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    How to Draw

    1. Blue ball with slight upwards gradient.
    2. Yellow on top.
    3. Has a blue stylish hat with a clipout in front and a long feather in the middle that flops over the head.
    4. A white trim across the top brim of the hat.
    5. Carries a Haraegushi that it uses to cast magic spells.
    6. Takoyakism is a Tentacle Monster / Octopus that curls up into a ball for mobility.
    7. Tentacles can be lewd or lovecraftian.
    8. Uses loose tentacles on the bottom to maneuver around.

    Global Federated Municipal Subsidivism

    The creation of a world government,a union, a Federation style.
    The creation of municipal city-states.
    Various layers of government between them. ie.

     A council on a geographic area such as a valley or mountain.
    A council on a linguistic area, like german-speaking areas of west to central europe.
    A council for an ethnic dominated area.

    The weight of the government shall be bottom up, mostly performed at the municipal level. Escalating as needed.


    Public provided healthcare.Including vision, and dental.
    Public provided education.At all levels.
    Public provided daycare.Up to adulthood.But including adult daycare.
    Public subsidized unemployment.
    Public subsidized employee unions, and retraining.
    Public retirement and pension.
    Public subsidized leave for special purposes.
    Clean air,soil,water,etc.


    A government formed on the basis of Technocracy. With a collection of experts serving as representatives in a council of decision-making, and direction. The government shall be headed by a representative democracy, where the representatives shall serve in a constitutional republic.

    Education Reform: Overhaul on education k-20. A focus on teaching how to learn, instead of just memory retention like vocabulary.The use of base degrees and co-degrees. Maximize analytical data gathering, provide common coursework, and cooperation.
    Compulsory education up to the Ph.d. level.

    Justice Reform: Should be using Civil Law. Judges should not be making their own laws. Precedence is out the window.Minimums, Maximums, three strike laws, are gone.Prisons should be gone. Use a rehabilitation center, where criminals check in at night, and are subject to random testing. Have them work during the day, and perform service hours, and attend counseling.
    ban on plea deals wtf.
    Seperation of Church and State:
    The state should take a stance of religious plurality, to include secularism and irreligion. Should provide for the practice of ones religion, or lack of religion. The state shall not condone, condemn or practice religion.

    Compulsory military/federal service.To include education, training, and physical improvement. And to provide defense as necessary.

    Voting reform: Use of a proportional nation/world-wide voting system. To form groups based on likeness in voting. To combine ordinal and cardinal data, and candidate emdorsement. See PLACE MARS STAR STLR
    Utilities are municipal consumer coöperatives.
    Government can start companies in non-existent markets, and low-competition markets, and when appropriate, spin them off as private companies.
    Government bounty programs, to provide a payment for useful services, such as improving fuel efficiency.

    The use of progressive taxation.
    The elimination of regressive taxation.
    The charge of fines and costs in proportion with ones ability to pay.
    As few limitations and impact on the going-ons of the populace as possible, so long as they do not degrade the society or government function.
    The use of bounty systems to fund critical research.


    Constant genetic improvement.
    Constant bionic improvement.
    Deconstruction of racial divides.
    Deconstruction of gender. It's unique to the individual.


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