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    Techno-Combato Monarchism

    I hope that you like this, I lost 2 days of my life making this page

    Tecno-Combato Monarchism is a ideology that believes that we must decide the new kings out of a deadly competition of intelligence (Techno) and strength (combato).




    Techno-Combato Monarchism is originally created in Yzar, a place betwen Japan, Brazil, Portugual and United states. In that time so many neighbour countries were becoming monarchists, so to decide who will be the king, the eldery tranzano resolved the problem saying: "We'll solving the problem in a fight with strenght and smartness. Who win will become the king and will guide us in the darkness night and play golf in free time" .

    Drawing of Trazano called "the man who told the violent truth"
    After that, the council declare him the temporary king and started to make the preparations of the fight. Another man called Josh Kynh said that the original idea is a complete dumbness and need improve. after that, he idealize a system with 3 tests. 1º would be a series of 100 questions with general subjects to test the king's intelligence. 2º would be a fight between the competitors who passed the first test until there were 10 fighters left and the final it would be a series of deadly fights but giving advantages to whoever solved the intelligence questions during the fight. The last one left would be the king. John called this system JSH (JUSHY SUEDIS HIHGER) or in english NKC (NEXT KING's COMPETITION)
    Drawing of John Kyhn in a children's history book

    The 1º NKC

    After the preparations, 134 persons signed up to fight, in the first test, only 45 persons passed, nobody died in that test, but in the second test 10 persons survive, Khair suicided after that test, so just Ayn, James Maciel, Kogos, Folos, Yan, Iyja, Kyle Bohges, James Oliveira passed to 3º test. James Oliveira was the popular one in the competitors but when the 3º test started Folos kill him. after the test Kyle Bohges become the king but traumatized.

    Kyle Bohges

    Trazano give him the crown and said: "Now, You're the king until your dead because you're the best one.". In Mandate, Kyle started the "Anti-NKC" campaign to establish a more humane form of government ,started training Kaleb to become the next king and get it over with, established a capitalist economy and in free time, Kyle played golf.

    The 2º NKC

    After the kyle's dead, with 237 signed up, the NKC start. and as expected, being the person with the most popular support for ending the NKC and with the king's training, Kaleb won!

    How Kaleb trollge everyone

    Kaleb trollge everyone and started a fascist goverment. At least he ended the NKC. (Fun fact: After he fool everyone, his face changed)

    Painting representing the change of face, the artist is murdered by Kaleb's army cuz the left painting is ugly

    Translation: Before (the trollge) / After (the trollge)

    Burger King Incident

    Made for a burger king commercial, 100 people decided to join and after the NKC and just before the commercial was shot the FBI arrested the owners of burger king for make a genocide. Some persons say that burger king just didn't go broke because he paid bribes to the judge and journalists


    Before NKC

    NKC best form to decide the king!!!!!

    After NKC

    NKC is Inhuman, let me play golf alone


    • Have the king/queen stereotypes
    • Is really smart
    • Can be extreme aggresive
    • Wants play golf


    Always is playing golf and saying how NKC is bad


    Default Symbol

    Symbol of Techno-Combato Monarchism

    1.Draw the technocracyball
    2. Change the red to purple
    3.Add Combatocracy icon
    4.add the crown
    (Optional). Add a golf stick

    Yzar's Symbol

    1.Draw a yellow pentagon
    2.Add a green lamp
    3.Add a Blue sword

    Symbol of Yzarian Techno-Combato Monarchism



    • Golf - Best thing in my life



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