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    Terrarianism is the ideology of of a 2D sandbox adventure-action game called Terraria. The world of Terraria itself is ridden with ominous secrets only explainable by cosmic horrors. Much of the concepts take inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft's works of fiction. Some might say it is a 2D ripoff of Minecraft, But Terraria, however, was actually released a few months before Minecraft was.

    Housing and NPCs

    Terraria allows you to build houses for NPCs to move into. Once they arrive, you can buy all sorts of good related to their trade, and also sell all of your junk to them. Some NPCs will also give you better prices if housed in a preferred location. Once the tax collector arrives, you can begin collecting taxes from your NPCs.

    The currency of Terraria is based on basic metal-based coins consisting of copper, silver, gold and platinum. The value system goes as follows:

    • 100 copper = 1 silver
    • 100 silver = 1 gold
    • 100 gold = 1 platinum


    Very adventurous, likes to explore caves and dungeons.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a cube. (Because it is a blocky game)
    2. Fill it light blue.
    3. Draw one of the trees from Terraria.
    4. Add the eyes.

    You're done!



    • Combatocracy - Combat! Mobs, mobs, mobs! The more, the better! I need to get all the ingredients for the Ankh Shield!
    • Golden Showerism - OP weapon!
    • Minecraftism - Dad! Adventure and craft galore! But stop calling me a 2D ripoff! I came out before you did!
    • Villager System - We have something similar. This emerald standard is wacky though.
    • Communitarianism - Ill build a house for you NPCs.


    • Anarcho-Naturism - The Dryads are kinda like nudists, I guess.
    • The Hallow - I mean, you're better than The Corruption and The Crimson and help keep them at bay, but you still have a tendency to spawn extremely dangerous enemies.


    • All-Seeing Totalitarianism - I feel an evil presence watching me.
    • Azathoth - Destroy the eye of Cthulhu!
    • Primalism - Learn more than just banging two stones together!
    • Zombie Apocalypticism - So many Zombies! It must be a blood moon!
    • The Corruption - A biome of vileness and hate that wishes to spread at all costs. It is my mission to purify you and restore the balance to this world.
    • The Crimson - You wish to spread until you have assimilated every living creature into your hive mind. I must purify you also.
    • Satanic Theocracy - The Wall of Flesh is going down! Wait!? What are all these spirits being released into the Overworld??!! Maybe this was a bad idea!
    • Comsicism - The Moon Lord shall be slain!
    • Cultism - Crazy lunatic occultist!
    • Necrocracy - Will crazy occultists stop trying to resurrect the dead?!
    • Among Usism - Ahhh! It's him!


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