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    Technological Globalization

    Technological Globalization is a culturally progressive, economically variable, type of globalization that supports and encourages the spread and development of technology between differing countries. This form of globalization could be done through political or economic globalization.


    • Technological Globalization is a foreign policy stance and movement which advocates for international cooperation and sharing scientific knowledge and technological innovations between different countries.


    • TechGlobe has a love-hate relationship with Alter-Globalism, because while the latter doesn't oppose sharing technological advancements between countries, he raises a ton of concerns about inequality and how the workers and indigenous cultures would be affected by the spread of technology via economic globalization.




    • Techno-Anarchism and Anarcho-Transhumanism - I like technology as much as the next guy, but you need a state to help promote technological progress. At least you’re not against internationalism.
    • Alter-Globalism - I’m glad that you like international cooperation and want everyone to benefit from globalization, not just the wealthy. But why are you hanging out with those nationalists ?
      • - How will you make sure that whatever technology is spread to whichever country doesn't lead to more economic inequality?
        • - Okay you do have a point. I'll write up a fair trade agreement and include in it that a large portion of profits goes towards social and educational programs of wherever a company is located at.
    • Civic Nationalism and Pan-Nationalism - My favorite nationalists are the ones that aren't hostile towards other nations. You're still nationalists, though.
    • Eco-Nationalism - Another nationalist that I like, just be more open to technology and stay away from him.
    • Techno-Nationalism - At least you like technology, but you should look at the benefits of a cosmopolitan foreign policy.


    • Nationalism - What’s wrong with sharing technological innovation with other countries if they are not enemies?
    • Economic Nationalism, National Conservatism, and Left-Wing Nationalism - Restricting trade just slows down technological advancement for other countries and strangles out innovation for your own countries. And no, not every free trade agreement is an attack on national sovereignty. Get that into your heads! But if your economies are based on exporting tech products or fair trade agreements, then you're based.
    • Racial Nationalism and Ethnonationalism - Do I have to explain what is wrong with both of you?!
    • Ultranationalism - NIGHTMARE FUEL.
    • Anarcho-Primitivism - Sorry, but I will not give up my technology and scientific advances for a romanticized version of the Stone Age.
    • National Primitivism - My exact opposite.
      • National Agrarianism - Another opposite. You're hardly any different from Feudalism! Also, stop being scared of technology and foreigners.
      • Eco-Fascism - Environmentalism is cool, but fascism is not. I don’t see any difference between you and National Primitivism.
      • Feudalism - You're good for fantasy novels and games, but in terms of running society, you've outlasted your usefulness.
      • Fourth Theory - Stop being scared of technology and international cooperation!
      • Reactionary Socialism and Pol Potism - Technology would've helped the farm workers more than what you guys had in mind. And you wonder why cities are growing at a fast rate.
      • Odalism and National Anarchism - While Anarcho-Primitivism was bad, at least he's not a fascist like you two.
      • Archeofuturism - While you would think that your support for technology would put you in Frenemies, your primitivism, nationalism, and Islamophobia are an automatic turn off from me. I can understand if you are opposed to these fuckers, but what have non-fundamentalist Muslims ever do to you? Guillaume Faye, you’re a real piece of shit, aren’t you?


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