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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Synzerian Populism is a statist, economically center-left to left, culturally right to far-right and populist ideology found in the fictional country of Synzeria. It is known as the ideology of the United Populist Party.

    The ideology embraces a syncretic position and takes ideas from both the left and right. This can also be seen in its populist rhetoric which takes on a big tent appearance.

    It supports most populist ideas of the right like Nationalism and Conservatism. The state should promote Synzerian values, traditions and a restrictive immigration policy. Welfare should also be limited to Synzerian nationals.

    Although its politics are mostly right-wing, it holds some prominent Left-Wing Populist beliefs as well. The rich elites are believed to be the cause of Synzeria's downfall and the cause behind poverty and economic inequality. Because of this, it wants the economy to be decentralised and in the hands of the people instead of corporations and the rich.


    Young Unionists

    The Young Unionists is the youth wing in the United Populist Party. It is generally more radical when it comes to economics and softer on social policies.

    The members of the organisation support conservative social and cultural approach. They hold the values of Synzeria and its culture to a high regard. Although, compared to the main party it's a fair bit more progressive; supporting same-sex marriage and legal immigration.

    When it comes to economics the group supports Socialism. The rich elites are believed to be centralising political and economic power through the use of Capitalism. Economic democracy and a worker-based society are ways to counter this. However, despite its dislike of capitalism, it still supports markets and therefore advocates for a Cooperative-based Socialism

    Populism is a central part of the organisation. It wants to limit state power and is generally sceptical towards state interference in the citizen's everyday lives, making it opposed to some of the policies of the mother party. The elites are believed to be corrupt and authoritarian.

    Synzerian Christian Right

    Synzerian Christian Right or the Christian Right in Synzeria is the type of right-wing christian ideology which can be found in Synzeria. It is heavily tied to the broader Synzerian populist movement.

    It is opposed to Capitalism which it sees as degenerate as it creates class conflict and promotes individualism. Most in the christian right instead want society to follow a form of Social Corporatism, with some factions promoting Socialism or Distributism. It generally believes that the economic system must bring societal cohesion and help the needy.

    Social Conservatism is something that's staunchly supported by the ideology. Its conservatism is deeply traditionalist, to the point where it's almost reactionary, and based on a very conservative interpretation of the Bible. It opposes many Enlightenment and progressive values, instead wanting to return to a more traditional way of life.

    What makes it tied to the Synzerian populist movement is its heavily reliance on populist rhetoric and policies. It uses populism from both the left and right and believes that the greedy elites are destroying its country.


    The People


    • Reactionary Socialism - Woah, that's a bit too extreme. Although, some of my followers are basically you.
    • Strasserism - You're almost good, but your fascism ruins it.
    • Corporatism - Good economics. Just make sure to give the people welfare.
    • Ethnic Nationalism - You also care for your people. Too bad that your optics are terrible.
    • Synzerian Fascism - Fellow Synzerian nationalist. The PPU is very based, too. Although, we are still a serious, democratic movement and not an extremist gang of terrorists.

    The Elites

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