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    NOTICE: This does NOT represent the personal views of Technoblade. This page merely reflects his online persona in Minecraft, particularly in Hypixel SkyBlock.


    Technobladeism is a rough representation of the online persona of the late Technoblade, a popular Minecraft YouTuber with more than 13 million subscribers. Technobladeism is libertarian (with anarchist sentiments), laissez-faire capitalist, agrarian, ceremonial monarchist, and to a degree, social darwinist.

    Technobladeism staunchly supports the anarchist, laissez-faire capitalist nature of Hypixel SkyBlock society, as can be seen by his resistance rally speech against former SkyBlock dictator, Dante, during which he denounces a flat 2-coin tax on all inter-island travel. He also has a demonstrated knack for running a highly efficient financial empire, defeating SkyBlock player i_am_a_squid_kid in a year-long war where they raced to be the first player in Hypixel SkyBlock to collect 500 million potatoes. He strongly values the importance of using every possible economic resource in the most efficient possible way, and finding every possible feature and/or loophole in the system to maximize profits.

    Outside of SkyBlock, Technobladeism is also debatably social darwinist, as he vocally enjoys the slaughter of those bested by him in Minecraft PvP duels. However, he does not share Social Darwinism's disregard for the NHP (Non-Hacking Principle).


    Technobladeism has a rather egotistical personality, taunting those he manages to deceive and/or kill (often calling them "nerds"), and sometimes telling his audience about how good at everything he is. He is, however, genuinely exceptional not just in PvP combat, but also in running a phenomenally efficient business empire. When committed to a goal, such as setting world records in Hypixel BedWars winstreak and Hypixel SkyBlock potatoes, he can be extremely persistent, refusing to give up, day in and day out, for weeks and even months on end. He always talks in lowercase, rarely uses punctuation, and is rather direct and to-the-point with his speech, but also has a sharp sense of humor, managing to come up with a humorous remark in almost any situation.

    Stylistic Notes


    How To Draw




    half nerds

    • kill everyone - slaying nerds is my favorite saturday morning hobby, but hacking is cringe
    • laws? pfft - hacking is cringe, but i do like sabotaging business rivals with my goons


    • dante - biggest nerd ever, get destroyed and sacrificed to blood god
    • orphans - my favorite things to slaughter when i need content, thx guys gg no re

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