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    Technocratic Socialism advocates for no private industry, and instead for the state to control all industry. To avoid the shortcomings of a command economy, state owned industry practically is a capitalist system, with useful and profitable businesses getting more funding and less profitable businesses being cut. This is similar to China's modern economy.

    In order to avoid a dictatorship by corporations, democratic votes can change the government, who in turn has direct control over the industry. So if you don't like the company you work for, you can vote against them in government.

    Industry is also automated at every possible opportunity, and the profits that are gained from not hiring human workers is collected and distributed as a universal basic income to offset the people who lose their work to automation. This frees up more people to do what they want with their lives rather than being stuck in a boring job that they hate.

    In terms of government, the smartest people are the ones with the most power. A famous quote about technocracy is "Why get a politician to do an engineer's job?", and that is 100% true here. Instead of having politicians that only care about their agenda and are not knowledgeable in the things they are managing, scientists and engineers are put in direct control of government projects for the betterment and furthering of the society. They do this without extra pay, so that there is no reason to do it other than them wanting to better society.


    Techsoc has a robotic personality because it is completely powered by artificial intelligence and automation.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a circle
    2. Fill it with pale red-orange.
    3. Draw a pale golden-brown cent sign leaning right.
    4. Draw a left facing hammer in the same color.
    5. Draw a gray yin-yang inside the cent.
    6. Draw the eyes, which are square or rectangle-shaped due to the ball's robotic nature.


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