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    Terrorism is a political philosophy and tactic which is based on using terror to achieve political objectives. This is based on using violence against government or civilian targets to make the government conform to their demands.

    The term "Terrorism" originated during the French Revolution, but its use became widespread during the 20th century with the emergence of various terrorist groups in the world.

    Terrorism is not within a specific position within the Political Compass, because it is an ideology that can be used by anyone regardless of their ideology.

    File:Terrorism flag.png
    Flag of Terrorism

    Types of terrorism

    Left-Wing Terrorism

    Left-Wing Terrorism is a type of terrorism that is practiced by organizations with communist, socialist, left-anarchist and other left-wing ideologies. For the most part, this type of terrorism is directed against capitalist or right-wing objectives, and it was a type of terrorism that was widely practiced during the 70s and 80s. Some examples of leftist terrorist organizations are the FARC, Shining Path, Red Brigades, New People's Army and RAF. In the modern day, it's quite rare in developed countries and is far more common in the third world.

    Right-Wing Terrorism

    Right-Wing Terrorism is a type of terrorism practiced by organizations with fascist, neo-nazi, anti-communist, right-anarchist and other right-wing ideologies. This is based on attacking objectives that are considered communist or leftist and was very popular in the 70s, having a resurgence from the 90s to the present. Some examples of rightist terrorist organizations are the Contras, AUC, Combat 18 and Grey Wolves.

    Nationalist Terrorism

    Nationalist Terrorism refers to terrorism that is driven by nationalist or separatist ideas, depending on the country. They are mostly motivated by strong ultranationalism and aim to defend national sovereignty from what they see as "foreign threats" or, in the case of the separatists, rebel against what they see as an "oppressive government" and thus way to achieve independence from their nation. Nationalist terrorists can be either leftist (eg ETA and IRA) or rightist (eg Patrick Wood Crusius), or neither (eg Black Hand).


    Narcoterrorism is a type of terrorism used by drug traffickers for different reasons, whether it be to instill fear among the population, defend their interests or attack targets they consider enemies. For example, the Medellín Cartel in Colombia or Los Zetas in Mexico were known to carry out terrorist attacks to strike fear into their enemies. In the same way, mafias and street gangs have also used terrorism for similar purposes (see for example the Capaci bombing).

    Religious Terrorism

    ISIS? Al Qaeda?


    ted kaczynski WIP

    Gender Terrorism

    Gender Terrorism refers to terrorism that targets people of a particular gender or sexuality. This includes terrorists who are influenced by misogyny, misandry, homophobia, transphobia, and other discriminatory ideas. An example of this may be the École Polytechnique massacre.

    Individualist Terrorism

    Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei
    Informal Anarchist Federation

    State Terrorism & State-Sponsored Terrorism

    Wikipedia: State Terrorism & State-Sponsored Terrorism

    State Terrorism is when a government directly carries out an act of terrorism by itself. State-Sponsored Terrorism is when a government uses a non-state terrorist group as a proxy, but does not directly carry out the acts of terrorism by itself.

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