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    Tanukism is fictional, off compass, ideology that is a deformed Symboli Rudolf (chibi) horse ball created by Futaba Channel community, which already had a long history of discussing horse racing. There is an independent, enclosed culture at Futaba Channel in which It only had a surface level of understanding. Tanukism is all started with a fanart of Symboli Rudolf named Shonbori Rudolf or downhearted and/or depressed Rudolf on Twitter appeared in May 2020. Because the chibi Rudolf looked somewhat like a Japanese racoon dog, so it’s nicknamed .

    After that Tanukism went viral, most of the art were created by the Futaba Channel artists. Because they will disappear in 48 hours, it’s hard to collect them all unless you had been following Futaba for a while. There were also two main series drew in different styles: Jitabata (struggling) series and refined series. Jitabata series were done by various artists and refined series were done by only one person. There were also artists creating Tanukism's characters from other franchises. Tanukism is branded with Futaba culture; they were used as materials for short meme clips reflecting Futaba cultures. The setting of some characters deviated from their original image and can actually “harms the ideas or reputation of the real horse image” more than horse girl porn.

    But again, that’s forget those guidelines and enjoy the Tanukism's memes.

    This is how it looks like if Tanukism became a ball:

    Original Tanukism

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