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    Svokxzism is a political ideology that is socially revolutionary,opposite unity economically,diplomatically seperatist,civically libertarian,and environmentalist.

    Childism.pngCultural IssuesPrgess.png

    Svokxzism believes that everyone in society deserves the same type of equal rights with no exception.This means that children and seniors have the same rights as adults.It also strongly supports other types of social progress in society.The idea for social equality will be applied to the whole entire nation itself and no subdivision in the nation will ever be able to restrict social equality.Svokxzism believes that the ideals of true social equality can be achieved through a secessionist revolution.Svokxzism also believes that religion should be widespread in society and to discourage atheism.Svokxzism likes religious freedom in society but religion shouldn't be spread through oppressive means but rather through teaching people about what it is.

    Sep.pngDiplomatic IssuesNation.png

    Svokxzism believes that in order to achieve a Svokxzist society,one must break away from their home nation in order to create a Svokxzist society.When this Svokxzist society is created,the main purpose of the Svokxzist society is to defend the nation against external threats by being non-interventionist and to protect the nation with decentralized militias.Svokxzists also believe that the nation should try to avoid joining any sort of alliance except trade alliances.They also support open immigration but will ask you questions if you had a record of violence and they want you to be honest about it.

    Liberty.pngCivic IssuesUltAntiScho.png

    Svokxzism believes that civil liberties must be protected in every sector of society and must be granted to everyone in society.Svokxzism also believes that the government should only have the functions for any necessary society.Svokxzism supports the legalization of all victimless crimes in society and supports the expression of your own body.It also supports the abolition of schooling and replace it with free schooling so that kids and adults can be free to fulfill their own education.This also comes with the expansion of rehabilitation in prisons.Civil liberties shall not be taken away from the citizens in anyway,especially during wartime.This means that Svokxzists also support the protection of gun rights so that the Svokxzist nation is prepared against external threats and to be used for the protection of the nation with self-defense.

    Soc-h.pngEconomic IssuesEnvi.png

    Svokxzism believes that the workers shall control the means of production and should decide the decisions of the business through a direct democracy.The whole purpose of the community would be to provide mutual aid and other stuff without having to deal with money.The community will also have a responsibility to protect the environment under this socialist system by creating a council of people that will help with the environmental decisions.

    Government Setup

    Svokxzism advocates for electing a president through a ranked-choice score elimination voting.The candidates will be given votes by a score and whoever has the most votes would get eliminated and the votes for whoever got eliminated go on to the next candidates.Once the president is elected,they can pass the policies they want to pass only if the people agree to them and if they follow the Svokxzist constitution.

    Svokxzist Constitution:

    -Each president is elected every 4 years

    -All people in a Svokxzist nation must be granted all civil liberties(the ones that don't infringe on others rights) equally under the law which means that there must be equal rights for everyone no matter what.This also includes the civil liberties of owning guns and being able to defend yourself with them which is the same situation as all the other civil liberties are in this Constitution.

    -Judges to any type of court must be elected by the people and will be elected every 7 years.The amount of judges on a court can only be 7.

    -The property is communal.

    -The president cannot go to war with other countries even if we lost some land since the primary goal of a Svokxzist nation is to protect the nation at all costs.

    -Corruption is illegal no matter what circumstances.

    -Anything else not mentioned in this Constitution can be changed.

    How to Draw Svokxzism


    USE paintz.app to draw this!


    Mega Yes.pngFriendsMega Yes.png

    Childism.png Childism-You help expand the movement of youth liberation by expanding children's rights.

    Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism-You understand the importance of liberty and socialism in a nation.

    Envi.pngEnvironmentalism-You help protect us from the dangers of climate change and help us prosper as a nation.

    UltAntiScho.pngUltra Anti-Schoolism-Even if you take things to the extremes,I still like the fact you want to get rid of school and replace it with better non-coercive alternatives.

    Sep.pngSeparatism-You help create the right to self-determination and once we have reached self-determination,we can protect our nations from external threats.

    Prog-u.pngProgressivism-I like the fact you help our nation by achieving social equality for all people.Your accomplishments are appreciated by our nation.

    Isolationist.pngIsolationism-You help protect the nation from external threats through a strong military and pacifist ideals.SWITZERLAND DIPLOMACY IS BASED.

    ReligiousProgressivism-icon.pngReligious Progressivism- You help push the movement of progressivism while also still putting faith in gods for our nation.


    Transh.pngTranshumanism-I like nuclear energy,living for a very long time,and the internet but I don't like those humanoid AI,and other unnecessary technologies are necessary for the environment and the nation.

    Neolud.pngNeoluddism-I like the fact that you care about the environment,want to return a agrarian lifestyle,and understand that Industrial Revolution has consequences because of capitalism.You have to understand however that some technologies are necessary in order to survive in this nation.

    Nation.pngNationalism.You care about a strong military,self-determination and anti-alliances.Some of your members however like the ultranationalists,ethnic nationalists and the imperialists have problems with my seperatism and nationalist pacifism.

    AnNatur.pngAnarcho-Naturism-You care about the environment,socialism,free love,and religion I guess.You take it too far because of the anarchism that is included with you.

    Mega No.pngEnemiesMega No.png

    Authcap.pngAuthoritarian Capitalism-You are literally the polar opposite of what I am.GET OUT OF MY NATION NOW!!!


    Ingsocf.pngIngsoc-YOU TOTALITARIAN JERK!! Big Brother is a big phony that is the ultimate devil of Oceania.The worst fictional ideology ever.

    AnEn.pngAnti-Environmentalism-Stop killing the trees!! Enough with the inane stuff you are bringing to this nation.


    Imp.pngImperialism-You cause all the problems in the world right now and those are uniting the world by conquering countries.

    StateathFedora.pngState Atheism-Liking the government and atheism just furthers kills off faith and freedom.You horrible soul.

    Adultism-DiscrimValues.pngAdultism-Your actions have caused consequences for society as a whole in all areas.I don't understand why the majority of the world supports your monstrous ideas.



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