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    Teyvatian Theocracy is the ideology of practically every nation in Teyvat after the Divine Envoy Era. Teyvatian Theocracy differs from normal theocracy as gods in Teyvat tend to be more directly involved in human affairs ruling nations directly and leading armies and fighting wars. Teyvatian Theocracy used to control the Teyvatian overton window. Today he still does to an extent but has since given the overton window to Archoncracy.


    Teyvatian Theocracy generally believes that a god shall rule the nation and unlike normal theocracy believes the god should directly be involved in people's affairs in some way shape or form. Teyvatian Theocracy that a nation should have either an absolute ruler that's a god or an oligarchy that's a god. Generally Teyvatian Theocracy believes that gods should be loving to humanity as a requirement and that they should guide humanity with their ideals.


    Teyvatian Theocracy is portrayed as a god in Teyvat and would try to protect its people from any threats. Teyvatian Theocracy can be an enlightened philosopher sometimes bringing guidance to humanity. Teyvatian theocracy sometimes gets into fights with Khaenri'ahism and tries to tell Khaenri'ahism the benefits of god rule. He's not a big fan of the archon war and gets PTSD from it. These days he's mostly ruling with Archoncracy and the ideologies of the other Seven nations.



    Any ideology that has a god ruling them but especially:


    • Celestia Theocracy - Why did you make all the gods fight a battle royale against one another. At least you still kept me afterwards. Also some gods are suspicious of you.
    • Combatocracy - The gods are the strongest in their nation and help protect humans but I hate the Archon War.
    • Humanism - I love protecting humanity but he can get really annoying sometimes with his dream of humans being able to rule themselves and humans being strong. Although some of my followers like you.
    • Dracocracy - STOP CALLING US USURPERS! Well at least some of you work with gods sometimes.
    • Barbatos Freedom - Why did you decide to let Mondstadt rule themselves.
    • Liyue Model - I don't think having humans rule themselves in Liyue is a good idea. At least you will still follow Morax's principles.
    • Andriusism - Can't you give a bit more compassion to humanity?


    • Abyss Theocracy - STOP CORRUPTING EVERYONE!!!
    • Abyss Orderism - You tried to make a mech god to destroy everyone.
    • Khaenri'ahism - Your humanism without any redeeming qualities and you're bloody insane!
    • Kraterocracy - We don't use our power to oppress humanity!
    • Secularism - I'm sorry but a nation cannot run without a god to rule them.
    • State Atheism - Same as above but even worse!
    • Democracy - People can't possibly rule society by themselves. They need a god for guidance.
    • Lawrencarchy - This is what human rule leads to!
    • Kakistocracy - Literally humans!
    • Anarchism - Nobody rules, are you insane? How are you gonna keep order and protect humanity!

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