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    Supremocracy or Hivecracy is an Off-The-Compass Authoritarian Unity Orwellian ideology that combines aspects of Hive-Mind Collectivism and Kraterocacy to create a hierarchical hive-mind caste system.

    The Hierarchy

    The Hive

    Under Supremocracy there isn't one all assimilating hive-mind, instead the Hive consists exclusively from individuals of interest, those the members of the Hive themselves deem worthy enough of joining the state, the person of interest does not have consent on wether they'll join the central hive. Although Hivecracy likes to spread the idea any individual may climb the ranks and join the Hive if they work hard enough the Hive only assimilates those already in higher positions.

    The Drones

    Members of the Hive that for one reason or another must be separated from the main group, they're still mentally connected to the Hive but are given separate bodies to peform whatever task is required that can't be trusted in the hands of a lower member of Supremocracy.

    The Lesser Hive

    High members of society that aren't assimilated into the main Hive(Lesser Hive), they are still part of a hive-mind but one which allows more individuality to exist including personal thought and property, if any member of the Lesser Hive seems useful to the Upper(Main) Hive they'll be assimilated.

    The Proles

    Those who aren't connected to the Hive in any way. The masses are controlled thanks to many Orwellian eske tactics such as a newspeak that severily limits the expression of individual thought, constant propaganda telling the people that individuality is evil and even a cult that preaches assimilation as a form of ascention and that for the individual to be assimilated all they need to do is obey the state withouth question.

    The special ones

    Of course, even with so much propaganda, surveillance and manipulation some Exceptional Individuals may manage to squeeze through the gaps in control and free themselves from what the Hive wants them to think and do, these Exceptional Individuals are of much interest to the Hive thanks to how dangerous yet helpful they can be, if the Hive has found one of these individuals they'll keep watch to determine what purpose they may hold for the state because unlike other orwellian ideologies Hivecracy may allow Exceptional Individuals to start revolts against the system, with the sole purpose of crushing the rebellion afterwards and publically executing the rebels as well as framing the rebellion, calling it "Individualist Terrorism" to instil further fear and dislike of individuality on the populus. In some cases those exceptionally inteligent or strong individuals may be offered a position in the Hive, or course they don't really have a choice because if they refuse they'll just be executed as another traitor.



    • Kraterocracy - The strong, manipulative and power hungry are good aditions for the Hive.
    • Ingsoc - Thaught us that the state doesn't need to serve it's people.

    Lesser Hive


    • Egoism - After were done allowing your "Individualist Terrorism" it'll be like you never existed.

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