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    Tanoshismpix.png Tanoshism, also the ideology of U/ClimateDictatorship is an AuthRight, and Culturally Left ideology that is centered around Altruistic Hedonism and Environmentalism, and how to achieve them.



    One of Tanoshism's beliefs is Absolute Monarchism. They believe in Absolute Monarchism, because they have a Hoppean-like critique of Democracy, however don't go for Anarchy, as they still believe the state is a necessary evil. They also believe in Scientocracy to make the monarch's choices more educated. They take an Enlightened Absolutism approach with the relationship of the people and the monarch.


    Tanoshism's cultural beliefs are extremely left. They believe in LGBTQ Rights, Feminism, Altruistic Hedonism, and Deep Ecology. They are very protective of animal rights, and will do anything to ensure them. Tanoshism's economic beliefs coincide with their cultural beliefs because they believe the best way to achieve Altruistic Hedonism is through Free Market Capitalism.


    Tanoshism's economic beliefs are moderately right. They believe in Free Market Capitalism for the reason explained before. They also believe that unregulated markets will lead to the most pleasure giving people having the most money. They also are a Georgist, and a Welfarist beleiving what Henry George did, however they believe welfare should be done carefully as to not have any unintended affects on the markets. They believe in some regulations to ensure environmental protections as well.


    The diplomatic views of Tanoshism are diplomatically variable, pro-immigration, and Imperialism. They believe that they don't have to listen to other nations, however they are still willing to help other nations, and cooperate with them. Their imperialism is to eventually ensure only one state exists, so to achieve maximum human pleasure and harmony.

    How to Draw

    Default Design

    Flag of Tanoshism
    1. Fill the background with black
    2. Draw a heart
    3. Fill the ball with a pastel pink color
    4. Draw five bumps on the left side of the heart to symbolize the invisible hand of the market
    5. Add the eyes
    6. Add hat (Optional)
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Pastel Pink #FFA0F0 255, 160, 240



    • Welf.png Welfarism - Based, but some of your followers aren't very interested in preserving the free market...
    • Femboy.png Femboyism - The most revolutionary type of male


    • Sec.png Authoritarianism - You're cool, just liberate the people instead of restricting them.


    Bad But Not Evil


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