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    It should be that there is a strong sozial and welfare system. Immigrants can only enter when they have a passport and when they don't have one then they should get send to other countries. I am against islam terrorism and think that islamic terrorists deserve the death sentence.i am pro LGBTQ+ but not for pride month and i am for abortion. The state should intervene very much in the economy but i am opposed to socialism . Anarchism and facism is a theart to society. I am for neutrality but i hate the us very much. I am opposed to russia too and i support ukraine.i am for a Parlamential democracy. The police should have more power and we should make a liberal society. And i am opposed to foreign aid.

    My open criticism on communism

    I am known for my strong anti-communism. My criticism is that marx's theory can't be done because we all have greed to power and we can't stop it. Believing that the "revolution" comes is pointless because the people don't revolt only because you want it. And saying that it was no real communism is just dumb because why is your communism real communism? And nearly all socialist or communist country fell or became more liberal, then why will your communism not end like that? It just doesn't make sense. Communism can't work and it doesn't matter how many times it gets established it will fall again.

    In a communist/socialist state without money, financial calculation, and market pricing would be unable to value capital goods and coordinate production and because of it a true communist/socialist stare is impossible to exist because it lacks the necessary information to perform economic calculation in the first place.

    1. I'm not a Fascist, I just Agree with the Idea that People should Receive free healthcare, education, clothing and food and i support israel
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