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    Taiwan Democratic Progressivism

    The Democratic Progressive Party is a culturally progressive, economically center to center-left, nationalist party in Taiwan and the ruling party of this country since 2016. It is one of two major parties in Taiwan, the other being Kuomintang.


    The DPP promotes Taiwanese national identity , preservation of local languages like Taiwanse Hokkien, Hakka and other indigenous languages and most importantly, the creation of an independent Taiwanese nation and the abolish of ROC, which is opposed to KMT's Chinese identity promotion (which regards Taiwan as part of China) and their ultimate goal of reunification with China.

    Their overall cultural progressivism and support for welfare programs and internationalization makes them differ from many other National Liberal partiesand closer to Third Way Liberalism. In addition, they also actively promote a Taiwanese identity based on Civic Nationalism. This tendency was related to the nation's White Terror history and the repression against Taiwanese identity and liberal values during said period.

    In 2018, Tsai Ing-wen suggested a political framework which dictates which values that are deemed acceptable and recognized in Taiwan, known as Taiwanese Values, which emphasizes on these principles based on Universalism: Democracy, Liberty, Diversity, Openness, Rule of Law, Human Rights, Social Welfare, and Sustainability. Due to the overuse of concept and DPP's hostility toward any dissent, Many politicians and netizens who criticize the DPP will use it as a pejorative and satirical term, especially the Pan-Blue Coalition, for instance "Taiwanese Values Idiom Classes" launched by Taiwan People's Party Fans Club to mock the DPP administration[2], or calling someone whose political views did not align with the Pan-Green coalition "Lack of Taiwanese Values" satirically.

    Personality and Behavior


    Taiwanese Patriots and International Friends

    Useful "Friends"

    • Hong Kong Democratism - Support HK’s democracy movement and its right to self-determination! But don't expect us to take your refugees or finance you.
    • Liberal Tridemism - Well, based on international humanitarian, we support Chinese Democracy and a good prototype to propagate how evil They are and what may happen if we accept the demand of "Re-UnIfiCaTiOn". But no for any financial or weapon support. And stop seen Taiwan as some stupid Free China or what, Taiwan is NOT China or apart of it, TAIWAN SHOULD JUST BE TAIWAN. Also not PUA us with the "Fate of Chinese is important to Taiwan" anymore, you Chinese freedom is only your burdon to fought.
    • Mazu Belief

    Chinese Imperialists and Nation Traitors


    1. the color green represents DPP in Taiwanese politics
    2. https://www.chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20201120005802-260407?chdtv
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