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    Taboritskyism is an ideology originating from a Hearts of Iron IV mod, The New Order: Last Days of Europe. The ideology is a theocratic, monarchist, and Russian variant of the PCB-Burgsys.png Burgundian System, originating from the Komi Republic. He believes that Tsarevich Alexei Romanov is still alive and in hiding. As a Monarchist, he hopes to bring Alexei back. He believes that the only way to trigger Alexei's return is to "purify" Russia of all "impure" elements - which means killing political opponents, ethnic minorities, the disabled, and people insufficiently loyal to him. He intends to implement the Burgundian System in Russia, seeing it as the only way to purify the country.


    Taboritsky himself starts off as an insignificant politician in the state of Komi, a territory in the Balkanized mess that is TNO’s Russia. When the AI is playing Komi TNO.png Komi, Taboritsky has almost no chance of winning the game, as he is often banished or executed by the centrists, communists, or even his fellow rightists. Instead, he relies on player interference to gain power.

    If Taboritsky wins the elections necessary to place him in charge, the entire building he’s in would go berserk, as there is supposed to be no way for him to win. Initially, he is a Clerical Fascist (National Socialist), but as time goes on, he’ll reveal his true colors with the Imperial Cult (Burgundian System). The rest of the game plays out as more and more distasteful events happen (including a disabled child getting unpersoned, the commission of a new kind of gas, and a few other events) and the Holy Russian economy and research base implode under Taboritsky’s insanity.

    His ideology can never succeed in-game, as it obviously destroys Russian society, and Taboritsky himself dies from the shock upon realizing that he was deluding himself with Alexei never coming back. In the old version of TNO, what followed was neo-warlord anarchy in Russia, with much of the population gone and madmen armed with chemical weapons destroying whatever remains. Eventually, this turns into demilitarized anarchy (Radio Silence).

    In newer versions, however, Russia collapses almost immediately after Taboritsky dies. His successor, Viktor Larionov, is a cowardly and spiteful man incapable of holding the huge HRE together, and the second period of Balkanization commences. These states are even worse than their predecessors and it is stated that overall, Russia has no hope of reunifying ever again, as evidenced by the fact that none of the post-Taboritsky warlord states are playable without the use of cheats.


    After the collapse of the actual Holy Russian Empire, many splinter states arise that still follow the insane ideology of the Imperial Cult.

    • Larionovism is the direct descendent of the original Imperial Cult, and is essentially the same as it, only differing in the selected regent.

    • Evtukovich.png Evtukovichism is an even more extreme version of the Imperial Cult that is built on the final orders a stormtrooper brigade was given before Taboritsky’s death; purge the Urals of any and all degenerates. The already insane racial and personal expectations of the HRE are taken to their illogical extreme, and people are killed for the smallest infractions.

    • Dikiy.png Dikiyism is probably the worst conceivable ideology in the entirety of TNO. It combines the expectations of the Imperial Cult with the undying selfishness and hedonism of its founder, Andrey Dikiy. It is essentially Josias’s state in Reichskomissariat Kaukasien on literal black tar heroin.


    Taboritskyism believes that Tsarevich Alexei is still alive and uses the Burgundian System to properly cleanse Russia from all unholy influences. This ranges from Bolsheviks, Jews, Minorities, people who accidentally drop their tools, and so on. It views Russians as the mightiest race and desires to exterminate all the "sub-humans" who reside in Russia, only then Alexei will return. The poor are seen as degenerate beasts, who are like this because of "Impiety" or "Jewish subversion". Fitting for most leaders of extreme reactionary ideals, however, Taboritsky himself doesn't follow his vision of purity, being of Jewish descent as well which causes him endless mental anguish and likely the need for his ideology to over-exert the extermination campaigns.

    Speaking of his hatred of the poor, Taboritskyism wants to keep working conditions as low as possible, only providing the bare minimum, as anything more would just be Communism. His Spartanist ideals come with standards set so high, that even accidentally dropping your tools when working is considered a crime that deserves a forced disappearance. Taboriksky will at one point have the option to make the Russian economy entirely black market run, he justifies this by stating that he believes that Jews control the international market.

    Taboritskyism is very autocratic, preferring to micromanage the subordinates when things don't go his way.


    Taboritskyism is extremely secluded and rather mysterious around others. He dislikes communists and minorities and would do anything to remove them (or their traits) from his country. He generally likes tsarism/monarchism and would do anything to restore the throne (by purifying Russia).


    "Fiat Iustudia, Et Pereat Mundus."
    "I have lived a happy life. My only wish is that it does not end on this day and in this manner."
    "The death train rolls along, no matter who the conductor is, no matter his blood."
    "Now all he wanted was an answer. He would not get one."
    "Humanity has not earned paradise."
    "Remain Calm. The Regent Endures. Alexei Lives. There Is Much To Be Done."

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle
    2. Color it yellow
    3. Draw the symbol of the Pamyat Society
      1. Draw the Russian double-eagle, with the staff replaced by a sword
      2. Replace the shield with a black circle with a brown outline
      3. Draw an unfinished swastika
      4. Draw a yellow circle with a brown outline in the center of the swastika
      5. Draw the face of Jesus in the middle
    4. Draw one normal eye
    5. Draw a clock at 11 o'clock or 12 o'clock on the other eye
    6. You are finished, and so will Russia... maybe forever




    • Momentism.png Momentism - The clock must never reach midnight. But what's the status quo?
    • Legion.png Legionarism - The less extreme version of me but Romanian.
    • PCB-Imperium.png Imperiumism - A monarchist xenophobic ideology working in service to a totally-not-dead emperor? Huh.
    • PCB-AnWaifu.png Lolis - I brought you into existance but I didn't intend to do that!


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