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    Tanisism is the authoritarian right monarchist ideology of Addycakesball if she had been born male, similarly to how Aaron/Lord Atom would be called Sina if he had been born female. He somewhat behaves similarly to his female counterpart except for the following:

    1. He is much more obsessed with medieval-to-early-1900s history to the point he dresses the way clothing was back then.
    2. He only uses the computer for music, gaming, and watching videos.
    3. He doesn't act as weird as Addycakesball.
    4. He doesn't use the computer as much as Addycakesball does due to his old-fashioned lifestyle.
    5. He lives a rather old-fashioned lifestyle with Romanesque architecture, pre-1950s music, 1800s literature, etc.
    6. He isn't as nihilist or autocratic as his female counterpart due to his old-fashioned lifestyle.
    7. He's more extroverted than his female counterpart due to his socializing, partying, etc. with others.
    8. More coming soon...

    How to Draw

    • Coming soon...


    Being one of the most important parts of any ideology, Tanisism is bound to have his preferred aesthetics like almost every ideology in existence and Polcompball.

    • 1300s aesthetics
    • 1400s aesthetics
    • 1500s aesthetics
    • 1600s aesthetics
    • 1700s aesthetics
    • 1800s aesthetics
    • American Revolution aesthetics
    • Celtic
    • Colonial American
    • German ( Prussian aesthetics also count as German for Addycakesball Thought)
    • Polish
    • Romanesque
    • Taiga and boreal forests
    • More coming soon...



    Any LGBTQ+ or culturally right ideology, especially:



    • Homophobia and Transphobia - Vile degenerates that think LGBTQ+ is a modern invention, how art thou "conservative" or "traditional" at all?!
    • Kakistocracy - Why art thou wasting time by watching those weird cartoons, kid?


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