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    Lindholmism is the ideology of one of Sweden's most notourious Nazi politicians during the early to mid 20th century, Sven Olov Lindholm. He is authoritarian, economically left-wing, culturally far-right and an ethno-ultranationalist.

    Although Lindholm embraced National Socialism, by 1938 he had grown critical of the German government and Hitlerism. He instead tried to take a more Sweden-focused and Anti-Capitalist route and took inspiration from Strasserism. His political party, the Swedish Socialist Union, became a more socialist party while still keeping its nazi foundation.

    His political ideology during this time had an almost Marxist undertone with the struggle of the Swedish worker against the Jewish capitalist as his main focus. The workers' revolution and their freedom from the industrial machine could also be found in his writings. He favored a much more simple and agrarian life, separate from the modernity of Capitalism.




    • National Socialism - I used to be one of your followers, but then I realized your true nature.
    • Fascism - You had some good ideas. Unfortunately you didn't reach your full potentional.
    • Marxism - Our writings strike a scary resemblance. You're still jewish, though.
    • Left-Wing Nationalism - Socialism, nationalism and anti-imperialism? Great! Anti-fascism and progressivism? Less great.
    • Nordic Resistance Movement - Is this what's left of the Swedish nazi movement? I can't really say that I'm impressed.


    • Capitalism - (((Their))) way of oppressing the Swedish worker.
    • Industrialism - You're the modern world's greatest prison.
    • Imperialism - As true national socialists we must oppose all the evils of imperialism.
    • Pink Capitalism - Wha... huh... WHY!?!
    • Sweden Democrats - You had potentional, but you were ruined by Åkesson and his moderate policies. Like, just take strasserpill already.

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    Sven Olov Lindholm
    National Socialist Workers' Party

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