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    Techno-Socialism is an economically left, culturally progressive ideology found near top left of the libertarian left quadrant. He believes socialism can only be achieved through automation, robotics and emerging technology to allow everyone to live off the wealth produced by publicly owned machines. This ideology is convinced that any attempt to build socialism without automation will simply lead to state capitalism, so his solution is to remove human labor from the equation with robotics. A strong believer in progress for its own sake, techno-socialism supports rapid, unrestrained scientific progress to make the status quo obsolete.

    He can be obsessed with freeing people from any need to work by giving their job to robots and often can't shut up about the latest scientific breakthrough. Some of his followers want an elected government to nationalize and automate the economy in order to give everyone a UBI and free goods. Others want automation to be controlled by cooperatives while some think robotized production should be administered by direct democracy at the grass roots community level. Unlike other libertarian left ideologies, techno-socialism doesn't want to abolish the state, only to transform it into an outlet for distributing wealth and advancing science.

    Distinct from technocracy because techsoc doesn't want to build a dictatorship ruled by engineers and favors various forms of democracy. Transhumanism isn't the same as techno-socialism who wants to use technology to transform society without any interest in physically enhancing individuals. Techsoc is obsessed with extracting wealth from automation and equally distributing it but he has almost no interest in augmentation and other transhumanist ideas. FALGSC is different from techno-socialism whose ideas do not require impossible star trek machines.

    How to draw

    1. Draw red ball to represent socialism
    2. Add a blue atom symbol with a red rose in its center.
    3. Draw the 1 techno-eyes





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