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    Taco Neoliberalism is a joke self insert ideology made by a former PCBA user that believes in the neoliberal principle of taco shops on every corner. Taco Neoliberalism loves all types of tacos, as long as they don't come from ideologies that rival him. Taco Neoliberalism also hates all food that isn't tacos.


    On the economy

    Taco Neoliberalism believes in capitalism, as long as the people and corporations are only producing tacos. Because of this, Taco Neoliberalism can be seen screeching at everyone that tries to produce anything that isn't a taco. He also believes corporations such as Taco Bell and Torchy's Tacos should have massive power, and that taco stands should have tax breaks to encourage them to become full on big businesses.

    On Food

    Taco Neoliberalism believes that the people should eat tacos and only tacos. He believes in banning all restaurants that don't serve tacos, as well as banning all farms that use their ingredients to produce food that isn't tacos. Anyone that eats food that isn't tacos will be sent to the Taco Bell Reeducation camp, where they are force-fed tacos until they recite the Taco Pledge. He also believes that taco stands that are not neoliberal are not real taco stands, and thus are treated as making or eating non-tacos.


    Taco Neoliberalism seeks to forge an unbreaking relationship with Mexico, as tacos originated there. As for all other countries, Taco Neoliberalism plans to launch a great taco jihad to force everyone to eat tacos instead of other foods.

    Civic Beliefs

    Taco Neoliberalism believes whoever makes the most money from tacos should be the leader of the nation and the world.

    Taco Pledge

    I pledge allegiance, to the Great food of tacos.
    From Taco Bell to Torchy's Tacos
    All the way to the struggling taco stands.
    I pledge to use all of my labour and talent
    To make tacos easily accessible
    For all struggling citizens of the world.


    Fellow Taco Eaters

    Burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, etc.

    • Corporatocracy - Taco Bell is based, but all non-taco businesses need to be reeducated.
    • Cheese - Not a taco, but at least you are commonly used to make tacos!
    • Pork, Tomatoes, and Corn - Same goes with you.
    • Veganarchism - Chill out! I have vegan tacos!
    • Mexican Fascism - Mexican, but still a cringe fascist.
    • Crabbyism - Disgusting degenerate ideology, but at least I can use you to make crab tacos!
    • Liquid-Poopism - I need to go, really bad!
    • Anarchist taco stand rivals - Likes tacos, like me, but you all are anarchist rivals.


    Fellow Taco Eaters

    Burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, etc.

    • Brazilian Liberalism - You are a neoliberal, which is based and red-tacoed, but your racial quota idea has one teensy problem. The quota applies to ALL minorities in Brazil instead of just Mexicans. Just declare eating food that isn't tacos as a direct sin against the government and we'll be good.
    • - You are a neo-libertarian, (which is pretty much the same as being a neoliberal) and you like tacos, but unfortunately, you like cheeseburgers as well, and support the legalization of drugs, which takes time away from people producing tacos. Just renounce those things, and we'll be good.


    • Burgerdian System - Non-taco fashie detected on American soil. Lethal force engaged.
    • Watermelon National Socialism - Another non-taco fascist detected!
    • Neo-Cherryism - Not only you are not a taco, but you also believe the Mexicans are inferior to the wh*tes!
    • Global Oreoism - Disgusting oreo cookie. You are also just a ripoff of Hydrox.
    • Corpotarist Kemalism - Not only you're a disgusting corporatist and anti-globalist, but you're also from Turkey! (AKA a food that isn't tacos)
    • A former PCBA user - You admitted that you like barbeque in your ideology relationships page. What do you mean I was created by you?!
    • Aryan Monarchism - Not only you think wh*te people are the master race and not glorious Mexicans, you are also extremely isolationist to protect your nation from the glorious taco stands! It looks like the brown taco army is coming in your direction! Be prepared!


    Write here if you want me to add you.

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