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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Techno-Fascism is an Totalitarian, Economically Third Positionist, Culturally (debatably) Right, Racial Ultranationalist and highly Scientific ideology which wants to propel the aryan race into the future with the help of technology and science.

    The ideology wants a racially pure state, not led by a Fuhrer, but by technocrats. These technocrats would find the best way to manage the state and create new technology which makes the nation stronger. The technocrats have to be aryans and must be show interest in the national socialist visions of the world.

    Technology lies at the heart of the ideology. It loves technology and wants to use it to become the most powerful nation on earth. Space travel is also something the ideology wishes to achieve as it wants the aryan race to live amongst the stars. Transhumanism will be used on the people of the nation to make them stonger and more loyal towards the state.

    Culturally it could be considered right-wing as it supports most of the policies of National Socialism, but with a twist. Due to its love for technology and its focus on space and the future it has to change the norms and traditions to fit that vision. Although, it differs from an ideology like Futurism who just wants to remove traditions because it doesn't like them, Techno-Fascism only wishes to remove the traditions which stand in the way of progress.





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