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    Team EX Model is a far-right, anti-humanist, and animal supremacist ideology based on the anime Murenase! Seton Gakuen, more precisely in the Darwin Academy where there is a group called Team EX.


    This ideology originates when after Man Koorimoto met Anne Anetani, they decided to create Team EX (Extinct Team) with a markedly exaggerated hatred against humans and the desire for the ancient species to demonstrate their superiority and rise once more. Later, other students join, and they begin a way of making their tasks work, arriving at the Seton Academy where Anne Anetani infiltrates as a spy and befriends Hitomi Hino, later succeeding, after posing as a human, to capture Hitomi and After Man Koorimoto defeated Hitomi's friends first, he then challenges them to a tournament between Ranka Ookami and Man Koorimoto in which if Koorimoto won Hitomi would be captured forever after that, Man Koorimoto seemed to have the advantage and almost managed to win until that Anne Anetani realizes that it was too much, and that Hitomi felt sorry for her and then, she tells Koorimoto that if she did not release Hitomi, she would stop being her friend, thus making Man Koorimoto sad and falling to the ground, winning ranka Later, everything would be arranged and there would be peace between the two academies.



    • Esoteric Fascism - the ancient species were totally mystical and intelligently wise that sought to establish order
    • Environmentalism - We must protect our planet from the threat of (((humans)))
    • National Socialism - I only imagine a reich of extinct species, it would be very based!
    • Fascism - extinct species should control the state against human Anarkiddies
    • Speciesism - only higher ancient species!
    • Species Nationalism - The great animal nation!
    • Anti-Humanism - against humanity
    • Burgundian System - we must provoke the world powers to start a nuclear war and make the entire human race extinct and the ancient species repopulate the planet


    • Human Nationalism - disgusting human, I hate you for a long time and I will continue but, Jin Mazama is the only human who will respect for now and also Hitomi Hino
    • Wolfpack Meritocracy - good organization system but Ranka Ookami is very Pro-Human


    • Human Chauvinism - disgusting h*man degenerate!, you deserve to be exterminated!
    • Maoism - another human who killed innocent species for his profit!
    • Humanism - you are just as degenerate as human chauvinism!
    • Climate Skepticism - You will not destroy our great sacred land of millions of years!

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