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    "People can really believe anything these days!" - Ismism
    This page is meant to represent TechnoSynd's political views. Please do not make any major edits without their permission.

    This is the ideology of Discord user TechnoSynd#5358 in the Polcompball Discord Server, the core values of it are Equality, Wisdom and Justice. This ideology combines attributes of Technocracy and Syndicalism, with a big inspirations from the study of physics due to the fact that TechnoSynd is a physicist with a major in particle physics and a minor in energy physics. It also subscribes to an unorthodox religious belief in God being a culmination of the universe's physical laws. This ideology applies universally and as such wants a world united under Technocracy.

    Political Organization

    The selection process for who gets to be in the government is a double-blinded one. Applicants take tests evaluating their aptitude that determines how fit they are for the position. This is done anonymously, with each applicant using only a candidate code that matched by an encrypted algorithm. The completed test is then given to a random evaluator who marks it. The results are published afterwards and those who made it through get the job.
    Policies are made by committees consisting of experts of certain fields. There is no politician class, and committees cooperate when there is an intersection of subject matters, these committees create the bulk of the government.
    The people can directly voice their opinions about the government as well as through approval votes of policies. A lot of power is given into the system but the people within the government have less power. This is done through spreading the responsibility as well as automation

    Economic Organization

    The economic system of this ideology is Wikipedia.png Thermoeconomics, to understand it reading a physics book is highly advised.

    Societal Organization

    The ideal culture for a society with this ideology is a scientifically focused one and is based mostly around advancing the humanity's collective knowledge, with the personal lives of the citizens are mostly unrestricted other than acts that would harm others. Due to scientifically advanced society, research into the sciences and technology would be rapidly accelerated, especially considering that there are goals to get humanity more involved in outer space, with this ideology supporting a galactic empire.


    This ideology was adopted by TechnoSynd as he got into politics during the COVID-19 crisis.

    How to Draw

    [[File:|thumb|220x220px|Flag of Technosyndicalism ]]

    Color Name HEX RGB

    Personality and Behaviour

    TechnosyndicalismBall is very scientific and factual, willing to explain things to people at little cost, especially concerning subjects such as physics, but also often angered by others' stupidity in arguments and misunderstanding of the ideology. But overall not very aggressive nor cold-hearted, but definitely not focused on having a warm-hearted personality but rather a cool-headed one focusing on reasoning.





    • Dem.png Democracy - I cringe at this, read Aristotle.
    • Kak.png Kakistocracy - People in the government should be skilled not inept and stupid.
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - Things need to be orderly.

    Political Test Placements

    Art Gallery

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