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    Superfascism is a Culturally Far-right, Very Spiritualistic and Authoritarian to Totalitarian ideology that is the bastard son of Fash.png Fascism.



    Foundations & Beliefs

    Superfascism / Evolaism is an ideology based on the views of philosopher, painter and poet Julius Evola, being extremely authoritarian, radically far-right and occult. Evolaism in general is based on a few principles, being Neo-fascism, ultra-traditionalism and Occultism/Mysticism. He was called the post-World War II "chief ideologue".

    • Occultism/Mysticism: The main characteristic of Evolaism is Occultism and Mysticism, which is evident when he thought about killing himself, but changed his mind after reading a Buddhist text. He believed in Novalis' magical idealism and Hermeticism, with an interest in Tantra and Esotericism. He believes in the Left Hand Path and that certain individuals would be using dark sexual powers against the current world and also that anyone who rejects "the leveling world of democracy, capitalism, multiracialism and technology in the early 21st century" would find relief. amidst the chaos. He also uses esotericism and uses Buddhist, Tantric, Hermetic and Pagan texts, opposing Christianity. He also endorses ghosts, telepathy and alchemy.
    • Neofascism: He is one of the main exponents of Neofascism, being a strong opponent of Liberalism, Populism, Multiculturalism, Egalitarianism and Populism. It is evident from the fact that he was a strong admirer of Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, having already worked for Sicherheitsdienst, in addition to Mussolini having already read one of their books and was embraced by the Nazis when he arrived in Nazi Germany.
    • Racism: He bases his racial views on his elitism and aristocracy and on esoteric racism, believing that there is a racial difference also in spiritual matters, in which the "heavenly Aryan race" would be reconstituted in Nazi-fascist regimes, also based on Hyperborea. He is also anti-Semitic but criticizes Hitler's exaggerated anti-Semitism.
    • Ultra-traditionalism: He is a strong opponent of modern society and that there was an Ancient Golden Age and that modern society was corrupted and (as stated before) would have individuals using dark sexual power in between.

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    Flag of Superfascism



    • Likely nobody because everyone else is impure.


    • Fash.png Fascism - Benito was cool but; I FUCKING HATE GENTILE!!
    • Reactcross.png Reactionary - No idea is as absurd as the idea of progress.
    • Heinrich.png Heinrich-Cheungism - You have got my books, but no time to read? Got anytime and read it anyway. And your Transhumanism and Capitalism are modernistic-tier cringe. But believe in some extent that "modernity is disaster" is based.
      • TechEsoFash.png Techno-Esoteric Fascism - So you get started to read my works, and get started to understand the actual "Traditionalism"? Based! But you must keep on your reading!


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