into fighting they had heard about what happened in France. Both sides being horrified by what happened, they agreed to a truce.


    The Baltic fleet had began it's trip to the English coast but was stopped by the swedish navy. This led to a massive naval battle which destroyed the swedish navy.

    Although defeated and their navy destroyed they had successfully delayed the Soviet crossing of the Baltic.

    What the swedish didn't know is they had poked the bear.


    The battle with the Swedish navy had slowed down the soviet navy and had brought time for the Danish to come up with a trap, and on the 24th, the trap would be sprung. As the Soviet fleet was passing through the Langeland Belt, coastal missile batteries would open fire on the fleet as Federation Athen class submarines fired a volley of torpedos at the soviet ships. The fleet would attempt to retreat but would be blocked by a Joint Danish-Norwegian fleet of destroyers and cruisers. While the fleet was able to escape after sinking most of the Danish and Norwegian Ships, several ships had been sunk or damaged and just for now, the soviet fleet had bottled up in the Baltic.

    9/2/28 - 1/15/29

    After the delay of soviet forces, the Soviet union swore they would destroy all of Scandinavia for what sweden did

    9/2/28 - 10/2/28

    On September 2nd 2028 Soviet solider stationed at the Finnish border invaded Finland. Outnumbered the Finnish were beaten back quite far in very little time with the Soviet army captured the small town of Kouvola not to far away from Helsinki.

    Soon on October 2nd exactly after one month Helsinki fell to the Soviet army. What little remained of the Finnish armed forces either surrendered or was bombed to dust. Finland was the first true showing of what the Soviet union could do.

    10/6/28 - 11/1/28

    The soviet Offensive would Continue and push through Sweden however, they would run into difficulty in Norway due to the Mountains.

    On Halloween night, a fleet of Federation Bombers would raid Leningrad doing major damage to the city most notably destroying the Naval fuel reserves.

    11/4/28 - 11/20/28

    In a quick attempt to counter the bombing the Soviet airforce was sent to bomb Stockholm. Was happened was a air battle over Stockholm, the swedish airforce was mostly left to fight the majority of the fight itself as the small group of bombers and fighters sent by the federation wouldn't help in this situation.

    The dogfighting lasted 16 days and resulted in soviet victory. The swedish army was quickly mobilized but would be set for a bad time with little to no air support and would be subject to Soviet bombings.

    11/21/28 - 1/15/29

    The battle of Stockholm was an invasion by sea. The Soviet army landed not long after the air battle over Stockholm ended. Without air support being available to help for awhile the swedish army was left as the last standing branch of the swedish armed forces.

    On January the 15th swedish forces unofficially capitulated after fleeing into Norway. The Soviet army would proceed to chase after them but would hit road blocks in the rough Norwegian terrain giving Norway enough time to get help from other countries.

    9/3/28 - 9/5/28

    9/3/28 15:00

    The attack on Denmark was the first battle of the war to be shown nearly hour for hour on live television.

    The attack started at 15:00 and began with soviet naval infantry landing on the island of sjælland.

    9/3/28 19:00

    By 19:00 the NVA or GDR army walked through the main Danish peninsula with little resistance.

    9/3/28 20:00

    After all the soldiers landed they made their way to Copenhagen and started urban fighting at 20:43

    9/4/28 13:00

    At 13:00 the next day all the soldiers ate sandwiches and stopped fighting for an hour.

    9/5/28 16:00

    At 4pm on the 5th of September Copenhagen fell and Denmark surrendered. The danish ate all their sandwiches. [1]



    With the UK now in WW3 and the soviet fleet dealt with, it could now do something it wished to do for a while: Invade Ireland.


    On September 5th, the UK would begin a 3-day air assault of Irish defenses assisted by French and Federation Aircraft. This wreaked the Irish Defenses leaving the Country very Vulnerable to invasion.


    On the 8th of September , the UK began its assault with SAS troops falling from the Sky, taking key communication sites as the Invincible Glasgow Fleet came into Dublin Harbor with Marines landing in Belfast and Dublin with little resistance.


    In the Following Week, the British would push rapidly taking major cities and pushing the Irish Armed Forces into the Southeast Corner around Cork.


    on the 16th, only 8 days after the invasion began the Irish Army would Surrender after the Battle of Cork. After this, the British would begin sending troops to the Nordic and European Fronts to help as reinforcements.


    With the fall of Denmark, the Soviet Baltic fleet was able to leave the Baltic, and the British sent a Large Fleet led by the Invincible Glasgow Fleet to counter them, the Federation sent the 2nd Federation Fleet led by the Battlecruiser AFS Founder to defeat it the result would a Climatic Battle know as the Battle of Three Navies, and the result would shock everyone. The battle was a major soviet defeat, with three soviet aircraft carriers sunk the first was sunk by being broadsided by the AFS Founder, the second by a large torpedo volley from two British subs, and the third by a squadron of British Harriers II jets. Numerous Soviet ships were also sunk. It would prove to be a major morale booster to the Democratic Alliance.


    With Paris on the verge of falling into Soviet hands, the french army decided to leave them nothing. At 9:00 PM, the french army lit several fires all over the city, destroying military documents and equipment. The fire spread rapidly, burning everything in its path. By the time Warsaw Pact tanks rolled into the city the next day, large parts of the city had been turned to ash.


    June 6th, 2032, would be a day that goes down in infamy. With Warsaw Pact forces about to breach the final line of defense in the Massif Central Mountains, France did the unthinkable. At 2:50 PM, Soviet Nuclear Command detected a fleet of Bombers confirmed armed with Nuclear weapons take off from Nice Air Base, believing them to be heading to nuke the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries, they scrambled fighters to intercept them however, bombers weren't, heading for the Warsaw Pact. At 3:08 PM Soviet Nuclear Command confirmed a Thermonuclear detonation 17 miles to the east of the town of Macron over, the next 10 minutes seven more detonations would happen across the frontline. France had effectively created a nuclear border of radiation that the Communist Bloc Could not cross. Despite most detonations happening in rural areas, thus minimizing casualties several areas, most notably the City of Lyon had to be evacuated due to radiation.

    Asian Front

    The Invasion of Japan


    Likely to be invaded from 3 directions south Japan was not filled with hope for victory, they knew they were going to lose. All they could do was brace as best they could.


    The 14th of march was the day of the landings. The Korean people's army landed in the Shimane prefecture, the People's liberation army landed in the Okinawa islands and the Japanese people's army came from the north.


    The Okinawa islands fell to the the PLA and they began landing soldiers in the Kagoshima prefecture.


    While invasion forces would continue to advance, taking Hiroshima and other cities, they would struggle with Federation Subs harassing and Sinking supply ships and troop transports.


    After one month and 9 days south Tokyo was captured. Luckily for them their government had moved to Kyoto not long after the invasion.


    Angry and frustrated by the amfed navy's harassment the PLA began operation water tiger. The smaller support fleet sent to aid japan was nearly destroyed and was forced to retreat to Hawaii. This retreat was far from tactical as it lead to the Pacific territories of the amfed to be vulnerable


    After months of fighting the three armies made their way to kyoto. Fighting outside the city began and south Japanese forces tried to hold back the North Japanese, Koreans and Chinese at the same time and were able to but enough time to air support to arrive. This actually led to a temporary victory but many even after this were still pessimistic about everything.

    the Battle of Hawaii

    5/10/27 - 6/4/27

    From may 10th to juin 4th the PLA captured all of the amfed's Pacific territories except for Hawaii, but an attack was soon to come.

    6/6/27 - 7/4/27

    The PLA would begin by landing marines in Honolulu and quickly taking the city. The first month was mostly mad rup of island battles on the seven smaller islands.

    The smaller area combined with naval superiority played to the PLA's advantage.

    7/5/27 - 8/30/27

    After taking the smaller islands the PLA would land on the main island of Hawai'i.

    A victory was won for the amfed as they had beaten the PLA at pãhoa. The amfed would also use the mountainous terrain of the main island to their advantage start avalanches in some cases.

    Although gaining some victories is would not be enough as the entire island chain of Hawaii would fall on August the 30th.

    Sino-Indian War


    Sensing that China was distracted, India would launch an invasion to the west but was hampered by the Himalayas.


    Soon after Pakistan and China began their attack on the Kashmir region. This would be where the first few months of fighting would be relegated to.

    Other Fronts

    Caribbean Front

    Operation Sea Storm


    With Cuba being the Flashpoint for WW3, it was no surprise that Amfed and USR immediately began making plans to invade.


    On the 12th of January, Operation Sea Storm began with the battle of Florida Straits as Cuban Naval Forces fought the USR 4th Fleet, assisted by Amfed fighters from Key west Air Base, due to lacking Air Support. the Cuban Navy was Disseminated, and the Invasion was about to begin.


    On the 14th of January at 5:30 AM, the Invasion would begin with a massive air and sea assault disseminating Cuban defenses. At 7:00 AM, the first forces would land on the beaches of Matanzas, Cienfuegos, and Guantanamo. With Cuban defenses weakened, the Joint Amfed-USR forces would begin marching inland by the Afternoon, with USR forces from Gutanomo reaching Santiago De Cuba by 10:00 PM.


    Over the following two weeks, the Joint Amfed-USR invasion force would continue to push rapidly, taking numerous cities until Havana itself fell on the 23rd after 2 days of fighting. On the 26th, after the Battle of San Christbol, the Cuban Government would surrender though some Miltary Units would keep fighting until the 28th.

    The Havana Protocol


    The Havana Protocol was a plan set in place incase the Cuban government fell. Ensembled in Santiago Chile during the Chilean civil war an elite army of soldiers receiving the greatest training known to mankind. this elite group of soldiers known as призрачный полк or ghost regiment were created to help latin America against imperialism.

    On June 1st members of the ghost regiment would land by parachute in cuba and within 6 days completely drive out the invaders with coordinated attacks on barracks, high ranking military officials, weapons deliveries and food supply runs. even entire dockyards of ships. This would leave the any soldiers of the joint amfed-USR armies left stranded, hungry, scared and without ammo. This perfect opportunity was taken advantage of by the cuban revolutionary army who took back Havana and the rest of the island including Guantanamo in a day.

    A surviving amfed soldiers reports back to the mainland and says he heard one of the ghost regiment soldiers speak Russian. This proved to frighten the amfed military command as the Soviet union who had been obliterating their European allies was now in the Americas.

    South America Front

    Africa Front

    the War in Botswana

    WW3 would effect Africa very little as without colonialism their was no reason for them to join I'm the fighting unless attacked first. But thir was one part that would join, that was southern Africa.


    Botswana was the only western ally in all of Africa and the only non-communist in a very communist southern Africa, this led it to not be very well liked by its neighbors south Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique who have been planning to attack them ever since they first allied with the west. This Alliance would invade Botswana on may the 9th 2027.



    France: 9 million/unknown[2]
    USSR: 5 million
    Japan: 4.9 million
    Amfed: 3.5 million
    Italy: 3 million
    USR: 2.6 million
    China: 2.1 million
    GDR: 1.7 million
    Finland: 1.5 million
    PCC: 1.3 million
    Netherlands: 1.2 million
    Greece: 1 million
    Canada: 950000
    UK: 820000
    Mexico: 600000
    New Zealand: 500000

    Warsaw pact and Communist bloc: 18 million
    Democratic Alliance: 16 million

    International volunteers: 2 million

    Civilians: 20 million

    Added up: 55-60 million

    Treaty of Strasbourg

    After the events of June 6th, the Democratic Alliance and Communist Bloc would agree to a peace treaty to prevent further escalation. Meeting in Strasbourg on the 15th they would agree to a treaty. The Treaty said:

    In North America:

    • The Socialist Republic of Rio Grande will rejoin Mexico
    • Arizona and the Arkansas Border Zone will be annexed by the PCC
    • The USR must recognize New Afrika and the Cherokee Communist Republic
    • Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Iowa, and the Dakotas will become the American Socialist Federation
    • The Upper Strip of New York and Vermont will be annexed by Canada
    • Toronto and the Surrounding area will be annexed by the American Federation
    • The GPR will be split between Amfed, the CDR, and the ASF.
    • The San Francisco aera will be annexed by the CDR
    • Alaska is annexed by the Canadian People's Republic.

    In Europe:

    • Finland is Annexed by the Soviet Union
    • Greace becomes the Peoples' Republic of Greece
    • The Upper part of Norway will be merged into Sweden and will become the Socialist Union of Sweden-Norway
    • Denmark becomes Communist
    • Everything North of Rome will become the Communist Republic of Italy and while the south stays independent
    • The Benlux Countries will merge and become Socialist
    • The Republic of France will retain its independence but will be regulated to the South of France
    • The North of France will become socialist
    • The UK will annex Ireland

    In Asia and the Pacific:

    • South Japan will join North Japan
    • Hawaii will become independent as the Commune of Hawaii
    • Papa New Guinea will join Indonesia
    • New Zealand will have all occupied territory back

    The Caribbean:

    • the USR and Amfed to remove 75% of naval forces from Caribbean ports
    • All Amfed, USR, french, dutch, British Caribbean colonies are to be put under temporary cuban occupation, time TBD.
    • the Dominican republic is annexed by Haiti

    Other areas:

    • Yemen is reunited
    • Botswana becomes communist
    • Brazil will have all occupied territories back.

    War reparation and other things

    • Amfed made to pay 50 billion AFD (American federation dollars) in reparations to CPR
    • USR to pay a combined 250 billion dollars to PCC and allies
    • USSR pledges to aid france after the events of June 6th
    • Italy to 25 billion in reparations to Albania
    • UK to pay 100 billion pounds to the USSR
    • International Nuclear Security and Clean up Commission or INSCC is formed to prevent more nuclear disasters and clean after one has already happened[3]
    • Greenland is declared a Warsaw Pact Military Zone

    Notable Democratic Alliance War Heroes

    Name: Timothy Brown

    Nickname: "The Ghost"

    Affiliation: Arizona Air National Guard

    Despite his callsign being Bob, he was the best pilot in the Democratic Alliance and quite possibly the best fighter pilot of all time setting the new record for total air kills at 401 and record for total air kills in a single engagement at 21 kills during the Bering straight furball. After the war, he would become the founder of the Californian Republican Air Force and would retire in 2046. He currently owns a bar in Las Vegas.

    Name: Cole Smart

    Nickname: The Aboustle Madman

    Affiliation: Federation Army

    Leader of the 15th Mechanized Infantry Cole Smart was famous for his dangerous attacks which often shocked both his allies and his enemies. While he survived the war he would die 4 years later due to Cancer. He is currently Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

    Name: Jerry Alber

    Nickname: The Gargoyle

    Affiliation: USR Army

    The gargoyle was a USR sniper during WW3 and one of the best snipers ever. Despite this, he was dishonorably Discharged from service after it was found out he killed people he didn't like or was suspicious of. After the war, he was diagnosed as schizophrenic and is currently in a mental hospital.

    Name: Herald Parkins

    Nickname: Archer

    Affiliation: Federation Army

    Was the best sniper in the Federation Army however he was discharged due to advocating for peace after the events in Boston. After the war, he would become a nuclear disarmament advocate and would have to flee to the PCC after the U.A.D. was formed.

    Name: N/A

    Nickname: Demon Lord

    Affiliation: Federation Army/Desperado. LLC

    Not much is known about the woman known as "The Demon Lord" as she disappeared off the face of the earth after the war. The only things we do know our that she was female, the mere mention of her name would cause enemy soldiers to poop their pants in terror, and she committed a lot of war crimes.

    Name: Beau Biden

    Nicknames: The Hero of New York

    Affiliation: Federation Army

    The son of Joe Biden and a Major General in the Federation Army Beau Biden would become known as the Hero of New York for his successful defense of the city. In addition to this, he would also spearhead Operation Battle Ax and take Toronto. After the War, he would become the leader of the Unification Movement and eventually dictator of the U.A.D.

    Name: Terry Campbell

    Nickname: Firebird

    Affiliation: British Army

    The leader of the 21st SAS became famous for leading the rescue of the Belgian Prime Minister during the second battle of Brussels at the cost of his right arm[4]. Earned the nickname Firebird due to his fiery demeanor and red hair. He lost both his fiancé and sister during a soviet bombing run on Glasgow. retired post-war to the Scottish Highlands and lives in a cabin.

    After the War

    U.A.D Formed

    After the war ended, they would be a prevailing sense of bitterness in Amfed and the USR. In Amfed, this was only exacerbated by California leaving the Federation in 2035. Taking Advantage of this, the Unification Movement would rise to popularity, led by war hero Beau Biden taking Power in Amfed in 2038 and the USR in 2040, and 2042, the USR and Amfed would merge and become the United American Directorate.

    U.A.Ds Early Years

    The UAD would prove to be a Single Party dictatorship under the rule of the American Unity Party. It would stop all remaking reparation payments and claim all of the former United States as well as beef up the military significantly. It would restart the Marsshot project which was stopped at the outbreak of WW3 and have a 3-way space race with the Soviets and Lowe Aerospace(a British company) to get the first man on mars. To the shock of many they would win beating the soviets by an hour on 6/2/52.

    The Blue Men

    The Blue Men were a group of French nationalists who were angry at Frances's defeat during WW3 and Began a 20-year campaign of terrorism across the Communist Bloc. Notable incidents would Include the Leningrad University Bombing in 2037[5], The Shanghai Missile attacks in 2044[6], and the attempted nuking of Moscow in 2051. They were finally stopped in 2056 when there HQ in Strasbourg was raided by police and most of there members were arrested.

    Canada's recovery

    After taking alot of damage after WW3 and losing one of their most populated cities the CPR didn't seem in the best of shape, but a blessing came in the form of Alaska. After the annexation of Alaska many of the natural resources in Alaska were harvested and used to benefit the entire country and they even discovered a new mineral called Meiosassite.[7] all this led to another massive growth not seen since the 1960s and would start another golden age in the 2040s for the CPR. This growth was Big enough to create a new massive city called New Toronto.

    The Warsaw-British Troubles

    After the war Although losing to Britain the Warsaw-pact was the greater winner of WW3 and demanded a reparation of 100 billion pound sterling but the British refused. This led to the British navy shelling heligoland. This being seen as an act of war the Warsaw-pact prepared to start fighting again but an agreement was settled to pay for the damages and some more. But the USSR still claimed the UK had a dept of 99.5 billion now.

    Havana Drone Incident

    In 2049 a Squadron of SA-111 Raven Drone fighters based at Key West Air Force Base would go rogue and begin attacking all manned aircraft. The rouge drones would fly to Havana and begin to hack into the Havana International Communication Center while why they were hacking is unknown it is believed that they wanted to activate other drones and turn them rouge as well. Recognizing this as a massive threat the UAD and Cuban air forces would scramble fighters and engage the drones shooting them all down just two minutes before they could breach the firewall. After this, the use of AI was banned in war to prevent future incidents.

    London Treaty Organization

    In the Aftermath of World War Three, the Democratic Alliance would be reorganized into the London Treaty Organization. The Members would be:

    • United American Directorate
    • Desert
    • United Kingdom
    • South France
    • South Italy
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Norway
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • Thailand
    • Australia

    As noted by most, unlike the Democratic Alliance, which had a Liberal Democratic Character the LTO would have a more Ultranationalist Character. This Caused New Zealand to not join the New Alliance as it retreated into Isolationism as one of the last Bastions of Liberal democracy along with California.


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    1. it's late when I wrote this part and I thought it was funny to talk about sandwiches
    2. it's unknown how many died on the june 6th disaster but it's likely in the high 100000s plus the nuclear fallout which will likely kill millions and millions gravely sick aswell as ruin crops potentially causing famine
    3. the first assignment of the INSCC is to clean up the radioactive fallout and other things in France
    4. though he went back to fighting after getting a robotic prosthetic
    5. 500 Killed
    6. 7,500 Killed
    7. this new mineral would be essential in developing new technology, another slightly smaller vein of the new mineral would be found in Michigan and was thought that this could cause another war
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