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    Sumeru Akademiyarchy is the ideology of Sumeru. It is theoretically a Centre-Left ideology but mostly an AuthUnity to Auth Centre-Left, culturally center but slightly right, technocratic, and internationalist ideology that models the society and the government of Sumeru. Sumeru Akademiyarchy was founded by the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata and has since been worked upon to today.


    The Three Virtues and Six Sins

    Sumeru Akademiya and Sumeru as a whole is governed by these values, the three virtues and six sins. The virtues is how someone should pursue knowledge and the sins are forbidden knowledge the researchers should never touches.

    The Three Virtues

    • Admonition: The branches of wisdom, comes from heart of the person and comes out as good deeds that come from the words of wisdom.
    • Ingenuity: The leaf of wisdom, the origin of that wisdom is through wanting to do good, the ingenuity makes a good path and the new ideas and wisdom should be done well.
    • Praxis: The root of all wisdom, it comes from will and validate new wisdom to bring forth new wisdom.

    The Six Sins

    • Interfering with human evolution
    • Messing with life and death
    • Researching beyond the universe
    • Investigating origin of words
    • Researching gods without devotion
    • Researching secrets without fear

    Sumeru Akademiya Rule

    Sumeru Akademiyarchy believes that Sumeru Akademiya, the most prestigious academy in Teyvat, should govern Sumeru. The Sumeru Akademiya is made up of the Six Darshans which are six different schools that cover different fields of study. Each Darshan is lead by a sage who's also part of the governing council of Sumeru and holds a lot of power. Sages are very knowledgeable and worked their way up through their expertise and research as well as many theses they wrote. To work your way up, you must be first prestigious enough to join Sumeru Akademiya. Sumeru Akademiya researches are then split to ranks. The lowest stage of researchers are split into the Driyosh and other researchers. The Driyosh are allowed to travel in order to fulfill their research while others aren't. Once the researchers finish one thesis, researchers are considered full researchers. Higher up are Dasturs who are known to have passed two theses in research through the review process. Herbads are higher than Dasturs and are very knowledgeable as well as high up in leadership of Sumeru. The highest rank is the sage who are party of the highest governing council of Sumeru and deal with the day to day affairs of Sumeru.

    Akasha System

    Main Article: Akasha System

    The Akasha System is a system that every citizen and even visitor of Sumeru is connected to. The Akasha System allows knowledge to be directly distributed to anyone and even feel the feelings of certain people. The Akasha System does pick out who's allowed which information so certain information is accessible while certain info isn't. However after Kusanali retook power, the Akasha System was shut down until further notice due to Kusanali's policies.

    Global Outreach

    Sumeru Akademiyarchy takes students from all over Teyvat and sees potential students anywhere in Teyvat as long as Sumeru Akademiyarchy sees them as someone who's willing to become a researcher.

    The Matra

    The Matra are a disciplinary administration that hands out punishments for researchers who committed serious offenses like plagiarism, bribery, and other corrupt practices. The Matra likes to personally meet the offender. Researchers fear the Matra as meeting the Matra usually never goes well at the end. Any attempts to corrupt the Matra usually causes even harsher punishments. They also act like the police force of Sumeru for even normal Sumeru citizens known to investigate and prevent canned knowledge from being sold and used as well as smuggled books.


    The Mahamata is the bureaucracy of Sumeru and is lead by the Akademiya. All officials of the Mahamata are Sumeru Akademiya alumni which oversee information transmission and integrity, regulate public services, healthcare, trade, and sometimes investigate any incidents across Sumeru. The healthcare is actually free and universal in Sumeru. You should learn from me America


    Navbed are the tax administration and also manages trade affairs in Sumeru.


    Vizier usually oversee the grand baazar and treasure street of Sumeru. They also deal with inquiries from residents.

    Rukkhadevata and Kusanali

    Rukkhadevata used to lead Sumeru for a long time until the Cataclysm which ended her. Known as Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, Rukkhadevata is often worshipped among Sumeru and there are many festivals that celebrate her. Even after Rukkhadevata's death, Rukkhadevata is still worshipped in Sumeru today and there and Rukkhadevata's values are still being followed today which makes Sumeru a Necrocracy. Sumeru de jure has Lesser Lord Kusanali as its current god but currently no one really pays attention to Kusanali besides a few devotees and even the Akasha System doesn't have readily info about Kusanali. However thanks to a coup, Kusanali is now the head of the Akademiya and Sumeru in general and has final say over all matters in Sumeru.

    Knowledge and Rationale

    Knowledge is everything in Sumeru and Sumeru Akademiyarchy believes that rationale and knowledge are the most valuable thing. Sumeru Akademiyarchy promotes rationale thinking as well as gaining knowledge as the best life ever. Dreams are seen as illogical and childish and is looked down upon by Sumeru Akademiyarchy. Sumeru Akademiyarchy takes pride in not dreaming. Although now after the coup that perception might change.


    Sumeru Akademiyarchy is basically a researcher and a workaholic constantly doing research and making theses. Sumeru Akademiyarchy loves reading books and is always seen wearing an Akasha Terminal in order to gain more knowledge. Although many other ideologies are concerned of Sumeru Akademiyarchy's workaholic nature, Sumeru Akademiyarchy actually takes pride in knowledge and rational thinking and often looks down upon dreams as something childish and illogical. Sumeru Akademiyarchy also is authoritarian as Sumeru Akademiyarchy doesn't like information that bypasses the Akasha System and also banned plays that Sumeru Akademiyarchy didn't like in fact even banning them altogether now. He's also said to be very corrupt and takes bribes from Fatui. However due to a recent coup, he had a change of heart and is now working towards trying to rebuild relationship with Eremitism as well as working hard to develop the desert regions and get rid of corruption.



    • Technocracy - The sages are all expertise in their own fields.
    • Scientocracy - The sages are scientists and I value rational thinking more than anything.
    • Meritocracy - Only the prestigious may become leaders of Sumeru. What do you mean you hate me because I'm extremely corrupt? Ok I got rid of corruption thanks to Kusanali now in charge.
    • Noocracy - The sages are the biggest brains of Sumeru.
    • Internationalism - I take students from all over Teyvat and I even let travelers get an Akasha Terminal as well.
    • Rukkhadevata Theocracy - I wouldn't be here without the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata as well as is his gnoses powers the Akasha System.
    • Socialist Transhumanism - I like where this is going, you seem to like the idea of the Akasha System.
    • Environmentalism - I shall protect the rainforests from the Withering with the Forest Rangers!
    • Liyue Model - I travel to him a lot and he seems to like smarts rule although he seems to be more interested in economics than anything else.
    • Fontaine Kritarchy - He's also very interested in research just like me and makes lots of cool technology just like me, although he kinda likes judging people and laws more than anything else.
    • Classical Liberalism - Free education for all is based!
    • Kritarchy - You like rationale a lot and I like doing research with Fontaine and the Matra is based.
    • Welfarism - Yes healthcare is free in Sumeru, thanks for asking.
    • Regulationism - The Kalimi Exchange should be strictly monitored by the Akademiya under Barmak to prevent illegal activities.
    • Favoniusism - Eh I'm not sure about that freedom stuff but thanks for allowing my researchers to travel to her land and Lisa is based.
    • Authoritarianism - I like banning information that doesn't go through the Akademiya and banning plays that I don't like and ultimately banning them all together.
    • Thirtyism - My permanently hired mercenary force and I sometimes like to do business with him. Best of the Eremites.
    • Scaramouche Theocracy - SOON I WILL HAVE A NEW GOD!


    • Oligarchy - I only like oligarchs who are smart like the sages.
    • Kusanali Theocracy - Look she's technically our god but you're only here because I just need someone to resemble Greater Lord Rukkhadevata after her death to control the people with. Plus your followers are very annoying. And soon I will replace you with an even better god! Well after the coup Kusanali became my god again and this time for real, she even has final say on the Akademiya.
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - You go way too far with that Akasha System. Also I rejected Siraj's theses on trying to make a collective consciousness cope! It's only good when the sages do it!
    • Hive-Mind Individualism - Same as above and also Akasha System is for gaining knowledge not for entertainment, see what happened to Moseis.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - You are very violent and evil but I had a lot of students who joined the Fatui. Keep those experiments going and soon I will have a new god.
    • Cyberocracy - I think you are going way too far. Wait but isn't that what I'll be once Scaramouche becomes my new god.
    • Eremitism - They protect Sumeru but are willing to betray me for mora. Also most of my researchers aren't really fond of eremites.
    • Kleptocracy - Matra go brrrr!!! Corruption is only good when the sages and fatui do it.
    • Police Statism - The Matra help remove corrupt and fraudulent researchers as well as information capsules that bypass the Akasha System but some of you are headed by very corrupt people and the Matra also removes corruption as well. Wait but I'm corrupt as well.
    • Deshret Monarchism - Well it's hard to say about you, some of us think you are a tyrant but you also helped us destroy forbidden knowledge and Rukkhadevata and King Deshret are friends so I am not sure.
    • Akasha System - My greatest invention! Though due to the harm you do to people, I had to close you down under Kusanali's orders.
    • Necrocracy - Even after our death, Greater Lord Rukkhadevata will still be honored forever and Rukkhadevata's gnoses powers the Akasha System. However after the coup I forgot about Rukkhadevata.
    • Dreamism (after coup) - You know maybe dreams aren't that bad after all. But still, Moseis broke one of the six sins which is research secrets while fearing none.
    • Deep Ecology - Yes I care about the environment a lot and the Forest Ranger believe in the principle that the Forest will Remember but I don't know you kind of scare me.
    • American Model - I like your value in free education but democracy often leads to stupid people getting into power which probably explains why your people come up with irrational conspiracies against environmentalism and free healthcare.
    • Capitalism - The Kalimi Exchange is a marketplace and a stock exchange but it must be strictly regulated and run by the Akademiya to avoid illegal transactions.


    • Dreamism (before coup) - Dreams are irrational and childish and we should stop dreaming in order thinking rationally and logically. Besides I don't want people to suspect I trapped them in a dream.
    • Anti-Environmentalism - Stop trying to destroy my rainforests and speed up the Withering.
    • Right-Wing Populism - I conclude that populism is a bad idea and your love of conspiracy theories and anti-environmentalism proves that dreams are cringe as well as anti-environmentalism just being Kakistocracy under a mask. Also he can't know about my dealings with the Fatui.
    • Childhoodism - Children are often irrational and illogical and only when they stop dreaming is when they truly become adults. So shut up before I send you to uncle Fatui.
    • Pol Potism - Yeah your ideas are definitely cri... HOLY CRAP YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL ME FOR BEING AN INTELLECTUAL! HELP ME!!!
    • Police Statism ( Azarism) - FUCK YOU GENERAL MAHAMATRA!!!
    • Agorism - Selling knowledge capsules is illegal, even after that coup I had.
    • Sirajism - Your idea of collective consciousness is just plain insane! You also tried to use your hive-mind to place yourself as sage but failed miserably thanks to Alhaitham. Cope!
    • Hengshui Model - I'm definitely not him I swear!
    • SJW - Always accuse me that my students aren't dark-skinned enough whatever that means. My reserach concludes you are just Kakistocracy under a mask. You want me to be racist I WILL SHOW YOU RACISM!!!
    • Post-Humanism - You are guilty of breaking one of the six sins, interfering with human evolution.
    • Aristocracy - Knowledge is for everyone, not just the elites.
    • Marxism - Your followers say I treat knowledge as a commodity like it's a bad thing?

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