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    Sunoism is a mix of Neoreactionaryism, Zionism, Kritarchy, and Apoliticism.


    Sunoism believe in using Neoreactionaryism (from now on called NRx) as a base for political understanding. NRx should be used for understanding what happens in politics in why. NRx also contributes to the anti-egalitarian beliefs of Sunoism including but not limited to: Reactionaryism , Ethnonationalism, being anti-Democratic and anti-Socialist.

    Zionism and Kritarchy are based off that Sunoism uses the Tanakh as an ultimate religious truth. This also means Sunoism is a Jewish Theocrat. Zionism coming from the fact that Moses is told that the Israelites must live in the Levant area, the chosen people in the chosen land.

    The Kritarchy comes from the fact that ancient Israel was a Kritarchy. Those who follow the law are moral, the law is moral because it comes from Hashem. Why make new laws when all of the neccessary ones have been established. In the end, Judges rule because they use the law to decide what should happen, and no new law should be neccessary.

    The apoliticism comes from the fact that Sunoism believes politics is useless in modern society and in their ideal society. In modern society, it is practically impossible to stop the leftist push of history, egalitarianism and universalism specifically. In their ideal society, citizens would have little care for politics because there is no need for new laws, the elites and judges who decide the changes that would be neccessary if there were any.

    Sunoism is mostly Isolationist, though it would prefer Outside nations use Monarchism or Neocameralism to run their society it will not enforce that. Sunoism is also technologically skeptical.

    Establishment Requirements

    In order for Sunoism to be established, 4 Criteria must be met:

    1. The biblical regions of Israel are controlled by one or multiple entities that are run by and populated by people whom are both ethnically and religiously jewish (or those whose close family are ethnic jews, for example if a man's son is Ethnically jewish he can live there too.)
    2. All the entities follow The laws described in the 5 books of Moses.
    3. These nations are explicitly anti-democratic, Preferably Run by Judges, Monarchs, Rabbis, or a mix of the three.
    4. All of these entities have non-socialist economics, whether it is 3rd positionist or capitalist.

    Neoreactionary ideas and Localism are recommended but not necessary.

    Political Organization

    Economic Organization

    Societal Organization


    Sunoism has was the ideology of biblical Israel, thought that nation was not reactionary for being reactionary's sake, because reactionaryism did not exist as the enlightenment had not existed then. Political Organizations similar to Sunoism include Meir Kahane and his party: Kach, and the Lehi movement.

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