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    Suslovism is the ideology of Mikhail Andreyevich Suslov, a key statesman and the unofficial chief ideologist of the Soviet Union. It is characterized by its hardline orthodox Marxism-Leninism, fighting against many revisionist efforts.


    Mikhail Andreyevich Suslov was the chief ideologue of the USSR as he served as the ideology hardliner within the Soviet Union to oppose all reform attempts of Marxism-Leninism. Suslov was a hardline Stalinist who conducted a great purge in the Baltic state against Baltic nationalists and supervised the deportation and genocide of Chechens. He also provoked a full-scale conflict against Titoist Yugoslavia, obstructing Khrushchev and later Brezhnev's reconciliation attempt with Yugoslavia. He also tried to obstruct the de-Stalinization process of Khrushchev in social and economic spheres, and later persauded Brezhnev to stop this process. Additionally, Suslov led the conservatives and Stalinists in Khrushchev era USSR, vehemently obstructing his reforms, from the liberalizations of literatures and arts to foreign policy detentes.

    Suslov's main achievements were increasing the industrial output of Lativa under his rule by 14 times and overthrowing Khruschev, which saw the installation of Brezhnev as the head of the USSR, his staunch commitment to supporting third-world national liberation movements, such as the Algerian FLN movement, the Nasserist Egypt, and many others. He was also credited for living a plain life and refusing to engage in corruption. Suslov was forced to support the invasion of Hungary despite his initial reservations due to the overwhelming support of the presidium. Still, he later opposed the invasion of Czechoslovakia and was skeptical of using social imperialist methods. However, he supported the invasion of Afghanistan and staunchly opposed all nationalist movements within the USSR and the Socialist Camp, favoring a more centralized Soviet state and world socialist movement.

    As the leader of the Stalinist wing of the CPSU, Suslov was allied with Neo-Stalinists like Grigory Romanov. Suslov opposed any further detente attempt by Kosygin and Brezhnev with the USA despite their diplomatic flexibility due to his skepticism of trade with the capitalist bloc; despite this, he was a staunch supporter of the peaceful co-existence theory due to the threat of a nuclear war, and he sharply criticized Mao for opposing this theory. Since the mid-1960s, Suslov became increasingly hardline on foreign and domestic policies as he blocked the 1965 economic reform, voiced strong criticisms against Maoist China 's "revisionism," and criticized it as deviating from Marxist-Leninist orthodoxy, just like Titoist Yugoslavia. Despite his overall support of Stalin, Suslov was critical of his autocracy and personality cult. He restored the collective leadership of the Lenin era, as opposed to the one-man rule of the Stalin and Khrushchev eras. Suslov also opposed the "Social Fascism" theory of Stalin. He was generally supportive of communist parties allying social democratic/socialist parties, which he saw as a "progressive force", especially in the third world. However, he was vehemently opposed to Eurocommunism and any attempt to revise orthodox Marxist-Leninist ideals of violent revolution and a one-party socialist republic, as he saw these attempts as revisionist.

    Suslov was often criticized for his deportation of Jews and his prosecutions and genocides of anti-Soviet minorities such as the Chechens and the Lithuanians during Stalin era, as well as being a dogmatic Stalinist who refused any ideological compromise and his rejection of the theory of Peaceful Coexistence. His staunch opposition to any reforms or any attempts of revision to the CPSU party line meant that only after his death was the USSR able to embrace real reforms.


    As a hardline orthodox Marxist-Leninist, Suslovism is very authoritarian and is a firm supporter of state socialism, and he rejects Market Socialism as revisionist and hates Khrushchev for “betraying” Marxism-Leninism. Suslovism's foreign policy is very hardline as he sees Titoist Yugoslavia, Hoxhaist Albania, and Maoist China as either revisionists or left deviationists who split the world socialist movement, therefore, giving the "imperialist west" an advantage. However, unlike other CPSU members in the Brezhnev era, Suslovism was vehemently opposed to corruption and cronyism. He was also generally skeptical of social imperialist methods like military invasions of the Eastern European satellites of the USSR despite his opposition to the ideological divergence of these countries from the doctrine of Moscow.


    Non-Revisionist Comrades

    • Marxism-Leninism - We must firmly uphold the teachings of the greatest theorist Karl Marx and the great revolutionary who has ever existed-Vladimir Lenin.
    • Developed Socialism - The next stage of socialist revolution to progress into communism. I helped theorize you as the unofficial chief ideologue of the USSR throughout the turmoils of the Cold War.
    • State Socialism - State planning is necessary for socialist orthodoxy.
    • Ulbrichtism - Literally my counterpart in GDR. We both love socialism and hate revisionism.
    • Neo-Stalinism - Romanov is a good ally of mine and we share our views on opposing revisionism. Plus, he wanted to continue my work of de-Khruchevization and rehabilitating Stalin.
    • Classical Juche - A very good comrade who shares my views on opposing revisionism, albeit you were a bit too militaristic and maintained too strong of a cult of personality, which were anti-Marxist. It's a such a shame your successors destroyed Orthordox Marxism of North Korea.


    • Brezhnev Doctrine - Comrade Brezhnev overthrew Khrushchev and protected the achievements of socialism, but his corruption and the invasion of Czechslovakia were bad.
    • Stalinism - I am your protégé who conducted the great purge in the Baltics and I opposed the de-Stalinization of Khrushechev and persuaded Brezhnev to stop revising your ideals and economics. Although your personality cult and autocracy were anti-Marxist. That's why I restored the collective leadership of Lenin era and helped established a system of intra-party democracy.
    • Nagyism - You are a revisionist, but I was one of the Soviet leaders who was skeptical of the invasion.
    • Socialism with a Human Face - Same as above and I voted against the invasion.
    • Hoxhaism - We both oppose revisionism but your split with the rest of the Socialist Camp was opportunist and bougeoisie nationalist adventurism.
    • Jaruzelskism - I helped you against Brezhnev's invasion but your market socialism is revisionist.
    • Goulash Communism - “Goulash” Communism is revisionist, but I did help you build your country after the overthrow of Nagy.

    Counterrevolutionaries and Revisionists

    • Titoism - Revisionist who betrayed the Marxist-Leninist principles, and I opposed the reconcilation between the USSR and Yugoslavia since it was aligned with the west imperialists to oppose world socialist movements. Although I did try to to persuade Hoxha to rehabilitate Xoxe.
    • Maoism - Bourgeoise nationalist, left deviationist, and adventurist who formalized a new cult of personality and developed the Three World Theory that is alike Trotskyism. He also sucks off the capitalist imperialist bloc and betrayed Marxism-Leninism, and opposed the nuclear detente, which was crucial for world peace.
    • Khrushchevism - De-stalinization was bad, and so was your adventurism and decentralization of the economy, which went against the principles of Marxism-Leninism.
    • Neoconservatism - We will outlive you and defeat you peacefully without a nuclear war by liberating the oppressed people!
    • Capitalism - The greatest evil of humanity.
    • Kosyginism - Kosygin reform was revisionist as it introduced market mechanism of profit motives.
    • Zhukovism - You are a dirty revisionist and a Bonapartist.
    • Malenkovism - Just because I don't like Khrushchev doesn't mean I would support the Anti-Party Group.
    • Market Socialism - Another even worse revisionist.
    • Gorbachevism - I was wrong to trust you, you destroyed everything I spent my life to build.
    • Trotskyism - Yet another bourgeoisie opportunist and revisionist.
    • Kleptocracy - Revisionists who ruined the reputation of the USSR as the bastion of socialism. But it's fine if Brezhnev does it.
    • Eurocommunism - One of Hoxha's only Ws is calling you out for being an anti-communist with a red paint.


    1. Suslov was strongly opposed to the de-Stalinization policy of Khrushchev and his economic reforms. Suslov persuaded Brezhnev to stop the de-Stalinization process, but he also criticized the autocracy and personality cult of Stalin.
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