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    Terra Infinita (Infinite Land in Latin) which is often shortened to TerrInf is an extreme imperialist ideology. Their belief comes from a constant and neverending attempt at conquering infinity, no matter the cost. Their ideals are neverending and exponential growth, eventually truly conquering infinity.

    Of course, Terra Infinita knows this is impossible. But the goal is not the Infinite Civilisation promised to people. The goal is the eternal conquest of infinity (infinita victoria) itself. Eventually these lands will become vast enough and old enough for humanity itself to stop existing. This isn't a problem for Terra Infinita. The goal is infinite conquest, not the continuation of humans as we know it. If organic life is unfortunate and conquest is done by machines, Terra Infinita will not mind. The goal was ever-increasing lands, not the continuation of organic life.

    Terra Infinitia is a singular, totalitarian entity. A singular, everexpanding entity. It assimilates everything in it's path into it's totalitarian lifestyle like a virus. It never stops.

    And when they do reach infinity, they will break beyond infinity.

    Personality and behaviour

    Terra Infinita is delirious beyond the point of return. They can speak just fine, but nothing they say makes sense. They are constantly paranoid and twitchy.

    They are usually very scared or angry.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill with gray.
    3. Draw a sideways lemniscate, which is basically a figure 8. Color it orange.
    4. Thicken the top and bottom of the lemniscate using a darker orange.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Gray #505050 80, 80, 80
    Orange #FF9800 255, 152, 0
    Dark Orange #DD5800 221, 88, 0
    Flag of Terra Infinita




    • Burgundian System: Your ruling system is... interesting. Unfortunately you have so much unnecessary flare to give up.
    • Social Authoritarianism: I look at you and I see someone fit for the Infinita Victoria. You just need some training.
    • Ingsoc: Total control is the way to run the Infinita Victoria. Unfortunately, you too have so much to stop caring about before you see the true worth of infinity.
    • Stratocracy: Indeed, the leaders are the ones who will lead the Infinita Victoria. Sadly, you too have so much to give up before Infinity blesses your thoughts.


    • Nationalism: Why must you divy up the infinite among yourselves like a bunch of mumbling idiots! Unite, and counquer infinity.
    • Religious Ideologies: It seems that your beliefs tend to hold back Infinita Victoria. You are the bane of humanity. If there are ones among you who assist me, I will happily let you in.
    • Anarchists: How can Infitia Victoria be efficient without someone to guide?
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