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    {{TIIKKETMASTER thought}} ([[File:Neobert.png|link= Neo-Libertarianism]]/[[File:Rural.png|link= Ruralism]]/[[File:CapDarwin.png|link= Social Darwinism]]/[[File:InfRevolutionaryism.png|link= Revolutionary Progressivism]]/[[File:Land_Centralism.png|link= Land Centralism]]/[[File:ConAut.png|link= Constitutional Autocracy]]/[[File:Bud.png|link= Realistic Buddhism]])

    Note: WIP and major ideological reforms, make sure to check back every once in a while.

    "You want to claim a share of my bank but I ain't no Wells Fargo"

    "Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go."

    "Nobody's free until everybody's free"

    "I have a dream... that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood."

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

    "Back in my old neighborhood, there was a special contempt for the kind of guy who was always trying to get two other guys to fight each other. Today, it is considered a great contribution to society to incite consumers against producers, tenants against landlords, women against men, and the races against each other."

    "Imagine a society that subjects people to conditions that make them terribly unhappy then gives them the drugs to take away their unhappiness. Science fiction? It is already happening to some extent in our own society. Instead of removing the conditions that make people depressed, modern society gives them antidepressant drugs. In effect, antidepressants are a means of modifying an individual's internal state in such a way as to enable him to tolerate social conditions that he would otherwise find intolerable."

    My shit V

    Be aware that i am autistic and my explanations are pretty dogshit so yeah

    It is suggested that you hide the contents box.

    Unconditional Progressivism



    I believe that conservatism (and usually religion) is nothing but esoteric indoctrination that holds little meaning.

    I am against reactionaries because they are against logical thinking in favor of, you guessed it, reaction.


    Drug Absolutism

    I believe that all drugs should be legalized.

    I believe that children and teenagers should be allowed to consume drugs. Likewise, i agree that parents should have some guidance over their children to not consume drugs, but it is ultimately up to the children themselves to do what they feel is best.

    Free Thought

    Biological Accelerationism

    I believe in biological and genetic transhumanism, so I approve of new technologies that strengthen our genes.

    For example, i believe i saw something about a gene that determines how much sleep you need. If this gene was given to people via transhumanism, who knows how revolutionary that would be for the human race.


    I believe that mothers do not have any authority to murder their children, but if an infant or child dies via natural causes on public property, then the mother should not be held accountable.

    Yes, technically i am ok with infant/child abandonment, as every human must pursue their means of survival and/or happiness.


    I believe that as technology gets cleaner, we can use better tech to rid the earth of various polluters.

    Raising Children Apolitically

    this makes free thought easier for children for when they start to form their own opinions on politics.


    I believe that we are nothing but small parts of the infinitely-expanding universe, and that truly nothing matters and will ever matter, at least when the universe dies via Heat Death in a couple septillion years.


    I agree with Siddhartha Gautama's critique on human psychology. As in:

    • Most of our problems stem from our psychological want instead of true need, causing our perceived troubles.
    • Instead of continuing to trouble ourselves with these perceived problems, we should actively push against this psychological effect, and thus make our lives better through removing perceived problems that aren't really problems at all, theoretically.


    Function of the state

    As i am a libertarian, i envision a reasonably small state with the basic functions of society.

    • Protection of the environment from polluters and extreme urbanization
    • Centralized planning and equal distribution of land amongst the world population
    • Eliminating Trusts and limiting corpos when needed
    • Basic values of Minarchism, including:
      • Police, to protect citizens from criminals
      • Courts, to settle disputes amongst citizens according to objective laws (protection from violence, theft, fraud, and breach of contract)
      • Military, to protect citizens from foreign invaders, and to eventually Imperialize authoritarian regimes once strong enough

    I believe in a state that is ran via an autocracy, which is held down via a Constitution.


    I believe that Alter-Globalism is a benefit if we want to bring libertarianism globally, as we will be able to have an effect on large internationalist countries, and spreading our ideals globally.


    I believe imperialism should be used to forcefully destroy authoritarian regimes in other countries.

    Nature Supremacy

    I believe that nature in inherently supreme above the anthrosphere, and there should be extreme measures to protect it.


    we can study history to make sense as to why most people go hungry in a capitalist society.

    mainly, the poor people who struggle the most are those that live in densely populated, urban cities that replace millions of square meters of forestry (of which hold thousands of edible plants and animals) with organs of a city that exist solely to serve a small part of the anthrosphere.

    the lesser amount of naturally obtainable food there is in such an urban society, obviously the more these people go hungry. there is just a lesser amount of space for people to gain their own food that results in the need for charities and food banks in a ruralist society.

    I shifted my thought to be more critical on urbanization rather than industrialization itself, as i see Kaczynski's critiques fit well on urbanization rather than the whole techno-industrial system itself.

    a Praxis i thought up would be to end all farm and food subsidies & to slow down food imports so that densely-populated areas go hungry and create a push-factor in these places so that people start living in less-dense areas with more farmland

    It is also important to note that i dont believe the whole world should be ruralized. i believe a good balance of 5% of the earth's land should be urbanized, mainly for governmental service & somewhat larger businesses.

    Environmentalism and Libertarianism

    Pollution markets are the same as violent markets. i.e. they both violate the NAP. It is actually more libertarian to outlaw pollution, and should not be considered leftist or authoritarian.


    I am not a nationalist in the sense of my country, i am more of a nationalist in the sense of my ideology, and my movement. thus why i mostly answer yes to some of the nationalistic questions in some polcomp tests.

    Total Authoritarian Destruction

    Total Economic Deregulation

    no, you wont have fucking sawdust in your salami, shut the fuck up socialist dumbfucks. i swear to god you fucking commies dont know what the word "competition" means.

    Land Centralism

    This pertains to my belief that the government should hold, centrally, all the land currently on earth.

    If a person wants a piece of land, the government takes account of where it is, how dense the place is, etc.

    A person acquires the land and owns it, either until death, or it is given up to the government in exchange for a new location.

    once land is taken, the government may not intervene in any way (unless this person is breaking Eco-Laws).

    There will be some places on earth that will have more lenient placement. i.e. letting more people settle closer to each other vs. places that will have a lot more careful and less-compact settle area, vs some places that will take care to have little to no settle locations that are purely for wildlife. not to say that people cant go to these places, they just cannot settle & build there.

    Austrian School

    Yes, competition drives innovation. Competition drives the individuals and companies to make the best product or service to be better than the other ones for profit. The invisible hand does all the work.

    Back to what i said about the sawdust in your salami thing, if a company or individual makes salami that happens to contain bad shit, people are going to buy from these people less and they're going to go out of business.

    corporations often benefit from government subsidies, tax breaks, and regulations that favor them, eliminating fair competition.

    A huge reason why insulin is so costly is because the government basically favors the corpos with the laws they make. with laws preventing smaller companies and individuals from creating it themselves, the government has basically crafted the monopolies themselves.

    Furthermore, if you really want less sawdust in your salami, then just use unions and syndicates.

    Unions would act as a balancing point with bigger companies and quasi-monopolies. Here's how it goes:

    Unions could act as simple info holders. Customers can go to these unions and find out what companies are doing; cleanliness, preparation, general shit.

    If a company does not opt into having these unions monitor and check up on these companies, then they would simply be "undocumented", and it would be up to the consumer as to whether or not to trust them.

    this could possibly deter new customers from wanting to give these companies a try, thus resulting in a non-coercive and fully-safe economy.

    Social and Economic Darwinism

    The strongest WILL survive. that is a natural fact. there is no reason to be altruistic because, at the end of the day, these people will die and that altruism will all be for nothing. I believe it is instead better to focus on yourself, because at the end of the day, that is all that truly matters.


    I idealize an economy mostly made up of self-employed individuals performing voluntary transactions with each other, usually labor for capital/goods. i.e. a barter-centric economy placed in a capitalist framework.



    "An economically-left framework of governance will always be more coercive than a right one. To cooperate with one-another must be of a voluntary decision." - yours truly.

    Basically what i note in this is that i accept if a community of people want to voluntarily work with each other. i am extremely sympathetic to Left-Rothbardianism, because it notes how leftist communities can exist within a capitalist framework, and i'm all for that.

    Dumb Shit


    I actually advise you to, so i can change your score if i change a number or smth. it also looks cool.

    User Tests

    The Dumb One Everybody Does

    Civic Axis

      • Aggressive Anarchism (-3)
      • Anarchist (0)
      • Minarchist (+1)
      • Libertarian (+2)
      • Liberal (+1)
      • Civically Moderate (-1)
      • Statist (-2)
      • Authoritarian (-5)
      • Totalitarian (-6)
      • Orwellian (-9)

    Type of Rule Axis

      • (Libertarian) Anti-Democracy (+1)
      • Direct Democracy (0)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (-1)
      • Representative Democracy (-2)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (-3)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (-4)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (-5)

    Economic Axis

    (This believes in what the overall framework of society should be, not a select region)

      • Marxist Communist (-5)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (-4)
      • Socialist (-3)
      • Mixed (-2)
      • Third Positionism (-1)
      • Liberal Economics (0)
      • Capitalist (+2)
      • Darwinist (+3)
    • If none above apply...
      • Anti-Economy (0 (idfk))

    Economic Freedom

      • Anti-Economy (-4)
      • Dirigisme(econ. planning) (-3)
      • Regulationism (-2)
      • Mixed (-1)
      • Liberal Economics (0)
      • Free Market (+1)
      • Laissez-Faire (+3)
      • Laissez-Faire + Violent Markets (-3)

    Diplomatic "Axis"

    Yes, i understand this thing isnt even a fucking axis, its so badly made but im too lazy to fix it. just choose the shit for christ's sake.

      • Cosmopolitan (+3)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (+3) (although i only counted the 1)
      • World Federalist (+1)
      • Internationalist (+1)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Civic Nationalist (-1)
      • Patriotic (-1)
      • Nationalist (-3)
      • Chauvinist (-4)
    • Pick all that apply...
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-5)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-3)


    BTW even i think this is really fucking stupid so you dont have to do it if you dont wanna. just make it parenthetical for all i care.

      • Western (+1)
      • Western Adjacent (+2)
      • Non-Aligned (+3)
      • East Adjacent (-3)
      • Eastern (-5)

    Cultural Axis

      • Revolutionary (+3)
      • Progressive (+2)
      • Reformist (+1)
      • Syncretic (0)
      • Conservative (-1)
      • Traditionalist (-2)
      • Reactionary (-3)

    Technological Axis

      • Primal (-4)
      • Primitivist (-5)
      • Pre-Industrial (-1)
      • Deceleration (-1)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Acceleration (+1)
      • Automated (+2)
      • Genetic Transhumanist (+3)
      • Transhumanist (+2)
      • Posthumanist (-5)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (0)
      • Radical Environmentalism (+3)
      • Ecocentrism (+2)
      • Environmentalist (+1)
      • Moderate (-2)
      • Industrialist (-3)
      • Anthropocentric (-5)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-7)

    War Axis

      • Pacifism (0)
      • Non-engagement (0)
      • Intervention (+3)
      • Irredentism (+2)
      • Revachism (+1)
      • Jingoism (+1)

    Religion "Axis" (Optional)

    Choose ALL that apply...

      • Atheism (+5)
      • Buddhism (+5)
      • Original Paganism (+3)
      • Neo-Paganism (+3)
      • Wicca (+3)
      • Hinduism (+2)
      • Satanism (-1)
      • Protestantism (-1)
      • Judaism (-2)
      • Orthodoxy (-2)
      • Catholicism (-3)
      • Islam (-3)
      • Shinto (-3)
      • Irreligion (+4) (yes, irreligion and atheism are different, fuck off)

    Add yourself here.

    Sex Values

    Attraction Axis

    • Feminine (0)
    • Feminine-Leaning (+1)
    • Neutral (+2)
    • Masculine-Leaning (+1)
    • Masculine (0)

    Sex Drive Axis

    • Hyposexual (-2)
    • Low (-1)
    • Medium (0)
    • High (+1)
    • Hypersexual (+2)

    Dominance Axis

    • Dominant (-2)
    • Dominant-Leaning (-1)
    • Switch (0)
    • Submissive-Leaning (+1)
    • Submissive (+2)

    Deviance Axis

    • Puritan (0)
    • Vanilla (+1)
    • Balanced (+2)
    • Kinky (+1)
    • Deviant (0)

    Affection Axis

    • Hedonist (-1)
    • Open (0)
    • Neutral (+1)
    • Affective (+2)
    • Exclusive (+1)

    Add yourself here.

    Libertarian Infighting


    • Anti-Statist (-1)
    • Soft Anti-Statist (0)
    • Neutral (+1)
    • Soft Statist (+2)
    • Statist (+1)


    • Direct Democracy (-1)
    • Soft Direct Democracy (0)
    • Neutral (+1)
    • Soft Anti-Democracy (+2)
    • Anti-Democracy (+1)


    • Rentier (-2)
    • Soft Rentier (-1)
    • Neutral (0)
    • Soft Georgist (+1)
    • Georgist (+2)


    • Austere (+2)
    • Soft Austere (+1)
    • Neutral (+1)
    • Soft Bleeding-Heart (+1)
    • Bleeding-Heart (+1)


    • Deontological (+5)
    • Soft Deontological (+3)
    • Neutral (0)
    • Soft Utilitarianism (-2)
    • File:Idk.png Utilitarianism (-3)


    • Strict Borders (-3)
    • Soft Strict Borders (-2)
    • Neutral (0)
    • Soft Open Borders (+1)
    • Open Borders (+3)


    • Luddite (-1)
    • Soft Luddite (0)
    • Neutral (+1)
    • Soft Technologist (+2)
    • Technologist (+1)


    • Secessionist (-4)
    • Soft Secessionist (-3)
    • Neutral (-1)
    • Soft Unitary (+1)
    • Unitary (+2)


    • Revolutionary (+2)
    • Soft Revolutionary (+3)
    • Neutral (+1)
    • Soft Reformist (0)
    • Reformist (-1)


    • Copyright (0)
    • Soft Copyright (+1)
    • Neutral (+2)
    • Soft Copyleft (+1)
    • Copyleft (0)


    • Anti-UBI (+5)
    • Soft Anti-UBI (-1)
    • Neutral (-3)
    • Soft Pro-UBI (-5)
    • Pro-UBI (-7)


    • National (-2)
    • Soft National (-1)
    • Neutal (0)
    • Soft Global (+1)
    • Global (+2)


    • Isolation (-2)
    • Soft Isolation (-1)
    • Neutral (0)
    • Soft Intervention (+1)
    • Intervention (+2)


    • Pro-Life (-6)
    • Soft Pro-Life (-4)
    • Neutral (-2)
    • Soft Pro-Choice (0)
    • Pro-Choice (+3)

    Add yourself here.


    (yeah ill get to de-lazifying alla ya. someday. oh god there's so many.)


    S Tier

    A Tier

    • 4Masterism (////) - pretty based, not a big fan of the prog/con and nationalism though.

    B Tier

    C Tier


    D Tier


    • Play TF2 With Meism (////) - a commie and a conservative? nohoho thank you. i do however admire your agrarianism and ecological stance.

    E Tier

    F Tier


    S Tier

    A Tier

    B Tier

    C Tier

    D Tier

    F Tier

    Gallery (please make art of me 😔)