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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Synzerian Fascism is an authoritarian to totalitarian, economically variable, culturally far-right and ultranationalist ideology which represents the manifestation of Fash.png Fascism in the fictional country of Synzeria. There are several factions in the fascist movement due to its size, but they still have a few common elements.

    The points on which the Synzerian fascists can agree on are those of Ultranat.png Ultranationalism, Sec.png Authoritarianism and Republicanismpix.png Republicanism. They all strive to establish a powerful fascist republic in Synzeria. They also share a common love for militarism and heroism.

    Most other issues are points of contention. Economics, basis for national identity, religion etc. are topics which members of the wider Synzerian fascist movement might disagree on. However, most fascists have, despite their disagreements, decided to unite and form the Revolutionary Fascist League. They still see their fellow fascists' beliefs as a better alternative compared to other political groups.


    PPU.png Proletariat-Peasant Union

    The PPU, also known as The Red-Brown's, is a fascist movement which tries to unite factory workers and the rural peasantry in a united front against the rich elite. It is mostly supported by the working class and old pensioners and is the faction which has the greatest Cfash.png religious and Trad.png traditionalist influences.

    Soc.png Socialism is the ideal economic system according to the PPU. The economy should be in the hands of the working class through Agsoc.png land collectivization, SyndieSam.png unions and Statesoc.png state ownership. It also takes a few Ormarxf.png Marxist themes and supports the proletarian struggle, but is generally sceptical of Marx's internationalism, progressivism and materialism.

    As mentioned earlier, the faction is heavily influenced by religious and traditionalist thinking. Its supporters often talk about "the good old times" when "one cared about his fellow man" and the modernity of Cap.png Capitalism wasn't so prevalent. Although the PPU isn't necessarily religious, it still uses Christy.png christian morality and culture as a foundational structure.

    The PPU supports a form of Ethnonat.png Ethnic Nationalism and believes that Synzeria belongs to the Synzerian working class. It wants to close its borders and remove non-Synzerian culture. However, due to its traditional morality, it is not as genocidal as Nazi.png National Socialism and instead wants to either relocate or Assimil.png assimilate minorities.

    NLP.png National Liberation Party

    The NLP, also known as The Blue-Brown's, is a Cap.png pro-capitalist and self-described "liberal fascist" movement. Its greatest support comes from the upper class, entrepreneurs and young men.

    Unlike the other Synzerian fascists, which advocate for a Vanguardism.png vanguardist political model, the NLP supports a form of Totdem.png highly authoritarian democracy. They see this as a good compromise between fascist totalitarianism and liberal democracy.

    Contrary to orthodox fascist belief, it sees nothing wrong with Econlib.png Economic Liberalism and believes that the free market will enrich the people and the nation. The innovation that capitalism brings will also strengthen and modernize society. The NLP thinks that the hierarchical and darwinistic side of unregulated Cap.png Capitalism should be embraced by all fascists.

    The NLP lends some of its theories from the Post-Bert.png Post-Libertarian line of thought. Liberty, capitalism, freedom and the pursuit of happiness must be guarded by an Sec.png authoritarian state, otherwise they will be lost to other authoritarian forces.

    When it comes to nationalism, it wants a form of Cultnat.png Cultural Nationalism. The liberal values and the culture that make them possible must be guarded by the state. The NLP has no problem with ethnic or racial minorities as long as they adhere to the nation's culture and liberal traditions.

    SGP.png Synzerian Green Party

    The SGP, also known as The Green-Brown's, is arguably the most radical large scale fascist organisation in Synzeria. It combines a highly genocidal branch of fascism with PagTheo.png esotericism and extreme Envi.png environmentalism. Its biggest support comes from occult groups and radical pro-green activists.

    The "blood and soil"-mentality of the SGP has made it a fanatic supporter of environmental protection. It believes that the spirit of the Synzerian people is connected to their land and by destroying the nation's soil the people are destroying themselves. Major Indust.png industries should be shut down, according to the organisation, to protect the Synzerian nature.

    It also believes in PagTheo.png Synzerian paganism and hates atheism and christianity. The state should be controlled by those close to the gods; those who are willing to make their wills into reality. Unlike other modern day followers of the Synzerian faith, the SGP fully embraces the more sickening practices of the religion. Brutal rituals and human sacrifices are not off limits.

    In terms of nationalism, the SGP supports SpiritualRacism.png Racial Nationalism. However, unlike the "scientific racism" of the Nazi.png Nazis it believes in a "spiritual racism". It regards the Synzerian spirit as pure and all the others as impure. To not taint its pure race, it suggests that other people must be killed off.

    Truefash.png National Vanguard of True Fascist Thought

    The NTF is a fascist organisation which wishes to "bring fascism back to its revolutionary roots" and therefore advocates for, what it calls, "true fascism".

    The revolutionary spirit is an integral part of the group and it wishes to infuse all of society with emotion and virility. It calls for a Nolv.png constant revolution which will modernize the nation, bring life to a dead society, and destroy old customs & norms. This perpetual rejuvenation of the nation will be spearheaded by a strong leader, a man of steel and power.

    To prolong the revolution and to strengthen its effects, violence will be used. Despite its Totalitarian.png Totalitarian nature, it has an almost Awaj.png Anarchist view on violence and terror as it believes that each individual should be able express their primal urges whenever necessary. Violence is viewed not just as a means to an end, but also as a good in and off itself. Extreme Mil.png Militarism is also to be used to enforce violent tendencies in the population, spread the fascist revolution, and cleanse the world of decadence.

    The organisation doesn't believe in any kind of Ethnonat.png Ethnic or Racenat.png Racial Nationalism. It instead sees the nation through a romantic and quasi-spiritual lence, as a great entity which must be the center of everything. The people are not the focus and are rather servants of the mythical, all-encompassing nation.



    • Fash.png Fascism - Awesome ideas. We all love your theories.
    • Nation.png Nationalism - Synzeria is a nation worth protecting.
    • Sec.png Authoritarianism - Liberty breeds degeneracy.
    • PolState.png Police Statism - Sentences must be harsch otherwise we'll just have chaos.
    • Republicanismpix.png Republicanism - Our great republic will never fall!
    • Pop.png Populism - The elite are destroying our beautiful nation with their evil agenda.



    1. Reference to how roughly 1% of the Synzerian population are fascists or have fascist sympathies.
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