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    - (//////)

    I'm the one unironic non-LARPing(at most jocking) Soulist

    Ideological Post-Irony

    This is the main mechanism behind my Ideology, I see it like this:

    Sincearity(Post-Left Anarchy)

    Here beliefs are normal and quite regular, I myself am a Postie specifically an Insurrectionary with elements of Posthumanism


    This when beliefs get wacky. This where the LARPer Ideologies originate, they're pretty wacky and fun to think about decpite them being literally just memes

    Post-Irony(Unironic Soulism)

    Now this where I am, this when I a soulist actually gets so deep I end up theorising praxis, that being that of Replacing Humans with Biomechanical Posthumans and later Into Complete Energy based Lifeforms that Only have souls.

    Economic beliefs

    As a Socialists, I am against capitalism as an ideology, not because markets, as I believe some form of a free market could still exist in a way, but because it's consequences of creating massive corporations that undermine our freedoms and the innequality of it. So I choose a gift economy similar to that of Soulism, where money is nearly or completely abolished and so people would share as it's in their best interest, but not because they're forced to do it, but because it's generous towards the community to do it however if they wanna keep something they can keep it if they don't hoard it, but if everyone has too much to share they can either destroy some things or share them between other communes in the federation.

    Beliefs on Authority

    Communes are key for my Ideology, have you and other people form communes until you can launch a civil war against your state. It's that simple, then assimilate yourself into technology, sure humans will cease to exist but Posthumans will carry on. Finally let technology advance enough until you have no need for physical bodies.

    Argument against the DotP

    This is the reason why I'm anti-authoritarian, while a dictatorship of the proletariat would secure the goals easier than an Anarchist or Libertarian socialist state, it wouldn't actually reach that goal, as the state will go from Strong, to Titanic, to a State Socialist Leviathan (aka Neobolshevist state) that would use terror, fear and propaganda to make people feel hopeful despite not actually having hope. So to avoid society from becoming dystopian, forming underground communes is a more utopian, yet technically more logical goal.

    Some Nations can't become Anarchist

    I will admit that not every nation can go Anarchist. I think some should instead at first choose Libertarianism


    Since everyone is free because they can take it. Certain guidelines must be made by the community so that some stability remains, but if it pleases someone's ego than they should be almost completely entitled to it.

    A Defence of Revisionism

    While Revisionist is typically used as an insult in Leftist circles. I will admit that I'm a Revisionist marxist rather than an orthodox one and that's why I decided to defend revisionism. As an Ideology evolves, certain changes are made to it meaning that there are nearly infinite variations of them this means that as politics evolve, so do Ideologies, this has made a divide between the Anti-Revisionists and Revisionists, while I do agree that Anti-Revisionists are generally well read and clever individuals, I think that Revisionism provides modernization for marxian tradition, meaning that all deviations of marxism are somewhat revisionary. Meaning that even a so-called true communist can have different opinions from another person who is labelled as such.

    Hacktivism and using modern technology and methods is important

    Vlogger Nyx Land in her book "Hello from the wired, an introduction to Cyber-Nihilism" had an idea of the Hacker as a revolutionary. This is quite true considering hacktivist groups like Anonymous became quite notable for attacking governments and the church of Scientology. So use these methods, use newer methods to revolt against the state. Learn from the mistakes of previous revolutions and keep trying until you succeed.


    Although Temujin Leeism's design is similar to ingsoc and other Orwellian Ideologies, he's libertarian, but he does act a bit like Ingsoc even if more similar to a soulist. He also behaves like his creator: He says sentences that are incoherent ,dumb or funny sometimes with Meta-Irony; he knows he isn't perfect, so he doesn't care if you insult him; he rejects morality, but will still follow etticate and empathize; he is diagnosed Autistic and undiagnosed sociopath ; when he grows up, he wants to commit war crimes start doing hacktivism, but he doesn't have a pc and doesn't go outside; he also goes by any/all pronouns since he doesn't want people to reffer to her by her preferred pronouns; he doesn't eat meat; he jokes about Spooks.

    How to draw

    Instructions: 1. draw a ball 2. draw a black triangle 3. draw rays around the triangle, then colour them green 4. Draw a green oval as an eye, don't fill it in, keep it black 5. Draw a green pupil

    Temujin Leeism flag



    Your theories are pretty good ngl, plus I joking call some things spooks because it's funny. (thx Xenosphere)

    Burn their laws and destroy their prisons, kill the hangmen, the bane of mankind. Smash authority! - Nestor Makhno

    (Pls ignore the humanistic approach in and )

    • 4x Thought - Attack the rich, Fight the government, pirate corporations, protect those who call for help? How based.... tho cheer up a little... life isn't always miserable.
    • Satirism & Kakistocracy - I like being funny, I like jokes and saying stupid things Because I have lost all my braincells
    • - a pretty good standard MarkSoc, I love your on post-revolutionary Pacificism being similar to my post-insurrectionationary Pacificism
    • Communalism - Screw property, theft is ok of it's not violent.
    • - I'm pretty much the Anarchist version of you. (B̵̤̩͖̭̱̈̈͆͐̉̀̚a̷̛̼̯̘̾͒̊̊̽͝s̶͔̞̹̟͉̹̆e̵̛̮͒̈́͗̌͂͒̇̕d̴̪̹͕̩͊͋̏͐̚͠ otherwise, because of being fellow physical body abolishioist by using technology).
    • Esoteric Transhumanism - Technology is the new god.
    • Noveltism - Everything old may be destroyed, but nothing may be forgotten.[6].
    • Post-Artifism - Man is Machine.
    • - Cool, you're now actually quite based :)


    • Illuminatism - While, we both want a united world government and I am inspired by your aesthetics, you're waaay too authoritarian. Iguess me being Anarchist made you leave me to buy some milk, dad
    • Italian Left-Communism - Stop calling me a Radical Liberal! But I am fine being insulted and plus you're just ML but Tolerable.
    • Serbian Socialism - You are just like any other authlefts, but at least you hate Stalin and Pol Pot.
      • Also thx for asking me
    • Zelenskyism - look, as much as I dislike neolibs like you, and you seem to become more corrupt, but at least you really hate putin, which is good tbh
    • Jefbol Thought - an alright LeftCom, but who actually critesized authorian communist :)
    • Skinny Populism - a lot of vegans are quite skinny, but I am actually average in weight.
    • Comrade Ivanoff Thought - Fellow Ukrainian and against totalitarianism, even if definitely a bit authoritarian.
    • Glorified Communism - Fellow wacky libleft, but You do worship violence, and I only advocate for an Insurrection as a last resort, but we are both somewhat influenced by egoism, but you are closer to it than I.
    • Meowxism - we're both futurists, you take it too literally not knowing it's a metaphor, and you seem to not understand commodities, since socialism is supposed to abolish consumerism, also I call myself a Marxist because it's a generalisation and somewhat in my political framework, while I definitely agree that I lack theory and most of my political "theory" comes from historical events. However we do both agree that human nature and morality are both subjective, also I am now fine with people pejoratively calling me a liberal since it's funny and I got used to it, I disagree with the succdem insult, as what social democrat would advocate for a violent uprising against the state or abolish money or advance technology to the point of obliterating the physical body. I agree with some of your points even if Marxism is somewhat outdated. (Why did I wrote a great wall of text?)
    • - Bringe? I like Soulism, but hate rule of the strong. Also capitalism. But I like your wacky rejection of physics and emphasis on ego.
    • Hysteria thought - While I can definitely see you as a lad IRL, your Ideology is a more LARPer version of meand I'm already kind of LARPer. Still thought I think if you were more non-LARPing you'd pretty much be a right wing version of my Ideology which is ok, but I actually like Post-Left and Post-Right Synthesise. Maybe we can do Postie Unity
    • Niiloism - Sorry, I don't speak Finnish, but your Ideology is just ConSoc which is ok, I guess. But your Caesarism is Cringe. But I think You're a political satirist, so that's based
    • - hello fellow Ukrainian Femboy, I may be against moralism amd nationalism, but I like your minor Futurism influences and your little bulge bellow the skirt, which looks cute UwU


    • Pantheonism - thx for creating this page with me, even if you're a Monarchist, but at least only a constitutional one. But remember one thing: LONG LIVE MACHINE. OUR FUTURE SUPREME
    • Meadowsin Thought - A more statist and collectivist, yet thankfully pragmatic version of my Ideology. You seem like a nice gal as well, also love your end goal.


    • Capitalism - Worst economic system.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Die, pig!
    • State Liberalism - the guy above but on pride month.
    • National Capitalism - Even worse than AuthCap.
    • Feudalism - The only thing worse than Capitalism.
    • Putinism - You literally made me side with a neolib. This is how bad you are as a being.
    • Strasserism& National Bolshevism - Wtf?
    • Every other Fascist/Reactionary - Oh bella ciao!
    • Neoliberalism& Neoconservatism - rich, imperialist, swine.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - sorry, I'm not too fond of neolibs, but at least you seem like a nice person .
    • 2x2Masterism - NeoLib with a spine, still a neolib. Seems nice though.
    • Social Darwinism - Too Hiarchal.
    • Kraterocracy - MY OPPOSITE!!!
    • Dengism - State capitalist authf¥g pretending to be a Maoist? Get shot!
    • Humanism - Human nature is subjective lmao.
    • Neo-humanism - Sorry to say that, but Human nature barely exists, we are conditioned based on the scenario. However I do think you seem like a nice person, even I disagree with people who suck humanism's dick.
    • Fordism - It's a sad reflection of your system when the society isn't that much different from a dystopian novel, The fact that Brave New World was written in 1931, yet feels so realistic makes me question how did we get into a late capitalist hell, how did managed to create a brave new world ran by corporations.

    When a man lies he murders some part of the world These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives All this I cannot bear to witness any longer Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home - Cliff Burton

    • Rigby Thought - An authcon, who supports putin, and is against Ukraine But at least you hate azov even if for the wrong reasons
    • - Based Fellow triangle. But ultra cringe reactionary. But you'll be somewhat less cringe if you were NRx
      • - Well, I've read some NRx articles, but I don't intend to become one, although I share some thoughts with Curtis Yarvin
    • - I am not a fan authoritarianism But at the same time, Thx for contributing to the Illegalist-MarkSoc Drug Cartel
      • / - No problem, we're always here to help soulists reach Nirvana
    • BERNHEism - Your only good trait is hating on putin, otherwise you seem like like bootleg Nick Land who doesn't even want a dictablanda, but we do at least agree on technology.


    Books I've read

    Plan to read


    Currently reading

    User recommendations

    • feel free to add:

    Further Information

    I go by Any/All pronouns because pronouns are an artificial and reactionary concept


    Temporary art:

    Test Results

    8 Values test - Libertarian Socialism
    8 Dreams - Soulism
    Dozen Values - Anarcho-Egoism
    PCB values - Padstar45
    Anarchy Values - Post-Left
    Sexual Orientation test - Bisexual
    D&D alignment test - Neutral good
    CentreValues - Fence with windows
    BannedValues - Anarcho-Socialism
    RightValues - Geolibertarianism
    LeftValues - Eco-Anarchism
    Thirdpositionvalues - Juche
    7Axes - Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism (I swear I'm not a right wing Libertarian}}
    BasedValues - Quite Cringe
    Infinite values
    AuthValues - Distributism
    10groups - Mutualism
    VanguardValues - Orthodox Lenism

    On Wars


    Just because I'm very much Anti-Putinist, I don't side with NATO in fact if I could've had the opportunity I would've supported either BOAK or Neo-Makhno forces, and it seems like a perfect opportunity to make the Ukrainian amd Russian government fall, if I could.


    Israel and Palestine are basically Ethnostates and thus I believe that people should unite against the state and form a multiethnic State(Libertarian) or Anarchist federation(Anarchist, duh).


    • Aurelia Thought - Did you actually read any theory or you are just a larper?
      • - I actually did read theory and I am currently reading The ego and his own by Max Stirner.
    • Serbian Socialism - can ya add me in de relations

    Brazilian Liberalism - Add me

    Meadowsin Thought - Updated both my page and my end goal's page,, please tell me what you think! :)

    • - that can please my ego (based and Stirnerpillend)
    - Add me? Also reject Bookchin.
      • - sure, plus I've already became less of a Bookchinite, and don't necessarily believe in Bookchin Communalism, hell I've now grown more attached to the LARPer Ideology than real communalism. (Technically I rejected Library jaw)

    Rigby Thought - Add me back

    Neo-Levithianism-maybe you shoud read it again,I changed my views,postie unity? Btw are you still in the xenosphere - Add me? Here's link


    1. I am 5% Crimean and actually Related to Genghis Khan despite being White
    2. I would admit that some of my beliefs go off-compass, most notably the Posthumanism, Soulism and the near cult-like esotericism despite being secular and technically atheist
    3. I like to make jokes and poke fun at myself
    4. NGL, I say stuff that's stupid
    5. Please don't call a nationalist for saying that, my friend put that here becauseI hate putin so much
    6. This is reffering to me only preserving the knowledge of old, as I do think the past shall not be fully erased as history repeats itself and I'm noveltist because I believe that Novelty benefits the individual
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