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    Survivalism is a social movement advocating for the preparation of potential future disruptions to the status quo or to an individuals personal struggles. The movement spawned as early as the 1930's in the United States and United Kingdom over panic relating to economic issues (such as Black Tuesday), nuclear war, Armageddon and other apocalyptic scenarios.



    Left-Survivalism (or Left-Wing Survivalism) is a variant of Survivalism which prioritizes community resilience, social justice, and environmental sustainability. They emphasize building strong, interconnected communities capable of mutual aid and support during crises. They often incorporate sustainable living practices and environmental conservation into their preparedness efforts, viewing preparedness as a means of addressing systemic inequalities and empowering marginalized communities.


    Right-Survivalism (or Right-Wing Survivalism) is a variant of Survivalism which emphasizes individual self-reliance, limited government involvement, and national sovereignty. They prioritize personal responsibility and self-sufficiency, often advocating for the right to bear arms and distrustful of government intervention. Many intertwine their preparedness efforts with patriotic or nationalist sentiments, focusing on protecting traditional values and promoting free-market principles.


    Like many survivalists, this ideology leads an unusual lifestyle, believing he is constantly prone to danger from anything. They often spend time doing activities in their home bunker, investing in crypto and stockpiling tools and nonperishable food for the upcoming apocalypse.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Color it green.
    3. In the bottom half, draw two white perpendicular arrows crossing each other.
    4. Above that, draw a white fire design ablaze. (The two things put together should resemble a campfire).
    5. Draw the eyes.

    You're done!




    • Post-Industrialism - You make people weak, but I'll still use your materials after the apocalypse.
    • Post-Civilization - I hope this doesn't happen soon, but when it does, I'll be ready.
    • Conspiracyism - THE END IS NEAR! But I'm not crazy, I swear.
    • Anarcho-Posadism and Falloutism - You both believe nuclear fallout is coming? Great! Let's get in the bunker and... Wait. You want it to happen?


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