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    Swag Dogism represents the beliefs of the User Swag Dog (the one who made this page)


    Swag dogism's believes in there being welfare and above average taxation, as well as the people deciding where does the tax money go, e.g. some people don't want their tax money paying for somebody's transition, and others do it also believes in the legalization of soft drugs and communities/people being free to discriminate against whoever they want to, with companies not being able to censor what people say on their websites. It also believes in there being a ceremonial monarch. Although it is progressive but also white supremacist


    Swag dogism hates utopians and likes hanging out with Paternalistic Conservatism and Social Libertarianism, he is also often seen with Shaggerism.

    he usually does anything of the following:

    telling MatmajTHM to shut the fuck up and/or get some bitches on his dick

    making polls

    shitposting on discord

    making retarded jokes about mongolia, heroin, donetsk people's republic or 2014

    saying the n-word on reddit

    Stylistic Notes

    He wears a red hat with the words "MAD DRIP" on it and sunglasses

    Swag Dogism alt. flag

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it red.
    3. Write "SWAG" is bold white text, preferably on the lower half of the ball.
    4. Draw it wearing sunglasses.
    5. Give it a red hat that says "MAD DRIP" in bold white text on it.

    You're done!






    "books are like barcodes, i'm not reading them" - swag dog


    "evil swag dog ism is like swag dog ism but evil" - evil swag dog

    "yeah i'm totally a progressive now" - swaeg dog

    "yeah i totally support white supremacy... Yeah" - sweag dog


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