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    Political System

    Stinerism believes in Democratic Confederalism, Direct Democracy and Liquid Democracy any position that holds any power should be directly elected by the population they effect.

    Social Issues


    Stinerism believes that Drugs are part of Bodily Autonomy and believes in Drug Liberalization.

    Criminal Justice

    Stinerism believes Police Abolition and Prison Abolition. Stinerism believes Police should exist merely for the needed emergency response situations, Patrol Police should be replaced with (unarmed) Social Workers, Traffic Managers and Investigators should be unarmed. Prisons should run a similar system to Norway. Stinerism opposes Capital Punishment and Prison Labour.

    International Trade & Immigration

    Stinerism believes in Unilateral Free Trade and Open Borders.


    Stinerism believes that Prostitution are part of Bodially Autonomy and believes in legalization of prostitution.


    Stinerism believes in Gambling Legalisation.

    LGBTQ+ Rights

    Stinerism believes in LGBTQ+ Rights.

    Women's Rights

    Stinerism believing in Reproductive Rights, Anarcha-Feminism and Postgenderism

    Disability Rights and Accommodation


    Animal Rights

    Stinerism believes in Total Liberationism and Veganarchism.

    Free Speech

    Stinerism believes in Free Speech Absolutism and that people should have the right to say anything, unless they are not violating someone's' Privacy, Harassing Someone or Threating/Inciting Violence.


    Stinerism believes in * French Laicism.

    Gun Rights/Control

    Stinerism believes in |Gun Rights

    Identification Documents

    The Stiner Republic opposes ID systems especially Digital IDs and supports minimalisation of IDs as much as possible.

    Economic Issues


    Housing is a Basic Human Right of all People.


    Stinerism believes in 100% Government-Run Single-Payer Universal Healthcare.


    City Design

    Stinerism supports walkable City Designs like that in the Netherlands, Denmark and Singapore.


    Stinerism believes in technological accelerationism especially with Automation, Ecotech, Medical Tech and Anti-Aging Technology

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