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    Techno-Satanism is a highly Religious and Esoteric ideology which wants to use technology (AI, Biotech, etc.) to make hell, demons, and Satan all physically real. It varies on whether it thinks these have a basis in reality, sometimes thinking they don't but wanting them to be real anyways, or believing that technology is the only way they can return to earth due to the meddling of God.

    It is civically viable, as it may embrace anarchy or a state to further it's goals. Though it may be classed as authoritarian, as it wants Satan to reign supreme.

    It is extremely Transhumanist to the point of worshipping technology and it's effects. As a result, it is also very far-left culturally, seeing all activities and identities deemed 'degenerate' by Christianity to be holy and in the interests of it's 'dark lords'.

    It also buys into the conspiracy theory that the internet contains demons, and views this as a good thing, wishing to spread and perpetuate internet usage.


    It's personality varies depending on which demon it is attempting to channel, though it is usually very Hedonistic and Violent, sometimes attending orgies and cult meetings (if it ever leaves it's room).

    It also speaks primarily in German, as it is a big fan of Faust.




    • Pagan Theocracy - Sie müssen Satan und Technologie annehmen. (You must embrace Satan and Technology.)


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