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    Techno-Capitalism is an economically right, culturally progressive ideology found near the top right of the libertarian right quadrant. He believes the most efficient method and end goal of capitalism would be through mass automation, robotics and emerging technology to allow for extremely cheap but high quality products to be affordable to everyone supplied by competing businesses while the mainstream economy would turn to things that weren't material such as entertainment, art and digital experiences that would be exchanged between individuals as an income.

    While sharing similar values to Techno-Socialism, Techno-Capitalism believes automation is best for serving a capitalist market following the Chicago school of economics while sometimes advocating for a Negative Income Tax (NIT) to replace all forms of modern welfare.

    Personality and behaviour

    Techno-Capitalism is an extreme visionary, believing the advancement of technology and the embracement of capitalism will reach to a society full of pure pleasure at an extremely affordable price.

    Stylistic Notes

    Often associated with Elon Musk

    Sometimes quotes Milton Friedman

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw yellow line diagonally through the ball
    3. Fill in the space bellow with the same colour and the space above with light blue
    4. Draw the symbol of an atom in a darker shade of blue at centre of the ball
    5. (Optional) Add a yellow dollar sign in the nucleus of the atom
    6. Add eyes and you're done!

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