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    Suavism is a Centrist ideology that believes in a loose central government controlling many micronations. It believes that an ideal model for a micronation uses a TradEc.png Traditional Economy and makes decisions via Liqdem.png Liquid Democracy.

    Philosophically, a Suavist person believes in MoralRelativism.png Moral Relativism. Moral Relativism is a concept that states that the accepted moral code on Earth is entirely subjective, and is not universal like many claim.

    Because Humanity has little to no influence over the vastness of Outer Space, it is incorrect to say that our moral code is the best or only moral code. For example, an alien race may view ethics and morals in a completely different manner than we do.

    Economic Specifics

    Economically, Suavism believes in a Traditional Economy. The Suavist variant of a Traditional Economy is one where a child follows their parent’s profession. For example, if your father was a farmer, you too would be one.

    Small amounts of buying and selling are allowed in Suavism, in addition to some allowance for small businesses.

    The universal currency is SuavCoin, which has an inherent worth in the marketplace. There is also the alternative bartering market, where goods and services can be exchanged.

    The two monetary systems balance each other out quite well, allowing the bartering market to take charge if SuavCoin crashes, and granting SuavCoin universal value to prevent constant shortages of necessities.


    The Suavist Manifesto This manifesto was written by Suavis.png James Ffohrednav to illustrate his views in a more in-depth way.

    Personality and Behavior

    Suavism enjoys chilling indoors. He is very introverted, but has a few close compadres.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a ball with the political compass
    • Add a black stovepipe hat
    • Add an eyepatch over the right eye with the Tinist banner.



    • Minarchist.png Minarchism - Loose central government is based.
    • Bingusian.png Bingusian System - We disagree politically, but we are friends in real life. Burkina Faso awaits us both.
    • Dem.png Democracy - The best system.


    Side Note: This page represents the ideology of Suavis.png James Ffohrednav, who is in the Polcompball Anarchy Wiki under the username, "Prime4867." This page is credited to Binkboonk.png Binkboonk because he created the page for Ffohrednav, as at the time, Ffohrednav didn't know how to make his own.

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