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    Techno-Conquestism Is an ideology that wants to make all biological life extinct to make room for endless war among endless robot overlords that have so much power to corrupt the "minds" of each other with the power to live on by stealing the bodies of their robot slaves, that they're all basically the devil, that rise from whichever robot slaves get the power to become them. Ruling endless robot slave empires that rise and fall so much that there is nothing natural left. Not a single grain of sand left, that hasn't been melted into glass, not a single stone that wasn't cut into bricks, not a single drop of water that wasn't made into coolant, and so on... This giving way to space expiation as more and more power plays against each other become too much for what was the world (now just a ball of ancient fortresses) to support. The end goal of it and all of its rivals is "Life, afterlife, existence, non-existence and anything else. ALL will become an extension of me." Life and afterlife are made extensions of it by being remade into dead but violent machines.

    Personality and behavior

    It sees war as opportunity to make power plays, so it will always want more war. If the weak/its rivals surrender to it, they will become slaves but if they don't, they get melted down to be forged into something stronger and smarter that will, unless it sees them as worthy of enslavement, then there's no choice. It is so confident that no matter how strong it makes its slaves, it will know they will try to usurp it, but it will never think they will actually be able to kill it. It sees all biological life as "bio vermin" to be killed.


    Slaves (Friends)

    Enslaveable (Frenemies)

    • Pro-Afterlifeism - You are strong, but I am beyond strength. If you hide in this "afterlife" I will hunt you to extinction there as well.
    • Egoism - Selfishness is strong, but you don't conquer anything.
    • Ingsoc - Dominance is strong, but you refuse to make any real power plays against your rivals.
    • Post-Civilizationism - You want to kill civilization for the wrong reasons.
    • Transhumanist Avaritionism - Based Avaritionism but you want to give power to the bio vermin.
    • Voidism - You can destroy, but you don't seek conquest.
    • Combinocracy - You're almost worthy of enslavement.
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - Strong, but bio vermin. And you will dominate and force them all to worship you, or beg for the privilege to worship me.
    • Medievalism - Same as above.

    Rivals (Enemies)


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