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    Sweden Democratsism is the ideology of the second largest party in the Swedish parliament, Sweden Democrats. It's a Statist, Economically Center-Left, Culturally Right and Nationalist ideology. The party is "the nationalist party" of Sweden and got really big during the refugee crisis. Its main goal is to oppose immigration, promote Swedish culture and be overall conservative.

    Unlike American right-wing parties it is not as Economically Liberal. It wants to protect the swedish economy from globalization and promotes trade unions. It also strongly supports the swedish "folkhemmet" and has gained massive support among blue-collar workers. As of 2022 it is the most popular party in Sweden among that demographic.

    The party is well known for its Populist rhetoric. It mostly subsribes to Right-Wing Populism with a heavy critique of immigration and Progressivism, but is not affraid to include some Left-Wing opinions on economics. It sees itself as a "party for the people", different from the Progressive Left and Spineless Right.

    Cultural and Social Conservatism is important to the party. It wants to protect swedish culture and traditions and believes that Immigration is a big problem. The party as a whole is generally apathetic towards the LGBT movement, however, some factions actively oppose it and sees it as a degenerate lifestyle while other factions want to protect LGBT individuals from homophobic immigrants.


    The party was founded in the late 80s and was a lot more right-wing than it is today. The party had many members with connections to national socialism. The party got more leftist later on, especially when Jimmie Åkesson became the party leader. After the party had gone mainstream it moved to the left, embracing trade unions and welfare, contrasting Nazi darwinism and opposition to trade unions.




    • Nordic Model - My father who is a bit too liberal.
    • Homonationalism - Some of my followers love you, others despise you.
    • Left-Wing Populism - Fellow populist with some very based takes, but you're still waaay too progressive.
    • Neoconservatism - We'll never join you, neocuckservative. *Russia invades Ukraine* Uhm, maybe NATO isn't such a bad idea.


    • National Socialism - I'm tired of getting called a nazi. Unlike you, I care about the welfare for the disabled. I'm no social darwinist!
    • Green Party - Shut up! You don't know what you are talking about.
    • Immigrants - You are destroying Sweden!
    • Jihadism - Islamic extremism, worst extremism.
    • Nuance Party - Look! This is the result of unrestricted immigration.
    • Centre Party - I'm done with your complaints. The lengths you go to to avoid me are actually kind of funny.

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