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    Achtung: A bunch of stuff in this page is outdated and I'm working on revising it, please be patient or I'll steal your kneecaps.

    Technototball.png Techno-Ultranationalism Psychotech.png is the current belief system of BERNHE0504 (the last one was Fiat.png F.I.A.T). It is an Ultranat.png ultranationalist, Posth.png posthumanist, Auth.png authoritarian and Trad.png culturally-rightist ideology with aspects of Antrans.png archeofuturism, Envi.png environmentalism and Merit.png meritocracy/technocracy. It was made to be a more practical, more collectivist, more brutal and more accurate version of Fiat.png F.I.A.T, which has aged considerably by this point. Can you find all three Rare BERNHE moments?


    See here.


    My ideology in a nutshell, BERNHE is not responsible for any seethe, cope or mald generated by reading the following texts. Proceed at your own risk.

    Basic Beliefs/Overview

    These are the beliefs of mine that are orthodox (whatever the fuck that means in the context of Polcompball). It's essentially a TL;DR by this point.

    Kak.png What Drives Me

    The main belief that drives my ideology is that the individual is too retarded to make their own political, personal and even economic decisions, and democracy, despite being good for its Athdem.png time, simply cannot work with today's mindset. Therefore, I believe in a technocracy, given as much authority as economically and practically feasible, in order to create a nation of strong men who don't need to care about politics to have an impact on the world.

    PCB-Corptism.png Economics

    Techno-Ultranationalism supports a form of Corporatism mixed with some socialist elements like limited workplace democracy (workers compromising with their superiors as a collective entity), vastly improved worker's rights in general and a wealth cap/ceiling. The state will have a large role in the economy and most industry will be state-owned, but there will be a small, very regulated market (sorry to my commie brethren) using an exclusively-paper (and later digital) system, preferably with the concept of "cents" (¢) being rendered obsolete for the sake of a more streamlined and straightforward system.

    Welf.png The Individual and Workers

    As long as the individual pulls their weight in the system, the system shall provide for the individual. Healthcare, food and shelter will be "free," as in the workers would not have to spend money from their wages in order to pay for basic necessities. However, they will be taxed directly from their earnings (like the IRS does except the people have no choice but to pay their taxes instead of allowing a person to fall down the perverted Capitalist rabbit hole of tax debt) in order to actually maintain and fund the housing.

    However, there will be strict penalties if a fully-capable individual simply decides not to work. Not only would they have absolutely zero spending money (in my economic system, wages only exist in order for people to buy luxuries, every other necessity is covered through taxes and is "free," sort of), their automated taxes would be doubled if any money somehow trickles in (it's basically a soft version of asset forfeiture), and it would be a crime to support such a person in any way. Eventually, after a duration of one month, the person must either be assigned a new job or will be subject to arrest.

    The individual person, when not at work and doing their duty to the nation, is actually granted more freedom than you'd expect from me. The only real restrictions I have on what an individual can do are mainly drug-related, sexual, relating to bodily autonomy or in regards to filthy protesting. Other than the pseudo-Draconian laws in those areas (more on that later), the individual is essentially free to use their free time however they see fit. BERNHEist Society is not that bad, I swear!

    PCB-Fash.png Culture

    What America needs above all right now is a homogeneous culture which it can call its own. Not plagiarizing off of other European cultures, but something that is for us and by us. I believe that this culture can be artificially created and propagated through the use of technology and the law. Mind you, I have no idea what this culture will even be (it will change as time goes on), but anything is better than the smattering of bullshit that are American sub-cultures. Hell, why even stop at sub-cultures and work on quashing entire ideas? Punks, skinheads and other degenerates have done nothing for us and, more often than not, hold absolutely repulsive views. The guy who said that an idea cannot be killed is a fucking idiot. With enough brainwashing, anything is possible.

    Political Journey

    • Kak.png (2004-2012)
    • USAGOP.png (2012-2015)
    • Plcn2.png/Necon.png/Imp.png/Mil.png/Altl.png (2015-2019)
    • Auth.png/Trad.png/WelfChauvin.png (2019-2020)
    • Fiat.png (Fash.png/Corptism.png/Transh.png/Trad.png) (2020-2022)
    • Technototball.png (ReactPix.png/Posth.png/Statocracy2.png/AntiAm.png) (2022-)

    PCB-Ultranat.png The Nation

    America above all else. I am more faithful to my nation, no matter its past flaws, than even Jonah is to his precious Hamburg (this statement aged like a fine wine, didn't it?). There are no exceptions to this rule, nor will I tolerate any dissent anywhere in the world. In fact, I actually have a hit list of people that need to die before America ends its interventionism in the third world for good. However, America shall not actually spread its uninhibited self to other countries until the time is right (when Europe inevitably rapes itself and the Asian world/Russia is cordial (or kept in line)), nor shall it waste its time intervening in the pathetic squabbles of lesser nations. America can sustain all she needs by herself, and she has her own problems.

    The individual without the nation is NOTHING.

    Posth.png Technology

    “Space echoes like an immense tomb, yet the stars still burn. Why does the sun take so long to die?"
    -Nick Land

    Antrans.png What Is Good And What Is Bad?

    Given my extreme technophilia, it is safe to say that I am one of the most unironically transhumanist users on the entirety of Ballmedia. I believe in a mixture of Kardashev Accelerationism and Posthumanism, sacrificing our biological wholes (but not our consciousness) for the sake of expanding and conquering the stars, sort of like the Daleks or the Cybermen from Doctor Who.

    On another note, I do not believe that all technology is good. Technology that abolishes consciousness is an obvious :moyai:, but there are also technologies, like online shopping, food delivery and even cars to an extent can also create a culture of reliance and instant-gratification. We must embrace Archeofuturism (more like Archeo-Ultrafuturism) in this regard so humanity does not get too complacent.

    Eugen.png Eugenics

    Eugenics is a great tool for the state in order to prevent undesirables (people with hereditary disabilities, etc) from reproducing. This can be done through genetically-altering the blastocyst and fetus until it is...desirable. I cannot practice the Nazi or Japanese methods of Eugenics, because for starters it is a waste of manpower, but on the other hand it conflicts with my views on abortion and, to be honest, I have to draw a line somewhere.

    ReactPix.png Reactionary Modernism

    Just because I love technology does not mean I am a fan of the enlightenment in any way. Outside of the concept of nationalism (which sort of existed on its own before that (at least the "blood and soil" type))and a few economic theories that directly or indirectly spawned from it. The enlightenment was a mistake, and it is the root cause of pretty much every source of modern degeneracy that we see today. Turn the clocks back.

    Trad.png Traditional Values

    Traditional Values do not go far enough in ensuring protection from degenerate elements. What we need is a set of values, with ultranationalism at its core, that are far more conservative, far more brutal and far more rigid.

    Chauv.png Civics (Boot Fetishism)

    “Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge, fitter to bruise than polish.”
    -Anne Bradstreet

    Sec.png The State

    The state is instrumental to any Fascist or Technocratic state (I am both). The state shall be the ultimate authority. The state is not perfect, but almost (thanks to Pol Pot and Idi Amin) everything will be better than letting the individual use their own misguided, self-centered and misplaced judgement to carve out their own existence apart from society. Everything within the state, nothing outside of the state and certainly nothing against the state.

    Despite not being an actual totalitarian anymore, Techno-Ultranationalism is still a very authoritarian ideology, occupying a space in between authoritarianism and totalitarianism on the authority axis. But the thing is, I'm essentially just a regular authoritarian. So is it LARP, or is it something else?

    The reason why I consider myself between these two positions is because of how downright brutal I want to be. I have the beliefs of an authoritarian, but the practices of a totalitarian (for example, most speech under me is fine and the individual is allowed to respectfully criticize the government with limits (which already makes me better than an orthodox totalitarian), but if you go too far, you will be crushed).

    My laws are not draconian for the sake of being draconian (for the most part), but these laws will be enforced no matter the cost. Order is very valuable to me, and it shall not be trounced because of individualist or libertarian scum.

    I tread where I please. Your rights end where the state begins.

    PolState.png The Police and the Justice System

    The police will be the iron fist of the state. They will enforce its will, they will quell dissidents and they will maintain the sanctity of our culture, our people and our new order.

    The current American police system is broken and inefficient. They let local policy dictate what they can and cannot do, while it should be the other way around. This is why Antifa fuckheads are roaming the streets without any sort of constraint instead of being shot and dumped into mass graves like they should be. It is why anti-vax people are allowed to spread their vile, anti-scientific thoughts. It is why the very notion of a sovereign citizen exists. It is because the police are bound to the bureaucratic nightmare that is federal politics.

    No more. Under me, the police shall receive better training, gear and will always be armed to kill. Gone will the days of our officers being shot at by lowlife thugs that will be all but let off the hook by our justice system. Gone will be the days where officers must tolerate Antifa hordes throwing incendiaries at their positions. Gone will be the days of officers being made an example of in court for simply doing their jobs too well. The police are to be respected, admired and cherished by society, as they are the protectors of.

    The justice system shall also be overhauled. Instead of wasting immense resources by overblowing petty crimes like underaged drinking and smoking weed, we must go after the things that really matter. There are still plenty of rapists, murderers, traitors of every kind, launderers, pedophiles and other subhuman pieces of trash wandering our streets. Heh, not for much longer.

    The American system is also far too reformative overall. For certain crimes (like the petty drug ones aforementioned), all that is really needed is education and intervention. In contrast, others are so disgusting and so vile that the only cure is a bullet. Prisons are also not nearly as strict enough, because people care about giving criminals rights for some reason. If you violate the rights of the state through crime, you, in turn, forfeit your own.

    There should be no televisions in prison. There should be no video gaming in prison. There should be no luxuries of any kind in prison. Prisoners should actually be kept as weak as possible until they are released, ideally. Only a cell, bed, toilet, yard, institution-grade food and maybe a few books. Prisons are meant to be places of punishment, not mere holding facilities.

    The concept of a life sentence would not exist as well. The maximum time you could spend in prison is 10 years. The reasoning for the dropping of the life sentence is because prisoners sentenced to life in prison generally are tremendous wastes of tax money and that I will be far more liberal with the death penalty. The judicial process will also be far shorter than usual, as a tribunal shall be making the decisions upon the thorough examination of the evidence, not some jury full of randoms.

    My goal with all of this brutal enforcement is to make people so afraid of the potential consequences that they do not commit serious crime at all. Prison would be reserved for moderate crimes like money laundering, racketeering, selling drugs and political corruption, while it's an instant death penalty for treason, rape, murder, pedophilia or any other form of child abuse.

    Krit.png Selective Ultrapunitivism

    I believe that the justice system should be extremely punitive in most cases, with the state being granted immense powers in order to dispose justice onto the individual. I go extremely far in pursuing these goals, even going so far as to embrace many forms of modern torture (intense waterboarding, immurement, progressive amputation, solitary confinement for months, etc) for the very worst crimes like pedophilia, rape and murder. Given the very heavy-handed nature of my policies, I also support a complete reform of the due process, making it far more efficient and thorough (see below), while also not letting it take literal years on end.

    OOTS.png Replacing the Life Sentence

    Life sentences are an enormous waste of taxpayer money and should not exist. I support a maximum term of 10 years in prison, while anything more than that requires a death penalty (yet another reason why an extremely thorough, nigh-infallible court system is required). Given the accelerated nature of the Techno-Ultranationalist death row, it would only take a few months for the accused to be put to sleep.

    Technocracy.png Jury Technocracy

    One of the many things we can do to improve the quality of output in a court case is to have experts in given fields (medical doctors, psychologists, police officers, firemen, etc) on juries, which will also be appointed based on the nature of the trial and the nature of the crime, instead of random strangers. This would make the final decision even more thorough and just.

    Selective Brutality

    Certain positions will be tried and investigated a lot more than others. Politicians, analysts, anyone in news and a few kinds of scientists will be held to much higher legal standards than the average citizen.

    Prog.png Protesters

    Despite all of the hatred I carry for the current administration, there is one thing I hate even more; the act of protest itself. I don't care what group you belong to, protest is a cowardly method of spreading your views through being loud, obnoxious and violent most of the times. In the George Floyd riots of 2020, our police couldn't do anything as (mainly white) hordes destroyed our cities. This highlights that the right to protest in particular must be quashed. For both sides of the political spectrum.

    The worst groups in my opinion are the so-called "antifa" groups and the right-wing paramilitaries. The former use the cheap, disgusting strategy of black bloc in order to remain undetected while going after both policemen and regular civilians, while the latter has the audacity to open-carry on the streets in a very offensive way.

    Although these right-wing militias may be useful idiots in the hypothetical early implementation of my ideology (which will never happen, hopefully something else will come, sad), they must eventually be flat-out purged like the SS did to the SA. Antifa has no use whatsoever. So, for all intents and purposes, Antifa is worse than the right-wing militias, also due to their disgusting progressive/libertarian views.

    The solution to this is to let police off their leash temporarily. Screw that weird danger-escalation system; if a cop feels threatened and the person is acting out of line, that officer will be doing his part to counter overpopulation. With the way that current protests are and how the people in these groups are like in real life, Antifa would calm down immediately after a few bloodbaths, and the right-wing militias would actually sort-of maybe comply with the police initially, based on what we've seen on the news.

    Of course, there will be stragglers and maybe even guerilla warfare, but I have no qualms in using military-grade weapons against them. They will fall, as the power imbalance between them and the entire U.S police force is far too great. This isn't like the movies; resistance movements, especially when confronted by people like me, almost never succeed.

    Hmind.png Collectivism

    The concept of United States is a bad idea. Local governments are very bad and inefficient, and only get in the way of a purely streamlined system. A provincial system would exist, however, complete with a local cabinet (not a fully-fledged government, though), to disseminate national law, provide suggestions to the national powers, provide data as needed (from census, energy reports, etc) or to cooperate with other provinces. The 50 states will live on, but as provinces, not their own pseudo-autonomous entity.

    Mediastocracy flair.pngThe Media

    The media must be state-owned. ALL OF IT. Allowing the stream of information, be it a private news source, an internet provider, your cable company/streaming service or a cell phone company, to fall into private hands is a very, very bad idea. The media exists to inform viewers of current events and to be a utility for the state, not for retarded third parties to push their bullshit agendas. Control over the media must be so strict because the media is what gives ideas a platform. Total control over the media equates to total control over the spread of ideas.

    I will replace the narrative of the media giants with my own narrative, built on nationalism, loyalty and honor. There will be nothing political about the news, but there will be political commentary in designated shows, by both rightists, leftists and centrists (as long as they stay in line). Television, apart from propaganda replacing advertisement (and in lesser quantities than regular advertising, too), will also be just that; television.

    The internet will be regulated, and social media, like television, will be fully nationalized. I won't go full DPRK on the internet, but there will be certain guidelines that you would have to follow (think of it as a ToS for the internet (rare BERNHE janny moment)).

    Merit.png Competency

    I believe in a pure technocratic government, where people are not elected, but chosen for a position based on the current situation and how qualified they are (these will be selected by a large amount of sub-committees aside from the primary governing body to prevent favoritism and corruption). If the people selected to be politicians are truly up to the challenge and are really the most qualified, then they should have no problem working with other people that they do not choose or are not elected.

    That being said, in order to preserve the technocratic nature of the government, as soon as a stable constitution and reforms are made, I will step down from whatever post I might hold at that time, to be replaced by someone more competent (and less schizophrenic).

    Anti-Corrupt.png Preventing Corruption

    I solve this by being heavy with checks and balances (although not to the point of becoming a massive bureaucratic fuckup like the current America) and utilizing a very unique system of monitoring politicians; watch them like hawks. Anything they do, any secret meetings they have, any memo they send, everything they sign, every speech they give, every comment they make and every thing they do in their personal lives will be heavily, heavily monitored by the state using an independent-from-the-main-government (and secret) surveillance organization. If he has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear, but we can't take any chances.

    In order to absolutely demolish the influence of the old order, I wish to purge the vast majority of the current United States government in one swift strike. January 6th has shown us that it shouldn't be too hard to coup, and a highly-organized group should be able to successfully breach the capitol building and swiftly swarm through it. Once captured, the politicians will either be removed from duty and put under permanent house arrest or, in most cases, kangaroo-courted and, err, disappeared.

    Civlibert.png Freeze Peach

    The 1st Amendment would not exist anymore, obviously. Certain things shouldn't be said, and it is the duty of the state to make sure that those things are not said. Most things will be fine, but there are certain things that are just unacceptable. That's all I have to say on this issue.

    World Federalism2.png Diplomacy

    "Globalism is the economic treason that dare not speak its name."
    -Pat Buchanan

    European Federalism.png Mending Relationships in the East and Abandoning the West

    NATO is a joke, the UN is a joke and the EU is an experiment doomed to fail. We must align ourselves with China, Vietnam and the Middle East, while keeping relationships with Japan and Australia/Oceania. We must also mostly abandon Europe, which harbors no more hope, nor anything of value to America, although keeping relationships the Baltic Countries, Poland and Ukraine (while helping them defend themselves against Russia) and mending relationships with and helping to fix the Balkans is a must. The rest of the West, save for Poland, the Balts and Hungary, are completely lost and not worth affiliating with or pandering to. In fact, the late-stage of my ideology actually seeks to imperialize and purify a hypothetically-crippled future Europe.


    Why the fuck should we care? It's not our concern what China does, and they can be a very valuable ally. On the off chance that China is actually genociding the Uyghurs, then it's still not really our problem. This mentality does not apply to Russia, as they have proven time and time again to a direct and very real threat to America (even more so than China is already, and the difference between the Russkies and the Chinese are that the latter is mainly acting in defense of itself and its interests) and its allies in Eastern Europe. However, once the oligarchs and Putin (and his cabinet) are removed, Russia should be able to see our point of view.

    Necon.png An Alternative to NATO

    Leaving NATO comes with a lot of strings attached. NATO will lose its shit once its most powerful member is gone, but by that point, I could give a damn about anyone in one of the liberal countries that we're supposed to waste American money, gear and lives on. However, the big six countries I'd still like to defend (Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) would be placed at a big disadvantage as well if we leave (since, y'know, we're the ones that make it run).

    So I would make a special defense pact with them, giving them in particular more materials, weapons and gear (but no cash). If Russia doesn't fuck off of Ukraine in two months and they don't keep their nose clean (they would have to leave all of their shit behind, as well as paying a fuckton of money to Ukraine as a sort of "haha, fuck you" move), they will be pushed out by force (with atrocities that make what they did in Mariupol look soft accompanying them, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of vengeful Ukrainians out for blood). Ideally, this would leave Russia's army reeling in pain, their economy completely destroyed and the Russian population very, VERY anti-Putin.

    CivUltranat.png Culture

    “I love my country, not my government.”
    -Jesse Ventura

    Cultural Nationalism.png One People, One Culture

    The melting pot was a mistake.

    All multiculturalism has done in America is create social, ethnic and racial strife. All currently-existing American cultures, from the drug-ridden and disgusting Afro-American and Native cultures to the soulless, mass-produced amalgamation that is American White culture, are absolutely horrible and must be flat-out purged. America has no culture yet, but I will change this.

    Even at the most petty levels, I will revamp and reform what it means to be an American. I will create a synthetic culture build on our own ideals, not from Europe, Asia or some third-world shithole. It will be a culture of nationalism, labor, duty and the fact that we're simply better than other nations. That's really all there is to say.

    Cball-UK.png Our National Language

    English. No exceptions. If you can't speak English properly (at least a C-1 on the CEFR), then you do not belong here.

    Hippie.png Sub-Cultures

    There are also plenty of shitty sub-cultures like Punk, Thug/Ghetto, Hippies, Stoners, Goths/Emos and other, more degenerate ones that need to be removed fully. They serve no purpose, we would be better without them and in the end, nobody will miss them.

    Rightac.png A New Set of Values

    Traditional values have failed us. They have not kept degeneracy at bay, especially after the enlightenment. What we need now are an entirely new set of ideals to live up to, built on pure nationalism, stoicism, community and preserving what we have, while lunging towards our future.

    Social corpratism.png Economics

    "Corporations, which should be the carefully constrained creatures of the law and the servants of the people, are fast becoming the people's masters.”
    -Grover Cleveland

    Dirigisme.png Productionism (WIP)

    "Productionism" is what my economic views can be described as. It is a form of state capitalist corporatism that abandons the tripartist model entirely by sacrificing the pursuit of capital in order to produce as many material products/goods as possible (this can actually work, read my section on Autarky, too). These goods will not be sold, but will be used exclusively by the people who need them. An example would be steel from steel mills fueling every industry that needs steel, but also relying on other industries to provide the metals required to make steel, power, machinery, advanced systems, etc.

    This sense of reliance can also be found in orthodox capitalism. But instead of weaponizing this demand for a market to exist, I wish to establish cooperation instead; steel plants will receive whatever they need in return for their own resources that they produce. A problem that may arise in this model, however, is that certain industries like power, maintenance and manufacturing will have a lot more pressure thrust upon them, but that scenario is better in literally every way to the predatory game of battleship that is a market-based system. That way, every industry will rely on each other in some way, thus creating a sense of cooperation and it should also decrease the amount of waste generated by a lot, but it will be harder to sustain, things may go wrong and there will be hardship, but the results will be worth it.

    Indust.png The National Heartbeat

    America's industrial capacity is an untapped source of unlimited industrial power, utterly shat on and neglected for the sake of reducing costs abroad. Amazon warehouses, albeit very flawed institutions, are but a small glimpse of what we can do. The road to autarky will be hard and not 100% feasible, but we will achieve the closest thing to economic sovreignty that we possibly can, come hell or high water. Our industrial heart will beat again, and the world shall remember the day that it does.

    AnSynd.png I Don't Care About Your God Damn Unions

    Unions would be banned outright. They are inefficient, they halt the flow of commodities and they also are prone to falling to the beliefs of whoever leads the unions and their friends with money. They are too risky to have around, state-monitored worker's councils are superior.

    Cap.png Currency

    Currency should be given a lot less face value, while eventually converting to a fully currency-free society over many years. Given that my model works, people would start receiving whatever they need to do their jobs and stay alive for free (provided they work). Wages would still exist, but only as a way to buy luxury items and other things that are not essential. This would solve the crisis of free healthcare over-burdening the economy, the cost of college, completely annihilating the instinct to pursue profit by any means necessary and will grow profound nationalism, too.

    Cybercr.png Automation

    I am a huge supporter of automation; the sooner it comes, the better. Literally nothing bad can come from automation, save for one crucial problem; displaced workers. How to fix that? I have a plan. As more and more workers are phased out of the workforce to be replaced by machines, I wish to send them to free college in order to give them specialized or advanced skillsets that robots would not be able to do (yet). However, there are problems with this too. For starters, college is very expensive in terms of time (the monetary cost is all-but-eliminated using my model), and there is no way currently to work around that. So, automation will have to become a very gradual process, just like the conversion to a moneyless society.

    Statecap.png Completely Harmless Micromarkets

    Underneath all of the cold, massive, state-run industry, there will be a small market right in the middle of it all, completely unburdened from international pressure, the exploitative nature of capitalism and other things. This market exists to simply produce the things that aren't worth the state's resources to produce, namely, luxury goods. The state will supply these little businesses with resources and a few subsidies, but there will be extremely strict quality control as well as routine workplace inspection to counter potential exploitation of the workers and financial debauchery. These will extend no further than a mere American province at most, and will not be able to impact the greater economy in any way.

    Protect.png Autarky

    Autarky is often seen as an unworkable concept in most countries, and that is indeed true for smaller nations, but not for America. Whatever we don't have on our soil, we can synthesize, and whatever we cannot synthesize, will by that point be so little that it would barely matter if we traded with China a few more times.

    Troll.png Social

    “The cultured man has the obligation to be intolerant.”
    -Nicolás Gómez Dávila

    The moment you've all been waiting for.

    PCB-Ethnonat.png Race

    I'm not going to lie, although I believe that every race is, at base value, just as equal as the next one, I find some things confusing about the current American situation. Especially concerning Black Americans. By now, most of you have probably guessed that I'm white, so please for the love of Christ the Child stay with me here.

    Around 150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, thereby freeing each and every slave, overwhelmingly black, in America on paper. Of course, nothing much changed with the advent of Sharecropping, the rise of the KKK and Jim Crow, but it was certainly better than what came before. Then, around 100 years after that, civil rights.

    I do not claim to know the full story of what goes on in America today or in the past 50 years, but for some reason, while other races like Asians and Latinos (to a point) prosper, Blacks seem to be in a sort of perpetual decline. Their "culture" is riddled with hedonism and drugs, the amount of single mothers in that race in particular is overwhelming, despite being 13% of the population, etc. But why is that? There have been numerous examples of Black excellence, as have been examples of White, Latino and Asian excellence as well. For that reason, I cannot simply call the entire damn race defective, as they are not.

    What I think is going on with race nowadays, especially with black folks, is the exact same things that we're doing to Natives in the reservations, except far more subtly. Take a look around. There are relatively few black peoples in the suburbs or countryside, but plenty in the city. This trend started in the 1800s where freedmen migrated to big cities in order to look for jobs, but it seems that they've collected there. Big cities are to black people, as it seems, as reservations are to Natives; both are rife with drugs, bad neighborhoods and, above all, corruption.

    I have reason to believe that there is certainly a political motive in keeping both Native Americans and blacks in perpetual decline, as we've already discussed above. I have a hunch that politicians and bureaucrats, mainly Democrats, are keeping both of these peoples in this decline because they are a reliable source of votes. It's actually pretty genius; pull some strings, create tragedy, blame [opposing group] and boom! A reliable base of voters! And there's plenty more, too, but I'd be writing an entire fucking article on that if I continue.

    Under Techno-Ultranationalism, Blacks and Natives, as fellow Americans, will be given truly equal opportunity. This, however, means moving them from the big cities and reservations and onto the rest of the country. Our country. The road will be long and arduous, and if it indeed turns out to be that certain races are inferior to others in an off chance, then we'll take action there as well. But for now, I believe it's simply political racism. They never left the Residential School. They never left the fucking Plantation. It came full-circle and now they are political slaves.

    Ethplur.png Miscegenation

    Race-mixing, on the other hand, is disgusting and should be cornered at every available opportunity. The right of biracial couples to reproduce is not sufficient enough for the cultural and racial conflicts that it will cause. I've also heard some things about it being bad for the gene pool, but I'm currently looking at that and thus it should not be considered as a reason for this view yet. I sort of believe in Ethnopluralism as well until race relations have cooled sufficiently (it's bad, really really fucking bad right now).

    Ultranat.png Immigration

    Banned in 99% of all cases, with extremely strict regulations based on who can or cannot get in, including proof of an above-average IQ (at least 110 or an equivalent of it in whatever standard used in the future), fluency (C-1 on the CEFR at least, preference given to those with C-2) in the English language, at least a 90% score on a state constitution/history test and a squeaky-clean criminal record. Ideally, this would filter out most undesirables like Euros and 3rd-world human waves, but would allow intellectuals and desirables to enter our borders without much trouble. However, once here, they must be assimilated and utterly brainwashed, fully.

    Banana Republicanism.png Removing the Dependency

    A problem with completely banning immigration in most cases is that a large portion of America's economy is dependent on immigrant labor. This will be solved by doing two things; removing the unemployed populations and useless "jobs" (artists, influencers, journalists, whistleblowers, activists, celebrities, etc) by guaranteeing them (or forcing them to work) actual, beneficial jobs to the community and starting to increase the level of automation a dozen-fold by completely deregulating and unrestricting it in any area it can be applied, as well as researching newer models ASAP.

    Ultranat.png Immigration (Old)


    PCB-Homophobia.png LGBT/Sodomy RAHS.png

    Techno-Ultranationalism has no place for pride or hedonism anywhere. Regarding sex itself, the laws are rather strict, but on LGBT, they are simply draconian. I want to bring back anti-sodomy laws. I want to bring back Don't Ask, Don't Tell (and even beyond the military). I want to bring back conversion therapy, but not as a legitimate practice, but as a punishment. But why? Why would BERNHE do this?

    Since Stonewall happened all that time ago, the problem of rampant sexual degeneracy and hedonism has become worse and worse. The already-weak anti-sodomy safety measures have failed, and new forms of deviancy started slipping through the cracks. But the thing is, the LGBT question is only a problem because America foolishly gave these people a platform. They let them off of their leash. For the most part, after Stonewall, things were fine until that dreaded day in 2015 where Obergefell vs. Hodges was allowed to pass.

    This horrible law, which legalized sodomy nationwide, is possibly the single worst court decision ever made save for Roe vs. Wade itself. Aside from the political tensions of the entire upcoming US presidential election, this gave pride parades, an already horrific idea, a platform on the media. What was once a simple display not bothered much by the media began to reach the unenlightened masses.

    And believe it or not, pride parades, despite being a godawful concept worthy of an outright ban by itself, weren't that bad prior to the passing of this law (and a while before, as states had an impact before the actual Obergefell vs. Hodges decision). The worst things there were the off drag queen or transvestite, but take a look at them now. All sorts of disgusting kinks, from leather to roleplaying as LITERAL GOD DAMN ANIMALS, are on full display and are even PRAISED. And these degenerates tout these parades as "family-friendly."

    You see it in "We'll Convert Your Children" by the San Francisco Gay Men's Choir, you see it in the Blue's Clues pride parade, you see it in Steven Universe and you see it in every conceivable cartoon, commercial, TV show and other forms of media. These people are going after children. If the Alt-Right is right about one thing, it's that these lunatics are on a direct course, no matter if it's intentional or not, to embracing pedophilia.

    This cannot happen. This must not happen. We must take out this virus and all of its adherents at the source. It's better to have draconian laws to prevent this kind of bullshit from a small minority of all LGBT (although this "minority" grows by the day) than simply let this kind of thing spiral out of control so these people can have their little hedonistic fun time.

    But, as long as members of the LGBT do not act on their impulses and do not resist our laws, they shall be treated like every other civilian. Hell, in order to prevent them from acting out in the first place, I would provide them with help and therapy so they can learn to contain their impulses. Conversion therapy cannot work as it was intended (although it does have other uses), as people can truly be born as a homosexual or even a transvestite. In fact, I have the following to say about this;

    Despite being a believer in secular thought, it has been stated by many [Christian] priests that homosexuals (and transvestites by extension) who do not act on their impulses will reap greater rewards in the afterlife for their troubles. So, I do not hate LGBT people for existing, rather, I hate the movement for what they have shown us that they can become given they are allowed to partake in their deviancy without consequences. The American government set these people up to fail with the promise of "acceptance," and now, they stand today as the single most degenerate aspect of the American social scene.

    Even if someone somehow convinced me that these people aren't total degenerates who are too dangerous to be given a platform, what's the point of accommodating for them in the first place? They're a really small minority, and other than the re-education and possible therapy for gays and the like, there's really nothing in these people that's worth the state's time to fix.

    Fem.png Women

    I believe that women do not have the right to vote, because NOBODY has the right to vote under me! In some of the edgy Fascist groups I'm in, there are a bunch of people who think that letting women act like people somehow correlates to an increase of progtard policies. Other than that, however, I do believe in traditional gender roles when a family has a child (women should take care of their children first and foremost) but not complete patriarchy like some Middle Eastern nations. I think there's nothing wrong with women having high-end jobs and being authority figures, provided that they're the best person for that job.

    However, I do believe that modern feminism is fucking retarded, and abortion is literally soft infanticide (more about that soon). Yes, you DO have a right to choose. You have the right to choose not to have sex in the first place. This isn't that hard of a concept, if you don't want kids, don't do the thing that makes kids. Jesus Christ.

    Antiabort.png Abortion

    Like with LGBT, liberal views on this subject can also lead to bad thoughts and degeneracy.

    A good example of this comes from the entire Late-Trimester Abortion debacle. For some reason, American women think it is STUNNING and BRAVE to perform soft infanticide on the regular. Compared to other Fashies, I'm rather lenient on abortion, believing that it should be used if the mother is in danger or if it's a case of extreme disability or incest (but not rape). But there are also videos of people advocating for 3rd-trimester (or even POST-BIRTH ABORTION) for the sole reason of "IT'S MUH RIGHT TO CHOOSE!"

    It has been proven that, time and time again, the more a baby develops, the more it becomes like an actual literal human being, with there being almost no difference in the third trimester. Forget the entire "heartbeat after [insert fabricated number] of days11!!111!" argument. I start caring when a baby can actually and literally start feeling pain. And before I hear all of the "BUT LE ABORTION IS COMPLETELY PAINLESS!!11!!1!!" bullshit, refrain from repeating neoliberal talking points for a second and watch an actual abortion doctor describe how an actual abortion is done. And that's just a second-trimester abortion; imagine what a third-trimester is like. Is that really just a clump of cells? Is that a parasite to you? If so, then you're simply so far gone that you aren't worth my or anyone else's time.

    My point is that early abortions at the embryonic or even the 2nd-trimester/fetal stages can be done in emergencies, but almost never a third-trimester. In my eyes, third-trimester abortions are nothing less than infanticide.

    I also take issue with abortions, as stated previously, if they are done out of convenience. Although my pseudo-draconian takes on sex aim to eliminate the possibility of scenarios like these happening at all (among other things), the vast majority of all abortions done in America today are the result of failed non-reproductive (casual) sex. If you willingly make the decision to have intercourse with someone, you also agree to whatever happens if the condom breaks, by chance. That baby, in a perfect society, would be your responsibility.

    However, as of right now, that is not the case. Despite personal economics playing a big role (while not denying that American economics are absolutely broken), it is common sense that people with low incomes shouldn't even THINK about having sex, casual or not, if they are unable to afford a child. We live in a society where things like abortion are seen as easy fixes to other people's irresponsibility. This must not happen anymore, for the sake of whatever is still sacred.

    Envi.png The Environment

    Words cannot describe how absolutely disgusted I am with the current worldwide handling of the climate crisis. To me, the mishandling of this issue, along with the entire botched COVID-19 conundrum, goes to show exactly how much liberalism and libertarianism have failed. Certain things should not be entrusted to personal preference, and environmental issues is one of them. In order to effectively combat environmental catastrophe, drastic action must be taken; not the shitty little proposals that senators shit out once every season when the environment becomes "relevant" again. We must devote immense time and resources into researching green technologies ASAP, while changing the lifestyle of the people drastically in order to fit this goal. Consumerism and the incentive for profit must be dismantled before any meaningful environmental progress can be done, there is no other way.

    Eco depression.png There May Be No Hope Yet

    Certain reports seem to say that the climate is slated to accelerate very hard regardless of how hard we intervene, due to the fact that we've been fucking up for so long. In that case, if the record is true, not only must we research green technologies with unrivaled fervor for the future, but we must also start building things like floating cities, urban zones near the center, subterranean/submarine bunkers, etc so we can wait it out with at least 2/3rds of our population, if not even more. Of course, this would mean the complete destruction of the coastal cities like SanFran, LA, New York, Norfolk, etc, but I really don't see how that's a bad thing.

    It will give us an opportunity to start anew and to re-define what it means to live in an urban society, but the biggest advantage might be from what it does to Europe. England will be swallowed up for the most part, so will Iceland and the Nordic countries. France's coast would be ravaged, and Portugal would suffer what England and the Nords will, since they are so small compared to Spain. This would cause a wide variety of very funny crises in Europe and it may give us the edge we need in order to fully imperialize it after the dust has settled.

    Socialism.png Class

    My most "progressive" opinion by far. I do believe that there is indeed immense class warfare going on in America, and the USSR's attempts to destroy class were respectable (although they failed in the long run). Class is the biggest issue that America faces today and identity politics, both on the right and the left, is but a mere distraction from the real issues presented by this class warfare.

    On the actual issue itself, I take a Marxian-inspired (but not fully Marxian) point of view. I believe in the existence of the bourgeoise and proletariat, and that the proletarians are exploited by said bourgeoise. This system came into place very early on in human history, since most (if not all) ancient civilizations had these kinds of hierarchies. It has taken many forms, from feudalism to monarchy to capitalism. And in the past, it was actually a good system. There was a "natural"-ish order, and people did what they were told.

    However, today, as humanity grows in its pursuit of knowledge and power, the class divide became bigger and bigger. Forget the days of mere lords and peasants, this new breed of oligarchs take things to the logical extreme in their quest for personal wealth and, well, power. Power is what drives humanity, and this is proven by the emergence of the modern-day capitalist pig.

    So what do I want to do about this? Well, in America at least, there appear to be two options; the abolition of class itself as a concept and the reformation of the current class system. For the same reason that I hate democracy (which is that corruption will always return if you give it any sort of remnant or platform), I have much more faith in the idea of the complete destruction of class. Topple the 1% and raise the workers. Politicians shall be just like everyone else. Every man will not be a king, but they will be equal under the state.

    The best way to destroy class, in my opinion, is to simply strike down the 1% in one swift decapitation strike. Kill the worst ones like Soros, Bezos and the various American politicians who line their pockets with blood money (collected both domestically and abroad), while shooting down the rest by freezing their assets and re-distributing it to both the people and the state, removing their current position and re-purposing them to where their skills are needed. Institute a wealth ceiling (100% tax) at a certain rate (I'm thinking like $50,000,000 USD (2018) before the cutoff) so there can never be the concept of a billionaire ever again.

    However, the working class must be reformed as well. Thanks to the media and progressive ideologues, there are some people who unironically think that being a literal part-time dog walker should pay as much as being a restaurant waiter, police officer, soldier or doctor (which are both very demanding jobs, either physically, mentally, emotionally, in terms of time required or any combination of). There are some people who leech off of America's broken welfare system like mosquitos and there are those people who believe in "abolishing work and embracing play." Get a load of that!

    So, for that reason, I will institute many more regulations on the welfare system, turning it into a true safety net instead of a get-out-of-work free card for freeloading vagrants. I will also reform the wage system so that people who work harder, stronger and better for our nation will be payed the lion's share, not some kleptocratic billionaire puppeteer or your stereotypical r/antiwork 20-something radlib. I will also add some more democratic (rare BERNHE democratic moment) aspects in individual workplaces, embracing the cooperative model partially in order for the workers to make their voices heard, as opposed to filthy, corrupt, lobbyist-infested and privatized unions.

    Power through accountability! Power through hardship! Power through labor!

    Hell, we can take it even further by using technology, as aforementioned. What's there to discriminate against if everyone is a genetically-engineered 300-IQ (based on today's standards) cyborg?

    Laicism.png Religion

    My ideal government would be Laicist. There is no place for religion in the government and churches would be taxed, but you can believe whatever you want to in that regard, IDGAF. Personally, though, I'm a (non-denominational) Christian. However, Satanism would be banned, as was literally created specifically to counter Christianity and other Abrahamic religions. Nothing more, nothing less. It isn't real Paganism, it's pure cope.

    Autism.png Disability Rights


    I am Autistic, as you all may have known by this point. And if you've been paying attention, you'd know that I'm into self-deprecation and making "ironic" posts about how much I loathe myself and my condition. It's not ironic, I genuinely despise what this disease has done to me and I wish I could just be normal. Fuck everyone who is "proud" of being autistic. Fuck all of the self-diagnosed baboons. You wouldn't last a day in any one of our shoes without fucking killing yourselves.

    I can smell the bullshit coming from a mile away. "BERNHE is ableist!" "BERNHE hates autistic pride!" "BERNHE hurt my fucking feelings!" Yes. Cope and seethe about it. Just because you're retarded doesn't give you the right to act like a fucking lunatic in public, and if you truly cannot control it, then you should either be in a god damn institution or you should stay the fuck home. Your triggers are your responsibility, not everyone else's. I rue the day when CRISPR becomes advanced enough to edit out whatever causes Autism (if it's even genetic), because I will fucking mandate that shit without a second doubt. And then there's the "IT'S JUST A DIFFERENT WAY OF THINKING!!!" crowd. If anyone says that, then it's almost guaranteed that they don't actually have autism.

    The story is a lot different if someone is the victim of a physical disability. Provided that they haven't been CRISPR'd out of existence before birth, physically-disabled people are still considered people and there will be accommodations made for them. However, they will be expected to have accountability for themselves, nor will they get out of the workforce because of it.

    JewTheo.png The Jewish Question

    There is no Jewish question. There is no evidence that Jews are behind anything suspicious other than some fabricated hoax and a few bankers that happen to be Jews. The Holocaust happened, and it was horrible.

    However, that does not mean that I support Israel in any way. In fact, I'd argue that both sides (Israel vs. Palestine) are gay because Israel is an illegitimate state and Palestine willingly elected Hamas terrorists to lead them into suicidal attempts against the far more equipped Israel.

    Fat.png Fat People

    Just lose the fucking weight, Jesus Christ. Under my system, there will be far better food quality laws, less incentive for people to eat shitty food and people will simply be forced to lose the weight cold-turkey. Nothing more needs to be said, modern body-positivity is a joke.

    Punk.png Bodily Autonomy

    I have mixed feelings on this issue. On one hand, I don't want a fully-uniform state of NPCs, but on the other hand, I do not want a nation of deviants. So I take a 50/50 approach on most issues;

    • Tattoos are fine by me, as long as they do not cover huge parts of the body or have obscene/anti-government messages.
    • Earrings are fine, but most other piercings are banned or regulated.
    • There will be certain haircuts that each gender can and cannot have.
    • There will be standard uniform procedures for work, but minimal clothing regulations outside of that. As long as the clothing does not expose too much skin or bears anti-government or naughty political messages.

    On prostitution, however, for the same reason I regulate essentially every form of sexual activity, I am very hostile against it. The fact that women think it's a good idea to sell their bodies to random pervs is an example of the degeneracy that capitalism inspires. Not to mention that STDs would go through the fucking roof and we'd have an HIV/AIDS crisis all over again. So yeah, thots are banned (literally 1984).

    Corona Denierism Icon.png The Big 'Rona

    The Coronavirus is another example of the failures of democracy and letting retards (stupid people) have a voice. Many people have needlessly died and the damage to the economy is catastrophic. This could have been prevented with more direct control, where the people can complain all they want, but in the end, they couldn't do anything about the regulations themselves. There was plenty of wasted opportunities and needless damage that came from Corona, and we must not repeat a mistake like this again.


    “Scientia potentia est. Knowledge is power."
    -Thomas Hobbes

    Humans Do Not Have Rights (Sort Of)

    What the title says. A state respecting human "rights"is a retarded concept, since it is the state itself that provides those rights in the first place. In our base form in nature, humans have no rights whatsoever; everything must be worked for and nothing is guaranteed. The state, however, can "guarantee" certain things like shelter, food and water to a person, thus creating the definition of "rights." However, history has dealt with malcontents and leeches in a very particular way; they are exiled and cut out from society. This is an example of someone's rights being taken away by the state. Therefore, due to the fact that it is the state itself that gives a person their so-called "rights," the state can take them away at any time, either through its representatives or its laws.

    Nrx.png NRx BERNHE?

    I agree with the point that Dark Enlightenment philosophers make about society not being inclined specifically towards more and more democratic ideals, as for thousands of years before now, the system remained mostly the same (mainly monarchist and feudalistic systems, with tribalism before that). Democracy only started gaining popularity at a snail's pace in the 18th century and afterwards, with America and a few colonial rump states breaking loose. However, in the past 100 years, democracy seems to have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, which doesn't happen overnight. Therefore, I believe that the rise of democracy is due to an external, non-human force, like foreign intervention or something else entirely.

    I also agree with the notion that libertarian states (especially right-libertarians) will inevitably descend into a more and more authoritarian state, because of two reasons;

    1. Libertarians may or may not keep winning their own elections (except for maybe Hoppeans and other weirdos), but if they do not, then they may use authoritarian means to enforce their vision of paradise.
    2. In the case of more laissez-faire/libertarian ideologies, third parties or internal competitors may simply seize control after becoming too large without regulation (which is an authoritarian construct) and coopt power for their own agendas.

    Other than that, I'm still learning about NRx, so stay tuned.

    South Floridian Independence

    "Already plotting the takeover, eh?"
    -Pantheon [to Tony]

    In a deal that I made with fellow transhumanist (and disgusting liberal) Tony567, I agreed that I would cede the southern portion of the state of Florida for him to run as a pseudo-autonomous government. Since my state would hypothetically be far more powerful than his, I dictate the terms mainly, but for the most part, it is mutually beneficial.

    • Tony gets everywhere from the city of Miami downwards. Miami itself is partitioned like Berlin was, but not as a hostile zone, but as a sort of cultural center. Of course, given that Miami is pretty small (yet dense (in more ways than one :troll:)), it would have to be expanded.
    • The borders would be a nearly straight line from Miami in the East to Marco Island in the West, with a southern border (the Keys are ours).
    • He'll be able to have a small militia of ~30k men with a few jeeps and a few helicopters as well.
    • People can immigrate and do tourism in his country, despite it TECHNICALLY being a part of us.
    • We'll give them infrastructure packages and Imperial officials (my people) will help them expand. In return, they give some of their GDP (maybe like 2%) to us.
    • Our relations will sort of be like the Chechen Republic (Chechnya) and Russia today. I keep my nose out of his state for the most part, and in return, I can rely on him for the dreaded power that Floridians possess (an army of Florida men). We will also trade technologies with each other.
    • I send my low-tier libertarians and liberals to him as immigrants. He sends his fascists and authoritarians to me.
    • He'll be able to have homestead, but we'll keep the Florida Keys (they are too strategically important).
    • We'll keep Fort Lauderdale as a sort of fortress city to monitor this new state if it tries anything funny.
    • Debates are still on-going.


    Personality and Preferences


    Techno-Ultranationalism behaves very much like a regular ultranationalist, going after people who immigrate to his country relentlessly in order to remove them. To everyone else, he's very standoffish and has a very risque (if not completely offensive for the sake of being offensive) sense of humor. He also opts for the most practical and efficient solution to his problems, no matter how many people need to suffer in order to get there. By anarchist and liberal self-inserts, he has been described as a borderline psychopath (if not a total psychopath) and "horror incarnate" due to his very heavy-handed and hardline positions on authority, cultural assimilation, social issues and justice. Like his fellow posthumanists, he also does not find time for spiritual matters, although he does believe that a God exists and that Atheism, while respectable, should not be forced upon the population. Privately, he struggles with insecurity and loathes his autism diagnosis, which he seeks to remove at any cost, be it applying neurotypical conversion therapy on himself (and/or everyone else), or finding a cure no matter what. Often cries himself to sleep due to depression.


    BERNHE doesn't really care about the concept of aesthetics, often opting for designs that prioritize function over fashion. However, he is a big fan of geometric design, so his aesthetics could be considered as a mix between the aesthetic of the American '20s, Soviet Brutalism and Cyberpunk (later Solarpunk). Ideally, this would result in buildings reminiscent of the ones seen in the Wolfenstein franchise.

    Relations (WIP)

    Canon Relations



    • Trumpism.png Trumpism: Orange Man not THAT bad! Of course, he's still one of Necon.png them, but he's easily the best president we've had since Kennedy. It's a shame that your successor obviously cheated you out of the election and is either taking all the credit for things you've done or it undoing all the good you have done. At least the Supreme Court carries on your legacy.
    • Dengf.png Dengism: A very powerful economic system, combining the pure efficiency of Capitalism and (most of) the good parts of Socialism. We will model after this for sure.
    • Imp.png Imperialism: Soon.
    • Strasser.png Strasserism: Easily the least-bad member of the Nazi gang. Solves the economic issues of base Nazism while keeping the name of Fascism relatively unscathed although that may be because Nazi.png he killed you.


    • Authdem.png Authoritarian Democracy: The only acceptable form of Democracy. But what if the people elect a fucking idiot? Imagine Biden with totalitarian powers...
    • Natbol.png GANG GANG GANG GANG GANG GANG GANG GANG GANG: I remember that brief period I was a NazBol for awhile, but your ideology has a few cringe aspects like racist nationalism (although cultnat NazBols are based) and your economics are a little TOO red. Either way, they're good comrades.
    • Distributist.png Distributism: You're not the worst economic system, but you still make my head hurt.
    • Long.png Huey Long Dong: See above. You're also quite wholesome, if a bit misguided.
    • Marketsoc.png Ultras Coping And Seething RN: See above.
    • Fut2.png Funni Scorza Ideology: Weird and quirky. But not all of the past is bad. You have the right idea, though.
    • Neolud.png Neoluddism: Directly opposes my technological beliefs but Uncle Ted has some decent points ngl,
    • Ecofash.png PETA: Aren't you the same thing as the guy above?
    • AnSynd.png AnCom With Extra Steps: We both want to destroy the big corporations and banks, as well as wanting to completely purge errr, I mean reform the current government, but for VERY different reasons.
    • Neotech.png Technoliberalism: Why are you gay?
    • Soc.png Socialism: While I do support improving the state of the current American working class substantially (and low-key wanting to abolish class in the future when machines make it feasible), giving workers complete control over the means of production is an extremely bad idea. If Capitalism is Economic Oligarchy, then this is Market Ochlocracy, in the sense that they both suck. You're definitely a tad better, though, but just barely. Just because you're not exploitative does not make up for how unproductive some of your iterations (especially Ultroid.png them) truly are. The economy needs strong workers, not a nation of r/antiwork-oids that think their opinion matters more than those who have already proven themselves.
    • Stalin.png Stalinism (and the revisionists that followed him): You're a weird one indeed. I respect the nationalism and efficiency (especially turning Russia into a superpower in less than 50 years), but what you did to the Baltics and Ukraine was incredibly cringe (although I do think that certain third-party sources overblow your death count very much). Your saving grace is a moderate form of technological advancement, as you were the one that sent us to the stars for the first time.


    • Cap.png Capitalism: Before I begin, I would like to acknowledge the fact that this economic system, as it stands right now, is probably the most efficient ever created. My problems with it are mainly my belief that an entire economy should not be left to something as naturally out of control as a market (I simply despise the concept of playing chance with money) and the fact that kleptocrats and other scum can easily take advantage of most forms of it (especially the more libertarian versions (looking at Ancapf.png you)) and literally buy political power like it was a commodity (which spawns a fuckton of problems, including all of the 'nanner republics and the anti-communist debauchery). If I weren't so distrustful of markets themselves (which is why me likey dirigisme) and if it weren't such a corrupt hotbed, I would have kept this ideology.
    • Luxem.png Luxemburgism: Libertarian, progressive, Ultroid.png "communist" to a fault and a PACIFIST? I'm glad the Freikorps sent you on a little swim down the Landwehr early, so you couldn't corrupt the communist movement into something even worse.
    • Ultroid.png Cope, The Ideology: "You're a REVISIONIST, BERNHE!" I'm...not even a socialist you clown. At least Stalin.png he actually did something and has made a mark on the world, unlike your ideology and all of the obscure theorists and basement-dwelling Vietnamese you bring with you. Bordiga who?
    • Anin.png Anarcho-Individualism: One of the only, if not THE only, true form of anarchism. For that, it has my respect for not being thinly-veiled lolberts like the rest of the "anarcho-[insert retard]" ideologies. Still, this ideology is horrendous and should be purged everywhere.
    • Nazi.png National Socialism: Why? Just, why? You've completely ruined the name of Fascism, you've killed millions needlessly, your racial policies are utter garbage and you even managed to fuck up your economics, too. Definitely the worst of our movement and a good reminder of what happens if you try to make an example out of an entire nation. Now, Germany is a sad, globalist mess infested with neoliberals and DemSucks, mainly due to what you've helped unleash. At least your uniforms were epic.
    • Lib.png Liberalism: The ideology of bureaucrats, inefficiency and misplaced priorities.
    • Libertarian.png Libertarianism: The ideology of people who have no principles.
    • Awaj.png Anarchism: The ideology of idealists and children.
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism: The ideology of literal pansies. You need to EARN your healthcare, or people will leach on you and never let go. He who does not work, shall not eat.
    • Progress.png Progressivism: You are not needed. America actually needs to revert back a lot socially. Queers have no place in the public, and neither do Antifa mutts.
    • Zio.png Zionism: I don't know what kind of crack I was on when I thought Israel was my greatest ally. You take your crusade against the Palestinians way too far and you leech money from us like no other. You're not weak, nor are you defenseless. A nation of children.
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism and Necon.png Neoconservatism: The world is decaying. America has gone to shit, and the maggots wear suits and ties and call themselves the U.S government. You have brought Europe to its knees. You are directly responsible for killing millions in the needless anti-communist struggle. You are the exploiter of nations, the embodiment of corruption, the death of tradition and the end of sovereignty. You deserve to burn in hell for all eternity.
    • Altr.png Me, According To Matteel: Dumbass incarnate. Half of you would be butchered by any of the figures you idolize. Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich, Goebbels, Goering, Spengler, Rockwell, Pierce and any "respectable" Nazi are rolling in their graves looking at you all.
    • Antifa.png The Single Best Argument For A Police Force On Planet Earth: DIE DIE DIE DIE! Not only are you going after my fellow Fascists, but you're also attacking Tradcon.png innocents Lib.png. You people need to be shot, cremated and then dumped into the ocean. At least you're mostly contained in the cities...

    Anationalism Tier

    • Anat.png Anationalism: This ideology is probably the single most disgusting canon ideology to ever exist. Once I get my grubby hands on Europe in the late stage, I will personally annihilate the entire pathetic Esperanto language (although it's kinda already ded) and all it stands for, for bringing this abomination into existence.

    LARP Review

    The place where I review LARP.

    Could Work

    50% Chance Of Working

    • Ingsocf.png Ingsoc: A dystopian nightmare state run by fear. It's far too authoritarian even for my liking. Still better than anarchism.
    • Krater.png Kraterocracy: MOOOORTAL KOMBAAAAT!!!


    • Soul.png DUDE, WEED Off-compass LibLeft, what really is there to say? Breaking physics is not a good idea.
    • Ego.png Insert Obscure Philosopher Here: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...
    • Avar.png Literally Madness Combat: I HATE YOU WITH A BURNING PASSION.
    • Communalist.png Tooth Decay: Sounds like shit TBH. Where would be the impetus for work if everything you create and earn just falls right back into the hands of some random?
    • Prim.png Monke, but Literally: You belong in a zoo. POST-HUMANISM ISN'T A LARP!!!
    • Burgsys.png Burgundian System: INGSOC, upped by like 50 billion. I would rather live under anarchism than this, because the structure of this ideology decays so fast that any order it brings goes away. And, yeah. Nazis. On 'roids. Although your Spartan System is very based.

    Self-Insert Relations

    In some ideologies that I find especially interesting or want to comment on, I will sometimes leave a quote that I believe suits it.


    • Vermaatism2.png
      : It's me! Except progressive, more capitalist and more environmentalist. Also, the individualism is cringe, as technological progess on the scale of transhumanism can only be made by working in synchrony with others. Overall, it's not bad at all, and it's nice to see a fellow Posthumanist ultranat around here, but it's not as efficient as it could be, yet.
      • Quote: “Nothing human makes it out of the near-future.” -Nick Land
    • Nastyism Icon.png National Socialism with Little Dark Age Characteristics (Nazi.png/Ectrans.png/React.png): Still aligns with me on almost everything, but is an aryanist, a theocr*t, and I'm not sure if the Jews are to blame for our current issues. Also, why CAN'T I chop off my arm and replace it with a laser cannon? In fact, I believe that God would want us to modify our own bodies, as it would theoretically be harder for a cyborg to sin. It is, however, still unfathomably based to see another Galacticist here. To the stars!
      • Quote: "The important part of the present development is the anti-capitalist sentiment that is permeating our people." -Gregor Strasser
    • Hydra.png Velimir: The Ideology (Sun.png/Esofash.png/Sparta.png): Read the above, but up it by like 30 trillion. Good God, it's so based, yet so cringe at the same time.
      • Quote: “It was at the outskirts of the world that the Old Things accumulated, like driftwood round the edges of the sea." -T.H White
    • InexistentIcon.png Inexistent Inexistence: You're basically me but waaay more left-leaning (although Ba'athism is extremely based), a little less culturally rightist, and a tad less transhumanist. So far, you're one of the closest self-inserts to mine. Also, don't hate us wh*te people as a race, rather, hate the absolute degenerates that we elect to lead us (liberalism and its consequences...). I eagerly await more text from this ideology. Speaking of which, you're still extremely based, it appears that you're the only person other than me and a few members of AuthUnity that like a punitive justice system and not a ref*rm-based one.
      • Quote: "Ignorance and apathy will eventually lead to the annihilation of humanity if left unchecked.” -Newton Lee
    • Quarkism.png Quarkism (MiniWholesome.png/Posth.png/Muslim 2.png): For the most part, you are very based, but the state atheism is too far even for me. You should also be far less progressive, as wasting time glorifying all sorts of degenerates is very bad and will only slow down the engines of REAL progress.
      • Quote: “In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessings. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.” -u/AALewis Troll.png
    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png Indonesia is Awake (React.png/Homophobia.png/Totalitarian.png): Basically the same thing as your predecessor.
      • Quote: Religious freedom is one of the most fundamental of human rights because religious freedom comes from the dignity of the human being as God's creature. -Suharto
    • PaleoFabius-ism (Esofash.png/Ecofash.png/Crusadism.png, currently under development): Although the Esotericism and Christian Theology is a tad iffy in my opinion, on the little issues, we actually agree on a lot. For starters, I am not really comfortable placing political power in the hands of supposedly-infallible religious organizations, no matter how removed they are from orthodox churches, but hey, it's better than having the Catholics running everything, I guess. That's the main complaint. Also, I have heard that he's starting to get into Uncle Ted a little bit, but I would tread carefully around him, as his ideas are pretty utopian since there's really no way to stop the oncoming technological explosion (so why fight it)? But these are two rather minor things, so I'll place him up here until further notice. Oh, and for all of you who are unhappy about the confirmed return of the man himself, I have this to say: Guess who's back, back again? Shady's back, tell a friend! Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back?
      • Quote: "A government that fears arms in the hands of it's people should also fear ROPE." -Natahan Bedford Forrest
    • TechEsoFash.png Heinrich After TNO (Burgsys.png/OOTS.png/Gamer.png): Hein has gotten a lot more based then before, the only bad part is a small part of his economics and his paganism (although paganism itself is fine, it, like any other religion, should have no place in the state). Also, totalitarianism is too extreme for me.
      • Quote: "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face...forever." -George Orwell
    • Silasicon.png "Sofia The First" Chauvinism (Cap.png/Conmon.png/Trad.png): Actually not that bad of an ideology, to be honest. Constitutional Monarchy is good, so is the nationalism (just progress to ULTRAnationalism) and your cultural views are grounded. My only complaint is the theocratic elements and you could be a little more authoritarian, but that's about it. Sofia the First is an alright cartoon, it's definitely better than the shit that's crapped out nowadays by Cocomelon and Disney. Regarding your recent changes, not much has changed NGL, traditionalism is based and so is conservatism, and your economics have gotten better (although distributism is kinda utopian).


    • NekoqingBolsh.png Oh, We're Doing Bolshevism Now? (Authdem.png/Leftnat.png/Soc.png): We agree on quite a bit, but you're lacking in a few areas. You should become more nationalist in general, also become le epic based CultNat. Your economics are fine for the most part, although MarketSoc may be a little utopian. Finally, Authoritarian Democracy is inherently flawed, just progress to full Statocracy2.png Statocracy. Other than that, you're pretty decent, for a commie comrade.
    • GenShrekf.png Any Old-Left Self-Insert SSTicon.png: You are all great friends and good allies, but most of you could be a lot more authoritarian and more accepting of authoritarian unity (as well as being a fuckton more nationalist). There is nothing to be gained from aligning with retarded LibLefts, we must set aside our differences and work together to smash liberalism and republicanism once and for all.
      • Quote: “Revolutionary Marxism sees in fascism a militant self-defense movement for the structure and interests of the capitalist system, directing the movements of the petit-bourgeois masses with pseudo-ideologies formed for the purpose of its own preservation.” -Karl Otto Paetel
    • Ethwelball.png Racism (Ethplur.png/Welf.png/Reform.png): Haha, look at the racist funny PCB man! Jokes aside, however, oRange's racial views are probably some of the most grounded in the entirety of PCBA. Separate, but equal. The rest of it is OK, could be more nationalist and more technophiliac, and the idea of limiting human suffering as much as possible is very optimistic and simply unattainable (and even so, what is the point of life without some form of suffering)?
      • Quote: "I don't expect people to forget my brash words or deeds. But I ask that they try to remember the actions that I took that were designed to help them." -George Wallace
    • Casagonism2.png Definitely Not Xirlan (ReactPix.png/Monarch.png/NeoFash.png): Your ideology is alright for the most part, but your views on technology are very lacking, as we desperately need full transhumanism in order to enforce a cyberocratic state (which you appear to want). AI can be used as a tool, not as a complete replacement. Although it is nice to find a fellow Reactionary Modernist here. You're also too much of a hardliner on women's rights. If a woman is currently not taking care of a child, wouldn't she have more use in a career than being a housewife?
      • Quote: "Nazism says that women are absolutely equal to men. But they're different. And thank God for the difference." -George Lincoln Rockwell
    • Xirlan-alt.png Definitely Not Casagon (ReactPix.png/Monarch.png/NeoFash.png): Basically the same as the guy above, but with a bad take on immigration. Ultranationalism only works if ALL immigrants are expelled, not just the useless eaters, rapefugees and the POCs. France should be for French people only (although that does raise problems with Quebec and all that).
    • Glencoe.png Tonyism #7 (Statlib.png/Welf.png/Cybercr.png): You're becoming a lot better with every iteration. More direct democracy (a good contrast to the antichrist that is representative democracy), increased nationalism, less pacifism, technophilia and collectivization are all great, although following the Harm Principle as a moral guide is kind of bad and your racial views are very cringe as well (I support separate-but-equal, but merging all races to make one super-race is an atrocious idea). Also, UBI and Universal Healthcare in a country as large as America is far too utopian to work. You have to make an incentive for people to work, as much as work must be an incentive for people.
    • Mikolayism Pixel.png Just As Bad As Me (Strasser.png/Hfash.png/AgrarianismIcon.png): You're a follower of the Strasser brothers, which is based, only complaints are that you could be more extreme in basically every aspect and for the love of God drop the Agr*rianism. Also, commit church removal in le government.

    Kinda Cringe

    The Equivalent of Being Waterboarded With Sulphuric Acid

    • Uzarashvilism.png The DSA but Functional (Progconf.png/3princ.png/Radlib.png): You're down here mainly because you're an Antifa mutt, a liberal, a one of Dsa.png THEM and a social pansy (pick a side, progcon is a copout). Definitely the best ideology in shit-tier, but still, EW!
    • MattBall1.png The Anathaema (Sjwliteicon.png/Civlibert.png/Succdem.png): Where do I even begin? Standard American libtard who is against essentially all my ideology is meant to be, but he manages to make it even worse somehow with his near Atom-tier hedonism and godforsaken progressivism. However, I respect the nationalism (although it's the pussy version of nationalism), environmentalism and secularism (although you must embrace French Secularism). Also, this is petty as hell and probably very personal, but the way you format and write your text also just rubs me the wrong way (like a certain Chinese troon we all know and hate). I don't know why, but I feel unsettled just by reading it.
      • Quote: "Liberalism is an essentially feminine, submissive worldview. Perhaps a better adjective than feminine is infantile. It is the world view of men who do not have the moral toughness, the spiritual strength to do single combat with life, who cannot adjust to the reality that the world is not a huge pink-and-blue, padded nursery in which the lions lie down with the lambs and everyone lives happily ever after." -William Luther Pierce
    • YellingLiber.png Imperialism For Pussies (Neolib.png/Libertarian.png/Sjwliteicon.png): Considering there was only a few paragraphs of text on this page, there isn't much I can say, but God Damn this ideology is peak homosexual. Interventionism, individualism and GOD DAMN progressivism? I'm California Dreaming for the San Andreas faultline to trigger any day now.
      • Quote: "Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin." -Muammar Gaddafi
    • Neoairisu.png CHAZ, The Idea vs. CHAZ, The Man (SJW.png/Bckchn.png/Vaush.png): The only good thing about you is that you support Rojava, but the Kurds are in a losing battle with Turkey. They cannot win.
      • Quote: "What is freedom? There is no such thing as absolute freedom!" -Benito Mussolini
    • Ronwelltarianism icon.png Special-Ed Preschool Model: (Libertarian.png/Childism.png/Gay.png) Lolbertarianism, pacifism, progressivism and extreme childism are all horrendously cringe. In fact, your childism is so extreme that it sounds downright creepy in some cases. Your model would collapse in literal weeks. At least you support Tulsi, who's the least-bad American Democrat.
      • Quote: "A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves." -Edward R. Murrow
    • HighDefLukk.png Afun's Evil Twin Brother: Utter dogshit, any reasonable person can connect the dots and see that anarchism and transhumanism are completely incompatible. On the other hand, she's just an average so-called "anarchist" LARPlord, not that different from the ones that used to roam old PCBA. But hey, even if it's completely unworkable and really just an excuse to give your ball design a cybernetic eye, the attempt at transhumanism is admirable. But it's not good enough to raise you from shit-tier. And also, you accuse me of LARPing, even though I've held mostly consistent views for the past two years, while you unironically have a post-ideology (unironic voidcomp libleft LMFAO) as well as a dollar-tree version of Unbanmeball.png Horror Incarnate.
    • Touseyism ball.png Councilism #243893234 (Meta-Anarchism.png/Absurd.png/Ego.png): Basically just another version of Councilguy2.png him. Also, I have never been more offended in my entire life when I read your description of my self-insert, you do know that I was the one who influenced Neptunial, right?
      • Quote: “Whoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man's lap. What is freedom? To have the will to be responsible for one's self.” -No Idea (It's Complicated)
    • OwfBall.png The Future That Liberals Want 😳 (DemocratF.png/Georgist.png/Wholesomeism.png): Libertarianism and progressivism are already cringe, but you're also a professional World Federalism2.png national sovereignty eroder (basically a foil to me in that regard) and a supporter of the cursed Thar.png three arrows. Virtue ethics are also very cringe, although I do respect the anti-hedonism, although you don't go far enough there, either. You're essentially a more extreme version of MATTball.png Mattism with wholesome characteristics (and you, unlike him, actually seem like a somewhat-decent person).
      • "Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children's children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.” -Theodore Roosevelt
    • Ultro.png Yet Another Egoist (Ego.png/Anti-Humanism.png/HegelianPhilosophy.png): Ah, another one of the Egoist types, although this one appears to abandon politics for the sake of philosophical...stuff. Of course, given that I like to focus exclusively on political issues and very little on philosophy (because I think philosophy is fucking boring), So, I really have no choice but to put him here, partly because I don't understand it, that's obvious from the fact that he literally had to correct me in the comments, but also because, well, he's an egoist.
    • Yoda8soup.png Flowers & Tea Ultranationalism (Thar.png/Civlibert.png/Liberalsoc.png): Anti-authoritarian, liberal "socialist" and actually thinks people have rights APART FROM THE STATE? To the bottom you go! But you do seem pretty nice, so I'll give you that.

    OK, so how this is gonna work is that I'm gonna simply list everyone in a list, and if you want an explanation as to why you're on there, ask me.

    Mega Yes.png Friends

    • Natcom.png The Old Left Gang Natbol.png
      • Novoscarlet.png Scarlet
      • Admiralism Icon.png SussyNuoh
      • Novochirotesla.png Chirotesla
      • PATS.png ChineseSocialist/Comrade Nakano
      • GenShrekf.png Comrade Shrek
      • AlgerBol.png Immorxius
    • PaleoFabius/Mysticism
    • Nastyism Icon.png Nastyofficer
    • Hydra.png Hydra
    • Cball-Estonia.png LohuBoi/Wannabe Dictator of Estonia
    • TechEsoFash.png Heinrich Cheung
    • Vermaatism2.png Neptunial
    • Neoafun.png Afunhumaninter/Angrybirdstd
    • Velki.png Velki Skif/LogicalGrey

    Yes.png :)

    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png TheSupremeChancellorOfCheese
    • CSN(hat).png Verona
    • Beryism.gif Beryist Society
    • METROLL..gif Metbol
    • JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppa
    • Quarkism.png Quarkism
    • Glencoe.png Tony567
    • Hamburger.png JonahF2014

    Meh.png Ambivalent

    Whoever's not listed above or below, basically. OFC, feel free to contact me if you think something's wrong.

    No.png Enemies

    • MATTball.png Matteel
    • Transjuche Icon.png Vizdun/Miko
    • SwordC.png SwordC

    Mega No.png Kill Yourself

    • Based Autism Icon.png YugoslavPartisan
    • NguyenreichismIcon.png NguyenReich
    • TAM icon.png AquaHeart

    This is essentially a massive rantpost, where I type things about certain people with very few thoughts. If it sounds retarded, then it probably was written to be retarded.

    Mega Yes.png Based

    • Theodore Roosevelt
      • Favorite president of all time, took Manifest Destiny to a whole new level. Unfortunately Umm, although America got troll's remorse err, I mean a less interventionist policy, if it weren't for that, let's say that there wouldn't really be a drug problem in Mexico, ha ha.

    Yes.png Good

    • Francis Parker Yockey
      • His cultural views are...perfect. Except for the racialism and the weird esoteric bit, but that's NazBols for ya. The troubles of being a RevFash in the 21st century (other than 99% of the political spectrum hating your guts).
    • Benito Mussolini
      • He founded one of the cores of my FORMER ideology. Very based man overall with great ideas, including his Sansepolcrismo movement that predated Fascism. Could have been a little less harsh on the Ethiopians, though. Still based nonetheless.
    • Huey P. Newton
      • Co-founder of the Black Panther Party (not the New Black Panther Party, we don't talk about them), which is an incalculably based organization (except for the fact that they're M*OISTS), The 10 Point Program is based for the most part as well, except for points #3 (partly, financial reparations are a shit idea), #6 (nobody should be exempt from a draft, no matter what), #8 (again, partly, if judicial racism really exists, then retrials are in order, not a full release from prison) and #9 (the only fair way to dispense justice is through the judgement of witnesses and experts of their field, no matter their color). The rest is genuinely respectable, it's a shame that the FUCKING RETARDS of the NBPP shit on your legacy even today. RIP Mr. Newton, you died way too soon.

    Meh.png Meh

    • Bernie Sanders
      • Essentially a typical "socialist" wannabe, who owns three houses and forks over a lot of money for private flight (which is really bad for the environment BTW). But hey, at least he posted something about the transgenders on their little, perverted...holiday? No joke, however, the reason he's higher than the rest is because his changes, even if done for the wrong reasons, would genuinely benefit Americans all across the country, but he needs to know that there is NO magic money tree. $15/hr wages come with more economic strings attached than it seems.

    No.png Bad

    • Barack Hussein Obama
      • Like Biden, but actually has his head on right, for better or worse. Yes, I just put a generic American polician in the same level as a guy who wanted nuclear race war, cope and seethe about it.
    • William Luther Pierce
      • The only reason he's so high up is because he wrote the Turner Diaries, which greatly impacted how I view the political scene as a whole. Other than the things that Nazism shares with Classical Fascism, though, Pierce's ideology is kinda gross and weird (Nazism + Posadism? WHAT?). After all, it's what inspired the literal Burgundian System in TNO.

    Mega No.png Awful

    • Klaus Barbie
      • Good God...THEY WERE CHILDREN, YOU SICK FUCK! CHILDREN!!. This guy is definitely the worst Nazi, hands-down, other than Dirlewanger. Shudders.
    • Jeffrey Epstein
      • See above. You should have been shot a lot sooner than the date you actually died. Absolute subhuman, and he's actually a pretty good argument AGAINST racism. Why would a "master race" harbor absolute monsters such as him?
    • Joseph Robinette Biden
      • STOP RUINING MY COUNTRY ALREADY, YOU DAMN RETARD! If it weren't for Kamala being your 2nd-in-line and fucking Pelosi in third, I would normally say I wish you would have an aneurysm and die already, but, for the love of god, PLEASE STAY ALIVE UNTIL 2024. PLEASE. As you can see, I hate the US government very much, as I literally put an old man with dementia in the same class as a guy who shipped off an entire trainload of children to Auschwitz-Birkenau like it was a Tuesday morning, as well at that guy's boss and his boss's boss.
    • Adolf Hitler
      • We agree on a lot, but the problem is that you killed millions of innocent people.
    • Heinrich Himmler
      • The above, but even more autistic. Insert TNO reference here.
    • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Marjorie Taylor Greene
      • You life is nothing! You serve zero purpose! You should kill yourself, NOW!

    Test Results



    Closest Match: Strasser.png Strasserism
    Furthest Match: Anmark2.png Market Anarchism

    Top 10

    1. Strasser.png Strasserism (100.0%)
    2. Baath.png Ba'athism (96.42%)
    3. Natbol.png National Bolshevism (95.59%)
    4. WelfChauvin.png Social Nationalism/Welfare Chauvinism (94.37%)
    5. Yellsoc.png Yellow Socialism (94.11%)
    6. Nattrans2.png National Transhumanism (90.89%)
    7. Nazi.png National Socialism (90.52%)
    8. Classfash.png Classical Fascism (89.84%)
    9. Fabian.png Fabian Socialism (88.68%)
    10. Dengf.png Dengism (86.80%)

    Bottom 10

    1. Ego.png (Dialectical) Egoism (0.01%)
    2. Anarcho-Frontierism (0.01%)
    3. Post-an.png Post-Civilization Anarchism (0.01%)
    4. Agorismf.png Agorism (0.00%)
    5. LeftRothbardianismPix.png Left-Rothbardianism (0.00%)
    6. Angeo.png Geoanarchism (0.00%)
    7. Cryptan.png Crypto-Anarchism (0.00%)
    8. Anpostleft.png Post-Left Anarchism (Sorry Councilguy, 0.00%)
    9. Anin.png Anarcho-Individualism (Sorry Polfax, 0.00%)
    10. Anmark2.png Market Anarchism (0.00%)

    Full List: https://quark88.github.io/dozenvalues/lister.html?57.6,71.5,67.4,21.5,6.3,26.8



    Believe it or not, I have actually consumed some theory, although I'm a beginner. Reading some of this stuff is actually what drove me to Techno-Ultranationalism rather than F.I.A.T.

    Theory/Political Novels

    • The Communist Manifesto (Marx.png Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels)
    • The Turner Diaries (Turner.png William Luther Pierce)
    • Hunter (Turner.png William Luther Pierce)
    • Animal Farm (George Orwell)
    • Imperium (Francis P. Yockey)
    • Republic (Plato)
    • Gorgias (Plato)
    • The First Three Books of Aristotle's Politics (Aristotle)

    Not Theory, but still a Book

    • Killing the SS (Bill O'Reilly)
    • Unmasked (Andy Ngo)
    • Inferno (Dante Alighieri)
    • The Bible (a bunch of dead guys (and God))

    Want To Read

    • The Decline of the West (Oswald Spengler)
    • The Prince (Niccolo Machiavelli)
    • Brave New World (Anton Huxley)
    • We (Yevgeny Zamyatin)
    • 1984 (George Orwell)
    • Transition to Technocracy (Don K. Rowney)
    • Economics in One Lesson (Henry Hazlitt)

    User Tests

    Based Test

    This test shows how based I think you are (ranges from 1,000 to -1,000 points).


    • I am an authoritarian or statist. (+100 points)
    • I am totalitarian or civically-moderate. (0 points)
    • I am a libertarian or anarchist, or are post-civ. (-100 points)

    Ruling System

    • I am a technocrat, cyberocrat, meritocrat, stratocrat, aristocrat or scientocrat. (+100 points).
    • I am an Athenian democrat, authdem, autocrat, monarchist or constitutional monarchist. (0 points).
    • I am a democrat, representative democrat, oligarch, ochlocrat, ergatocrat, kakistocrat, gerontocrat, childist or anything else not listed. Alternatively, I do not believe in ruling systems. (-100 points).


    • I am a cultural or civic ultranationalist or nationalist. (+100 points)
    • I am an ethnic ultranationalist or nationalist, or I am a patriot or national moderate. (0 points)
    • I am a globalist, alter-globalist or world-federalist. (-100 points)


    • I am a transhumanist or posthumanist. (+100 points)
    • I am technologically moderate or am a slight regressionist. (0 points)
    • I am anti-technology or am a neo-luddite or primitivist. (-100 points)


    • I am a collectivist, although not extremely so. (+100 points)
    • I am an extreme collectivist or a centrist. (0 points)
    • I am an individualist. (-100 points)

    Economic System

    • I am a state capitalist, corporatist or social corporatist. (+100 points)
    • I am a socialist, communist, distributist, market socialist or capitalist communist. (0 points)
    • I am a capitalist, feudalist, succdem, demsoc or hold anti-economic positions. (-100 points)

    Economic Authority

    • I believe in dirigisme/state control of the economy. (+100 points)
    • I believe in partial state control, but with some privatization. (0 points)
    • I believe in the liberal model, corporatocracy or laissez-faire economics. Alternatively, I hold anti-economic positions. (-100 points)


    • I am anti-hedonist in all forms. (+100 points)
    • I am anti-hedonist, but I still believe in things like consumerism and tolerance (how do you call yourself anti-hedonist). (0 points)
    • I don't really care, as long as it is done in private, or I am a Hedonist myself. (-100 points)


    • I am a reactionary modernist, classical conservative or traditionalist. (+100 points)
    • I am a full reactionary, moderate (American) conservative, or a cultural centrist. Alternatively, I am a "third-world" progressive, where it may be needed (only applies to actual third-world nations, not America, Asia or Europe). (0 points)
    • I am a progressive in any form, or am reactionary to the point of primitivism. (-100 points)


    • I am an anti-interventionist. (+100 points)
    • I am an imperialist or diplomatic non-schizo moderate. (0 points)
    • I am a diplomatic globalist, neoliberal or neoconservative. (-100 points)


    Put in numerical order pls.

    Mega Yes.png Based (1,000 to 750)

    Yes.png Good (750 to 250)

    Meh.png Eh (250 to -250)

    No.png Bad (-250 to -750)

    Mega No.png Cringe (-750 to -1,000)


    Put your text here:

    • Armchair Thanat.png Thanatism - My guy your ideology is just 100 oxymorons mixed into 1 giant oxymoron.
    • OwfBall.png Owfism - Add me? I added you
    • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - Please add, I will get around to adding you as well. Also your quote from Stirner doesn't actually belong to him.
      • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - Sigh. First, I am not an Anarchist, second, I am not basing a society on anything (because I don't have a normative political theory), and thirdly, again, that quote isn't from Stirner.
        • Truetech.gif BERNHE0504: Okay, I fixed it. About the quote, I thought you were saying that the quote didn't fit Neo-Touseyism, not that the quote wasn't from Stirner himself. Could you tell me where the quote actually came from so I can get rid of the placeholder I have there (teh internet keeps on saying it's from Stirner)?
          • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - The quote was falsely attributed to him in Forbes Vol 38 Iss. 2 (1936) p. 18, and in Lifetime Speaker's Encyclopedia (1962) by Jacob Morton Braude, p. 275. The quote appears no where in his works. I don't know if the quote is made up or from another author. However, I still wouldn't use it for me, because I (like Stirner) am actually agaisnt the concept of freedom, which is just another Ideal.
    • Syntridem2.png Syncretic Tridemism - Add me?
    • Syntridem2.png Syncretic Tridemism - Btw, what do you think about Franco.png Francoism and ChiangKaiShek.png Chiang-Kai-Shek thought? They were both conservative nationalist regimes that used technocrats to further the strength of their respective economies, which contributed to the Spanish Miracle and the Taiwanese Miracle.
      • Truetech.gif BERNHE0504: Kai-Shek and Franco are both extremely based and I aspire to be like them, except, since the American economy is already pretty damn powerful, it would be more like the American Ascendance than the American Miracle.
      • Noelism-icon.png - Agreed.
    • - Could you add me? You're as scary as always, but I am still curious on how you view me.
    • Uzarashvilism.pngUzarashvilism - Hello there, wanna add me?
    • Noelism-icon.png Noelism - Oh boy, add me
    • Uzarashvilism.pngUzarashvilism - By the way, i don't support DSA. They're too woke for me.





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