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    Note: This is TDRH's former ideology. For his new one, see Neo-TDRHism

    TDRHism is a variant of Liberal Conservatism and the de-facto ideology of ThatDudeRightHere. It is economically center-right, Civic Nationalist, slightly statist, slightly Confessionalist with a bit of secularism, and culturally center-right (with a bit of progressivism). It seeks to establish European-style Christian Democracy and One-Nation Conservatism in the United States.

    Although following the Chicagoan school of economics and somewhat of the Third Way, TDRHism doesn't refer to himself as a Neoliberal, instead he prefers to stick more with Classical Liberals.


    TDRHism believes in what most Americans would call "compassionate conservatism", meaning that he's a more moderate conservative, similar to a Rockefeller Republican. He's slightly patriotic, leaning more towards civic nationalism. He believes in a mostly free-market economy with slight regulations in order to prevent bad stuff from happening in the economy, an example would be the exploitation of workers. He believes in a mix of Chicagoan economics and Keynesian, meaning he is somewhat of a Neo-Keynesian.

    Philosophical Beliefs

    TDRHism is, philosophically a Liberal Conservative. He believes that while humans are naturally tribalistic and hierarchal, are more rational than emotional, and utopian ideologies never worked in practice, he also believes in some more liberal policies such as the enlightenment.

    He also follows Petersonism, as he believes that humans have free will and should focus on improving themselves before they blame others.

    Economic Views

    TDRHism is a Social Capitalist, following the Chicago School of economics. He believes that Capitalism is the most successful economic system, however, in order to protect workers and consumers, there needs to be certain regulations on it for it to succeed, otherwise dubious practices will happen, corporations will monopolize, leading to Corporatocracy.

    Despite him wanting regulations on the economy, he is not a socialist, nor does he advocate for a planned economy. In fact, he is skeptical of most forms of socialism (albeit with a few exceptions) and a planned economy, seeing most socialist societies with a planned economy have failed in practice, leading to their collapse or shift towards economic liberalism.

    To him, an ideal economy would:

    • Facilitate consistent economic growth.
    • Keep unemployment below 5%.
    • Keep inflation below 3%.
    • Keep healthy government accounts.
    • Maximize productivity growth.
    • Keep taxes relatively low but sufficient.
    • Allow business and innovation to flourish.
    • Provide opportunity for all.
    • Make sure those who are moral live in comfort and prosperity.

    Fiscal Policy and Taxation

    TDRHism knows that taxation sure as sh** ain't theft (cope and seethe, ancaps, ecks dee el em ay oh) because without taxation, who's gonna pay for healthcare, social programs and infrastructure? However, he's against the government using taxpayer's money to fund some random stupid project that nobody asked for.

    Under his system, these taxes will be implemented:

    • Income tax (set at a mix between flat and progressive, while it does go up there will be 5 wealth levels: very poor, poor, middle class, rich and every rich, and the tax rate will be set for each wealth group)
    • Corporate income tax (Exemption for green innovation companies)
    • Capital gains tax
    • Value added tax
    • Import duties
    • Financial services tax (a small 0.1-0.5%)
    • Currency transaction tax
    • Land value tax and land use tax (to prevent land hoarding)
    • Carbon tax (a punishment for pollution)
    • Recreational substances tax (for alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other recreational drugs)
    • Digital services tax (implemented to greatly strengthen the difficulty of tax evasion done by multinational big tech corporations)

    There will be a sales tax, and the tax will increase by by a random amount. Here are the rates of charge for sales taxes:

    • Nutritious food, water, medicine, household and hygienic supplies: no sales tax
    • School and work supplies: 2% sales tax
    • Unhealthy food and beverages: 6% sales tax
    • Furniture: 15% sales tax
    • Plastic materials that aren't at least 50% reusable or biodegradable: 30% sales tax
    • Cigarettes: 90% sales tax
    • Alcohol, chewing tobacco, cigars: 150% sales tax
    • Non-medical marijuana: 225% sales tax


    TDRHism believes in the independence of the central bank and wants to keep inflation below 5%. He opposes money creation to fund fiscal expenditure, however, in times of recession and chronic deflation, he supports quantitative easing.

    TDRHism wants strict regulations on the banking and financial sector:

    • Mortgage backed securities and merging of investment and commercial banks should be banned.
    • All trades of financial securities will be subject to the Financial Services Tax.
    • Banks would have high reserve ratios to lower the risk of destructive bubbles.
    • All short term currency exchange above a threshold will be subject to a heavy Currency Transaction Tax. The government would also own an aforementioned development bank, and a sovereign wealth fund for the long term health of government accounts.

    TDRHism also believes that physical cash should be phased out slowly in favor of a purely digital currency. This is because digital transactions are easier to trace and allows police and other authorities to catch tax evaders, speculators, drug dealeras and other criminals.


    TDRHism wants to implement a wealth tax, seeing it as a way to redistribute money from people who have earned it through shady means. However, he is alright with some people being richer than others. Those who've earned wealth through dubious means should have their wealth redistributed towards things like healthcare, social programs, environmental programs, housing, infrastructure and rural development programs.

    He also recognizes the importance of the middle class, and opposes a situation like Nigeria, where everyone is either very rich or very poor.

    His system will work like Huey Long's "share the wealth" program combined with Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte's ten-point agenda. Thus, he will implement a wealth tax to redistribute the wealth from the exploitative to help the poor through the improvement and funding of welfare, education, healthcare, housing , infrastructure, and rural development programs, as well as use some of that wealth for technological and scientific development.

    Healthcare and Education

    TDRHism thinks that his country's healthcare system is nightmarish. This is due to the private sector being allowed to charge extortionate amounts to fill their pockets, as well as people who don't pay enough often lose everything. Therefore, he wants a mixture of public and private healthcare. As such, these are his policies:

    • Drug prices from pharmacies should be set by the state, with prescription charges either very cheap or free in the case of long term conditions
    • All primary care services such as hospitals, ambulances, and A & E should be completely publicly owned, though some specialist services like dentistry can be provided privately.
    • The healthcare system should be adequately funded and staffed, with at least 9% of GDP devoted to public healthcare spending.
    • People must be either citizens or permanent residents in order to receive free healthcare.
    • Private healthcare companies will be subject to heavy regulations.

    This being said, he also expects people to take a measure of responsibility for their own health and not to abuse the system. Measures to ensure this would include:

    • Handing out large fines for those that miss two or more GP appointments.
    • Charging the obese, smokers, alcoholics, and other drug addicts for the treatment of conditions that their unhealthy lifestyles caused.

    As for vaccine mandates, he believes that vaccines shouldn't be required by the government for everyone, as some people can't take the vaccine. However, he does believe it should be required for sports, schools, concerts, and the like.

    For education, there will also be a mix of private and public.

    Private or Public Ownership

    TDRHism believes in a mixed capitalist economy. He believes that the majority of the economy should be privately-owned. However, he sees natural monopolies, that don't benefit from competition, as services that should be state-owned. The upper management of these services would be managed by publically-appointed non-partisan committees of specialists. These services include:

    • Electric grids
    • Water/sanitation systems
    • Railways
    • Bus services (run by local authorities)
    • Mail services
    • Health services
    • Certain television stations and news outlets
    • Government software and algorithms

    However, the larger the state is, the harder it is to keep it efficient and transparent, and private competition is also crucial, and will make up the majority of economic activity and employment. Care will be ensured for the "ease of doing business', with red tape/wasteful bureaucracy kept to a minimum.

    Big businesses will be run in a capitalist way, albeit regulated to prevent monopolistic practices, resource abuse and dangerous externalities that will affect the people.

    For small/medium-sized businesses, they will ideally function as co-operatives, where the workers gain the profit and benefits with little state regulation.


    TDRHism sees housing as a basic human right, and not as a financial asset.

    He believes that the government should intervene in the housing market to ensure fairness. Seeing property speculation and the housing market as 'capitalism at it's worst', he generally supports a very regulated market consisting of municipal, cooperative and widespread ownership of houses. He supports heavy state regulation in that matter, preventing land hoarding, such as:

    • Banning foreign non-residents from buying properties.
    • Banning the practice of leaving properties vacant to ride a speculative wave and selling them off at a higher price.
    • Any vacant properties should be bought or expropriated by the local authority and let out.
    • Individuals can have a maximum of two properties, with second homes being charged at a higher rate of LVT and LUT than first homes. Only housing associations can own an unlimited amount of homes.
    • Being a landlord cannot be a full-time job.
    • All landlords and housing associations would be set rent controls by the local authority, taking into account the value and size of the property, time spent on maintenance, and demand.
    • Supporting the development of tenant associations to protect the rights of tenants against landlords.
    • Local authorities financing the construction of houses and apartments to meet demand not met by the private sector, with residents of these properties having the 'right to buy' their homes from the authority at a discount price.
    • Prioritisation of private property developers building housing for first time buyers as opposed to 'buy for letting'.


    TDRHism has a mixed stance on free trade and Protectionism. He mainly supports the former for nations with similar labor standards and laws, while the latter for places where dubious practices are still in use. However, he opposes both a global economy and an autarky. His opposition towards a global economy and unrestricted free trade can be rooted in how it forces other nations into debt and discourages local production, thus allowing more powerful nations to tread on not-as-powerful nation's sovereignty, while he opposes autarky because it leads to lack of economic growth, as shown in North Korea.


    For child benefits, TDRHism supports a system similar to Poland's 500+ program. This is because he feels that every child has the chance to succeed in life, and he is also worried about the declining birthrates.

    He would also give allowances to the genuinely disabled and those who care for them.

    As for the unemployed, he supports a system similar to Denmark's A-Kasse system, where a worker joins a trade union managed fund for a minimum of a year whilst in work, and then receives 90% of their previous income for a maximum of two years if they lose their job, so long if they're actually one, looking for work or two, gaining employable skills. He thinks this system is good because it promotes personal responsibility, gives the worker and their family more financial security, and also allows employers to have the ability to hire and fire workers easily, enabling low unemployment. This system is known as flexicurity. For those who haven't been previously enrolled in a fund, he supports a subsistence level Supplementary Income benefit, dependent on claimants looking for work, that is gradually reduced as income from work increases, to prevent claimants falling into the 'benefit trap'. He also believes however that those that are able to work, and refuse, should not get financial support from the state, as personal prosperity is also up to the individual to want to improve themselves and 'stand up straight with their shoulders back'. Those that are hard drug users, obese, or alcoholics should be denied welfare until they show personal initiative to improve their situation.

    For workplace pensions, he believes it would be simpler if the employer contribution was removed, with companies having to pay more corporation tax and with the proceeds going towards state contribution to employee pensions instead.

    Worker's Rights

    TDRHism, while a capitalist, still believes in worker's rights, in order to prevent bad stuff from happening in the economy. He believes that unions, although they somewhat have outlived their usefulness, still serve a purpose to combat abusive employee treatment and unethical working standards, among other things. However, the workers must have a good reason to strike.

    As for co-operatives, he thinks that they are useful for the economy to grow, however the economy shouldn't fully rely on them, as it can lead to a high degree of unemployment, as shown in Yugoslavia. He believes that local shops, as well as small businesses should be run as cooperatives.


    TDRHism wants to strengthen protection against extortionate banking charges as well as usurious interest rates start a tough crackdown on usury and punish individuals, companies, and corporations that dare do such acts, he will also force those who do such like major companies to pay their fair share of taxes. The punishment for said crimes would be a prison sentence.

    Social Views


    TDRHism tends to lean on the center of the cultural axis. He believes that leaning on either end of the cultural axis leads to disastrous results. He believes that ultraprogressivism is bad because it is too focused on destroying reactionary belief for the sake of progress that it actually ends up being regressive, and he hates reactionary thought because it causes a stagnation in cultural progress.


    TDRHism opposes racism, seeing it as not only stupid, but utterly abhorrent, as he sees viewing anyone for their race and/or ethnicity as immoral. His ideal society is a colorblind one based of the Martin Luther King Jr quote "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character".

    He opposes the BLM movement, seeing it as haven been taken over by woke culture activists, black supremacists, and police abolitionists, even though he does admit they do have some good points like the unfair treatment of black people by police. He, however, still opposes the destruction caused by the movement. As for the topic of hate crimes, he wants to make the punishments of those crimes harsher, thus he will start a crackdown on ethnic/racial supremacist groups such as the Alt-Right, as he sees racial and ethnic nationalism as toxic and horrible ideologies.

    He also opposes alt-right theories such as the great replacement theory and woke ideas such as critical race theory, seeing them as having escalated racial tensions and as fuels of fire of a continuous cycle of hatred that halts social progress, ultimately leading to the a society based on the aforementioned MLK Jr quote not being put into practice.

    Confederate-related items

    TDRHism, while seeing the Confederate States of America as a racist white supremacist state and a force of traitors, opposes woke activists as using it as an excuse for critical race theory. He wants to conduct the following measures:

    • Ban the teaching that the Civil War started because of state's rights, and allow workplaces to fire those who promote such ideas. Also defund media which promotes said ideas.
    • Similar to how the pride flag will be banned from flying on government buildings outside of pride week, the Confederate flag will be banned from flying on government buildings, but this time with no exceptions.
    • Discouraging the use of the Confederate flag as a symbol of the south, with people being required to use the state flag or make a new flag that represents the south.
    • On Confederate statues, he is unsure whether to take them down or not, however, ideally statues that glorify the CSA will be taken down, and those that only serve for educational purposes will remain up.


    As this topic is extremely controversial, TDRHism doesn't talk about it that much. In his beliefs, he believes that LGBT individuals are equal to heterosexual/cisgender people and willingly allows them as long as they do not force their own agenda. He hates the fact that LGBT people are either treated as literal gods or as foul demons .

    TDRHism, on the other hand, views the LGBT movement as a subversive, toxic and dangerous influence on western culture. He also hates Pride Month and wants it to be regulated, as he sees it as not only a promotion of identity politics, but as a way for the exploitative to gain more money to further their interests in promoting woke culture, making the populace not realize that such movement is destructive.

    He would put through the following measures in an attempt to weaken the power of the LGBT movement, which he wants to deal with like how Margaret Thatcher dealt with the unions:

    • Create a "free speech act" where people can sue employers for unfair dismissal based on political beliefs, including beliefs regarding LGBT rights.
    • Make it illegal to give sex hormones to under 18s.
    • Ban the recognition of any xenogenders and gender neutral pronouns in public sector workplaces.
    • Make it illegal to teach the idea that gender is fluid to children, and require the teaching of the binary nature of gender and alignment to biological sex in schools, as well as teaching against gender fluidity.
    • Ban the LGBT movement in elementary schools.
    • Ban the LGBT presence in children's programming.
    • Shorten Pride Month to a single week.
    • Ban the presence of children at pride parades where there is nudity, exhibitionism, fetishism, or any open adult sexual behaviour.
    • Gay pride parades must happen on a set day nationwide, and cannot be in city centres.
    • Make it illegal to fly the pride flag outside of that specific week, and it cannot be above the national flag.
    • Dissolve LGBT organisations with disproportionate economic, cultural, or political influence.
    • Promote alternative social media platforms that do not actively promote LGBT on their platforms.
    • Make clear the distinction between gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people, who are individuals that should be treated with respect, and the LGBT movement as a whole, that are subversive ideologues.
    • Focus on building up support amongst the youth with youth associations building a nationalistic counter-narrative to LGBT, in a hope to 'reverse the demographic tide'.

    Transgender issues

    He believes that people have the right to transition as a treatment for gender dysphoria, however he doesn't believe that it should be the first option unless the dysphoria is so severe that the person has no choice but to consider transitioning after all else has failed, because he doesn't know what is best for them, but he does know they deserve respect and compassion, as they are genuinely suffering mentally. However, he will prohibit people under 18 from transitioning as well as banning the sale of hormones/puberty blockers and conducting gender reassignment surgeries to minors regardless with or without parental permission, as he sees that sexual reassignment surgery should only be done on adults with regulation.

    He will only recognize two genders, male and female, believing xenogenders and neopronouns as woke ideas, however there will be a transgender label on certain documents for transgender and intersex people, but it will not be recognized as a seperate gender nontheless.


    TDRHism is surprisingly progressive on this issue, but sees hedonistic abortion as murder, calling it "infanticide". He will allow it in the cases of: if the woman's life or health is at risk, if the pregnancy is a result of rape/incest, if the fetus has irreparable defects, and if the mother's socioeconomic status prevents them from having the child. He supports Texas's abortion law, however he does think it goes too far on some things, like not allowing it for rape/incest. He believes that six weeks is enough for a woman to decide if she's going to terminate the pregnancy or not, because at that time, a heartbeat is usually detected, and if that's not life, than what is?


    TDRHism believes that if a law cannot be enforced well (which includes it being not enforced at all), than it might as well not be a law in the first place. He supports the decriminalization of soft drugs, such as marijuana, but hard drugs will still be illegal.


    As a firm believer in the 2nd amendment, TDRHism emphasizes the right to bear firearms. However, he does realize that it has its downsides. Therefore, he wants to implement background checks so that people with a criminal background couldn't own firearms. He also wants to conduct mental health tests conducted yearly to make sure that the person's mental health hasn't degraded. However, he doesn't want anyone without a special license to own things like fully automatic firearms or things that he considers "weapons of war" (ex. rocket launchers and heavy machine guns).

    He sees firearms as useful for many things, such as hunting, sport shooting, self defense, or, if for some reason, a dictatorship were to be installed, resistance.

    However, he would hold a more restrictive stance in somewhere where violence is prevelant (ex. Somalia), he would become less restrictive once that country has been cleared of violence, although in those areas, background checks would be stricter.

    He believes that all law-abiding citizens should have the ability to own guns, and those who want to take them away are most likely tyrants. This video is an explanation why.

    Physical and Mental Health

    On the issue of physical health, he would start an anti-smoking, anti-drug and anti-obesity program. This is to insure the health of all citizens.

    On the issue of mental health, he is an autist himself, albeit more on the high-functioning/Asperger's end. He sees it as a blessing in some ways (ex. high IQ), and a curse in some other ways (ex. being seen as weird). To him, the fact that people get diagnosed with a mental disease for the slightest of symptoms can be self-defeating.

    Sex Work

    On the issue of pornography, TDRHism believes it should be legal, albeit with a ton of regulations.

    On prostitution, however, he believes that it should be kept illegal on the federal level, however its decriminalization should be left up to the states. He prefers the Nordic approach to it.


    TDRHism is an Anglo-American secularist with some Laicist leanings. However, he is also a christian democrat, viewing Christianity as important to the western world's history. He is also fine with religious democracy.


    TDRHism is very passionate about preserving the environment.

    Civic Views

    Diplomatic Views

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