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    Flag of the T'au empire

    Tau'va, more commonly known as "The Greater Good" is the ideology and system of the T'au empire in the Warhammer 40k universe. It pursues a religious/philosophical principal of the greater good. Which seeks to ensure good for the greatest number of being in the galaxy. It is totalitarian, multiculturalist and expansionist. It also employs a strict caste system. The economy and production is in complete control of the state, to a point where money does not exist in T'au society.

    Caste system

    T'au society is divided into castes each bred and trained for the castes purpose. No member of T'au socity is without a job as they are eternally assigned one at birth and their path and life has already been prepared for them. It is illegal to interbreed with other castes.

    Ethereal caste

    The Ethereal caste is the aristocracy of T'au society, Ethereal are the statesmen and high officials leading the society and no T'au would question their rule, partially from intense indoctrination and partially from Ethereal power to control other members of its species trough pheromones. Ethereal substitute for priests, a government officials and a leaders at once.

    Fire caste

    Fire caste is the army of the T'au empire. They exist to wage war, protect and expand the Empire trough military operations known as "spheres of expansion". They are born with bigger strenght and affinity for combat, despite this they are physically weaker then most of their foes, so they resort to enormous firepower instead of close quarters combat.

    Air caste

    Air caste are pilots. They pilot everything from fleets to single fighters. Their bodies can withstand more pressure.

    Earth caste

    Scientists and researchers. They are born to research technology for the greater good of the empire. They are born with talent in science.

    Water caste

    Diplomats of the T'au. Unlike other species, T'au are one of the few in the universe who prefer diplomacy over fighting. They are often send into new worlds to negotiate with locals about them joining the Empire. They are also key in propaganda wars waged with the Empire, as they can often spark a rebel group in Imperial words, or even convince planetary governors to join their Empire.

    Allied species

    T'au often ally themselves with different species and convert them to The Greater Good. Several species have joined their Empire, T'au allow other species to keep their religion and culture, and merge their believes with the greater good.


    Kroot are a species of tribal aliens from planet of the same name, they have been very eager to join the T'au but they also sometimes act as mercenaries for Imperials.


    Vespid are insectoid species. They joined The Greater Good as they saw it as perfectly convertable for their own society and seen great opportunnity in cooperation with the T'au.


    Literally "Human servant" in T'au language, are humans who have joined the greater good. They often keep their faith in the God-Emperor when joining the Empire and see him as the physical manifestation of The Greater Good.




    • Ultravisionary Socialism- A true visionary of the greater good but hes surrounded by violent fanatics? I relate to him in so many ways!
    • Posadism- Dont worry we are coming! You do not have to nuke the planet for us tho, we can do this non-violently.
    • Multiculturalism
    • File:PCB-Xenoequalism.png Xenoequalism - All species are equal (all classes, not so much).
    • Sablinism - You are a true idealistic of the greater good but he's revolting against revisionists? I also relate to him in so many ways!
    • Monteirism - You are a true theorist of the greater good, but you should stop fighting everyone who disagrees with you and focus on build your core group.
    • Pantheonism - You seem to be interested in the greater good but why do you like Commander Farsight?


    • Fascism-You have a very good idea on how state should be run but why be against other races, when you can Ally with them?
    • Cosmopolitanism-Based! Hold up, whats on your flag?
    • Farsight Enclaves - You are a traitor to the greater good!


    • Imperiumism-What do you mean "Angels of death" is not a religous hyperbole?

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