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    Thatcherism is the ideology of former British prime minister and stateswoman, Margret Thatcher.

    Economically right-wing, globalist, and culturally more moderate than her predecessors, Thatcherism is often seen as the template for the modern, Neoliberal era of the Conservative Party in Britain, with a greater emphasis on preserving Britain's economy and position as a powerful state, rather than conserving cultural tradition.

    A follower of Milton Friedman's economic outlook, Thatcherism believes in maintaining a generous labour surplus, as opposed to the Keynesian-inspired full employment target of the post-war consensus. This was one of the ways Thatcher weakened the unions in the aftermath of the "Winter of Discontent". On top of this, Thatcherism is in favour of the "right to buy", encouraging those in social housing to buy their home from the state outright, rather than continue to rent, with the burden of a mortgage hindering the ability to call workers' strikes so readily.

    Where Conservative leaders had once tended to be more protectionist, viewing national industry as a central tenet of British tradition to uphold, Thatcherism instead prioritises economic growth, outsourcing work and building strong trading relations with other countries. For this reason, Thatcherism is a firm believer in the EU's common market, even though Thatcher herself became Euro-skeptic in her later years.

    However, despite being more globalist than previous Conservative leaders, Thatcherism is still extremely protective of its territories, successfully repelling Argentina in the Fawklands War, and proving uncompromising under pressure from Irish Republicanism.

    Austere in public spending, Thatcherism believes in selling national services into the private sector. Thatcherism's monetarist tendencies also see it favour high interest rates as a means of quashing inflation, and cutting regulations to encourage business growth.




    • Neoliberalism - Economic growth, globalization, moderate cultural policies. Very good.
    • Reaganism - My American counterpart. Plus we were great friends!
    • Classical Liberalism - You taught me so much about private property. But you have a little thing to learn about social justice, and how it can be used to paper over cracks.
    • Liberalism - Good start, but think how much more growth you would get if you outsourced everything, killed trade unions and exploited the third world.
    • Blairism - My greatest accomplishment.
    • Blatcherism - I'm very proud of my son.
    • Globalism - Why these aren't colonies. These are outsourced industrial areas. Very diverse of us to spread our business all over the world... letting big business keep growing and creating a labour surplus back home that will kill trade unions forever!
    • Pinochetism - My role model.


    • Conservatism - What do you mean i ruined the Tories forever?! I conserve the economy, I conserve our rightful place at the top. I literally am the Tories you bloody simpleton!!
    • Hayekism - We both love consistent growth. But the government needs to intervene sometimes to keep inflation down.
    • One Nation Conservatism - A fellow Tory, but why would you want to end the class divide?
    • Kinnockism - I despise your economics. But you always embarrass yourself come election time, and it's priceless.
    • Nationalism - Yes, yes. Proud to be British, and all that. But Polish coal is cheaper, and I'm done arguing with Welshmen with picket signs.
    • One Nation Liberalism - He at least tried to continue my legacy, but what was that whole "big society" bullshit about?


    • Corbynism - Dirty Red.
    • Attlee Socialism - Your disastrous state socialist economics ruined the British economy.
    • Castroism - Commie who killed thousands and tortured more.
    • Churchillism - I did a better job with the party than you ever did.
    • Scouse Syndicalism - Bunch of lazy northerners who want free stuff.
    • Keynesianism - You need a labour surplus, otherwise the trade unions will strike. No milk for you.
    • Socialism - The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.
    • Irish Republicanism - The problem with pissing on my grave is that you eventually run out of piss.
    • Sexocracy - The problem with not cumming in the sink is that you eventually sink in the cum.
    • Higgsian Socialism - Argentine? Socialist? Double cringe!
    • Videlaism - The Falklands are British and we will never give them to you.


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